15 Years of AdHouse SPX

September 8th, 2017

Yes. It was 15 years ago that AdHouse Books exhibited at their first SPX.

My how the time flies.

I hope you can make it to this year’s show which is on Sept. 16 & 17th in Bethesda, MD.

We’ll be debuting two new books with the creators on hand. As in year’s past, you can find the AdIsland at W53-55.


Malachi Ward will be there to sign EXPANSION.



Konstantin Steshenko will be there to sign SCREWED UP.



On top of that Ethan Rilly is a special guest this year, so please stop by and talk to him about the latest issue of POPE HATS!

Looking forward to it…


Don Marshall: An Appreciation

August 2nd, 2017

Earlier today Phil Hester tweeted: “Pro tip: Never look at Moebius.”

While I can understand his intent, I immediately thought of another artist who in my mind did look at Moebius, absorbed it, and created his own wonderful stories and images… Don Marshall.

Now if you google “Don Marshall” you will more than likely find the actor who appeared on Land of the Giants. This is the OTHER Don Marshall… little known Canadian comic creator who appeared in little known anthologies right around the BW Explosion. I’ve only see one other person on Tumblr spread the gospel of Marshall, so I thought I might help in the endeavor.

I knew some of his work appeared in Andromeda. So, I grabbed my copies and scanned them. To my knowledge, he WROTE and DREW his comics. The work is copyright the respective owners…



While I knew he was in Andromeda, I kept grasping for another series, and one cover in particular he had done. Well, after going through my spinner rack, I found it. Of COURSE it was VORTEX. Duh, right? This cover had to have appeared in house ads, because it is burned into my nostalgic memories.



Finally, just to show you I have been on the chase, I even emailed Peter at the Beguiling to see if he knew anything about Don. I can’t find his response, but I came way feeling like no one in Don’s circle has heard from him in ages. I even tried “friending” Dean Motter on FB, but he still hasn’t accepted my “friendship.”

Oh well. And while doing all this, I thought of another Moebius looker: Dennis Fujitake. Sooo Goood.


Update: Peter from the Beguiling resent the email from our previous conversation. He had asked someone else, and this is what they said: “Funny you should ask. I was with some Nelvana artists over the weekend, and I asked if anybody knew where he was, and nobody did. He also did work for Andromeda, another Canadian comic published in the late 70’s/early 80’s.”

Also, via FB, I was reminded that I had reached out to Paul Rivoche. Here’s Paul’s update: “I was there when Don delivered his original art for this cover. Very nice handling of acrylic paint. Don, Jim Craig, and I worked on background design at Nelvana Animation, on their feature “Rock ‘n’ Rule. I always admired his work and wonder where he is now….can’t locate any info about him... The last time I heard anything about him, someone said that he quit art to become a bus driver or postal worker in Hamilton, Ontario. If that is true, it’s a crying shame, because he was/is a very talented guy…”

Expansion in October from AdHouse Books

July 25th, 2017

by Matt Sheean & Malachi Ward.
Published by AdHouse Books

Ten thousand years ago, agents of an advanced civilization clash with a pacifist cult over control of prehistoric human society. This sci-fi epic from the creators of the critically acclaimed Ancestor also contains additional comics from Brandon Graham and Simon Roy.

152 1C pages
6″ x 7.75″SC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-41-1
Shipping October 2017
Diamond Order Code: AUG17 1119

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page

Pope Hats 5 in September from AdHouse Books

June 27th, 2017

Pope Hats #5
by Ethan Rilly.
Published by AdHouse Books

The long anticipated return to Frances Scarland’s story. Life now plays a different tune for our guileless insomniac. While Vickie flourishes in Los Angeles with startling ease, Frances must endure the ever-shifting terrain of her immense law firm. Can Frances become a grounded person in the face of impending, boundless doom? Can she not drink too much? What’s up with her love life? Find out in the biggest and most intensive issue of Pope Hats yet.

4C cover
64 4C pages
7 ” x 10 ” saddle stitched
$9.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-40-4
DM Shipping September 2017
Diamond Order Code: JUL17 1302

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page

HeroesCon 2017

June 9th, 2017

You all better “RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN and take a step or two” to HeroesCon’s 35th Anniversary Show!

