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Zine Machine 2017

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Isn’t “Zine Machine” the coolest name?


We here by notify you that AdHouse Books is planning to attend Zine Machine 2017 in Raleigh-Durham on November 4, 2017.

Won’t you come by and visit with us and all the other wonderful exhibitors?

One special note: Craig Fischer will be interviewing AdHouse on a panel. I like Craig, so it should be good. I even worked up a… POWERPOINT! (gasp)

Seez ya if I seez ya!

Oh… Canader… #TCAF

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Hey Y’all!

[photo © Scott Mackenzie]

It’s that wonderful time of year where people of all walks of life, who happen to love the funny books, will upcend on the TO… TCAF.

If you noticed that AdHouse Books isn’t exhibiting this year, pat yourself on the back for noticing. Here’s what happened…

TCAF has gotten a reputation as being one of those shows where exhibitors can actually make money. (SPX is the other.) And because of that, tables have become a hot commodity. So, a few years back, the promoters suggested that if you weren’t debuting a book, that maybe you should not exhibit. Hell, that makes enough sense to me.

When this year’s application rolled around, AdHouse wasn’t debuting a book. (I have a problem planning ahead.) And then we talked to Luke Howard who did want to debut his TALK DIRTY TO ME at TCAF. (see pic below!) We were lucky in that Luke already had planned to have a table. So, while we aren’t technically exhibiting, we sort of are. So, please swing by and pick up that helluva good looking book from Luke at table 208.

This year also marks a TON of TCAF people who are AdRelated…

Jon Chad, Joshua Cotter, Mike Dawson, Sophie Goldstein, Luke Howard, David Plunkert, Ethan Rilly, Rune Ryberg, and Alexis Ziritt. (Hmm… I wonder why I’m table-dropping Aziritt?)

So, really, check them all out. They’re all great.

And keep an eye out for Pitzer who just might be walking around the show for the first time ever. (i.e. not stuck behind a table).



Monday, June 2nd, 2014



It’s that time of year where we head to the “funnest” con of them all. HeroesCon. (It’s like Disneyland for us comic nerds!)

June 20 -22, Charlotte, NC

This year is INSANE with AdHouse related peeps. The following AdRelated people will be attending:

Katie (Operation Margarine) Skelly… it’s her first time people!

Jon (The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack) Chadurjian… Again, a newbie!

Noah (Youth is Wasted) Van Sciver… Debuting that Youth, people!

Jim (Afrodisiac/Street Angel) Rugg… Did you see that Street Angel mention? Debuting it, people!

Gregory (B+F) Benton… continuing his tour ever deeper into the south!

And, naturally, there will be others who we love and look forward to seeing (like our pals Dustin, J Chris Campbell, etc!). If you have never been to this show, you are doing yourselves a disservice. That is, if you love comics.

Hope you can make! Look for all of us in Indie Island. I can’t wait! Update: Just found out we’re table AA-1018!

B+F in October from AdHouse Books

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

B+F in October from AdHouse Books


B+F by Gregory Benton.
Co-published by AdHouse Books + Éditions çà et là

“