(Show above: DMC meeting with our isthmus-bud Ed Piskor!)

June 16-18th in lovely Charlotte, NC!

It seems like they are bringing EVERYONE to the show this year.

We’ll be excited to have our US Debut of TARANTULA with both Alexis Ziritt & Fabian Rangel attending!

What else is new? Well, we’ll have POPE HATS #5, Silver Sprocket’s YOUR BLACK FRIEND & PLEASE DESTROY MY ENEMIES… as well as some excellent obscurities we have recently acquired!

Oh, and if you missed out on the LIMITED pressing of our 3905 AdHouse T, we’ll have a few extra on hand. Get there early for the best selection!

We really hope you can make it. It really is one of the best old school COMIC shows with a smattering of indy/alternative around…

AdHouse can be found on the tiny isthmus (within Indy Island) that is known as PITZERBURGHER (cause we got our pals Eddie P. and Jimmie Rugg from Pittsburgh…gettit?)  AA-1217 / AA-1218 / AA-1219!

Added bonus: We’ll get to visit the store’s new digs! Can’t wait!


June 6th, 2017



( We’re thrilled to have what might possibly be our first guest-blog-post at AdHouse! So, we’ll get out of the way and let Pope Hats’ creator Ethan Rilly take over… thanks Ethan!  But before we go, look for Pope Hats #5 to be solicited in the Diamond July Previews catalog in stores later this month. )


• I’m excited for people to see this book. It concludes the Frances and Vickie story, which has been on my mind for years and years.

• I’ve never found making comics to be a breezy process, but this issue proved to be a perverse challenge. It’s the only one that took me longer to write than to draw—and it still took eons to draw.



• I’m a single-tasker. It’s the only way I can keep my head straight. I focus on writing and nothing else, then page breakdowns and nothing else, then grids, then lettering, then pencils—onward until it’s done. The main drawback is intense disorientation whenever it’s time to switch gears. You look up and it’s like, “Oh—winter ended.” I have some friends who can kind of intuit an entire story panel by panel, but I think that’s absolutely insane.



• Enough people have asked me whether I’m a lawyer that it might be useful to answer here: No, and I never was. Never stepped foot in a law firm. This story might be autobiographical in all the regular faintly embarrassing ways but the lawyer stuff is a good distance outside of me. I did research and interviews.



• Whenever I’m pushing into the final stretch of a project I get oddly superstitious. Every day I need to wear the same shoes, same watch, eat the same shitty snacks. Weird random stuff. And then there’s a list of normal human tasks that I have to keep on the back burner. It’s an extreme, productivity-based version of “Let’s not jinx this.”

• After I put the final cap on #5 and handed it off to our Quebec printer, I was hit by a pretty raw psychic hangover. It went on for weeks. Maybe it’s the obsessive energy draining away.

• If you like the cover to #5, it’s solely because Maurice Vellekoop coloured it. He’s incredible, flawless. It would take me decades of painful practice to be able to paint a palette like that on a single sheet of paper. And to have the contours registering with the line art like magic… It makes me nervous just thinking about it.



• I keep returning to this notion: that the best feeling in the world is working really hard at creating something with no guarantee of a positive outcome. You don’t need to describe it to anyone. Just keep working, work until you’re dog-tired… The whole thing is mysterious and powerful.

• I genuinely appreciate the “letters” that come in!



• I’ll be appearing at these shows in the remainder of 2017. Please come and say hi. (And thanks if you dropped by recently at TCAF or FBDM):

CHICAGO   —   CAKE   —   June 10-11
BETHESDA   —   SPX   —   Sept 16-17
TORONTO   —   Word on the Street   —   Sept 24
CAMBRIDGE   —   MICE   —   Oct 21-22
BROOKLYN   —   Comic Arts Brooklyn   —   tbd

Ethan Rilly,
May 2017


Screwed Up in August from AdHouse Books

May 31st, 2017

Screwed Up
by Konstantin Steshenko.
Published by AdHouse Books

You ever watch one of those cringe inducing marriage proposals on Youtube, the ones where the unlucky girl runs off angry with embarrassment and the clueless guy has no idea how it could have possibly gone wrong? And everyone is just watching, mortified? This is one of those stories. Jeremy is a constantly down on his luck guy who has the brilliant idea to propose to his ex at the place where they first met, a very public and busy subway platform in New York. Things do not go according to plan. And then things get horribly, horrifically worse.

4C cover
32 1C pages
7″x 5″ saddle stitched
$6.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-39-8
Shipping August 2017
Diamond Order Code: JUN17 1129

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page

TCAF 2017

May 10th, 2017

For those who pay extra attention to the conventions we attend, I wanted to let you know that we’ll be back for TCAF 2017.  It’s May 13 & 14th this year.

We took last year off in regards to exhibiting, because we didn’t really have any debut books. Figured others could use the space, etc.

But this year, we got a some debuts.

If all goes as planned both TARANTULA and POPE HATS #5 will be debuting at the show.

You can  find us near our regular location… upstairs in the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, table 272 & 271

Ethan Rilly will be at his table 151.

Alexis Ziritt and Rune Ryberg will be tabling with us (tables 272/271), and their schedule is:

Saturday Rune Rydberg 9-1 / Alexis Ziritt 1-5
Sunday Alexis Ziritt 11-2 / Rune Rydberg 2-5

Looks like AdAlum Jamie Tanner will be hanging with us too! Also, swing by to check out some cool pubs from our pals at Local Heroes Press!

Hope you can make it.

Tarantula in June from AdHouse Books

March 28th, 2017

by Alexis Ziritt & Fabian Rangel Jr. & Evelyn Rangel.
Published by AdHouse Books

Psychedelic pulp. Satanic noir. The story of three unusual agents of order trying to bring justice to a world on the brink of chaos. The pulp of yesterday retold through the lens of modern, over-the-top, psychedelic storytelling. The team that took the indie world by storm with SPACE RIDERS sets their sights on pulpy supernatural action/adventure!

96 4C pages
6″ x 9″ HC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-38-1
Shipping Fall 2016
Diamond Order Code: APR17 1182

“Love every single panel of every single page! So powerful and sexy!” — David Rubin

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page

Silver Sprocket in May from AdHouse Books

February 28th, 2017

Did you know that AdHouse Books will help sub-distribute other publishers through Diamond? It’s true! We picked up the practice from Alternative Comics way back in the day. It’s a pretty good deal for all involved. The only real hurdle is it has to “feel” like an AdHouse Book. Previous publications have included Basewood, Bumperboy, The Venice Chronicles… you get the idea. Anyway, we’re proud to announce a new partnership with Silver Sprocket. We hope you’ll give them a try.


Your Black Friend
by Ben Passmore.
Published by Silver Sprocket.
Distributed by AdHouse Books.

Ben Passmore’s necessary contribution to the dialogue around race in the United States, Your Black Friend is an open letter from your black friend to you about race, racism, friendship and alienation.

“Required reading for white people, especially if we hope to be useful allies and decent friends.” – WomenWriteAboutComics.com

“It’s entertaining and comical and heartbreaking, everything an eye-opening experience should be.” –Comicsbulletin.com

4C cover
12 FC pages
5.5 ” x 8.5 ” saddle stitched
$5.00 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9455090-3-2
Shipping May 2017
Diamond Order Code: MAR17 1235

PDF Preview   /   AdHouse’s Page


Please Destroy My Enemies
by Michael Sweater.
Published by Silver Sprocket.
Distributed by AdHouse Books.

Witty and irreverent funny comics by Michael Sweater, a skater, tagger, tattoo artist, and punk rocker raised on Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side and Foxtrot. Please Destroy My Enemies is Sweater’s latest collection of cute, fun, and disturbing comics, all too relatable and gut wrenchingly hilarious.

4C cover
64 1C pages
6″ x 6″ SC
$6.99 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9455090-1-8
Shipping May 2017
Diamond Order Code: MAR17 1234

PDF Preview   /   AdHouse’s Page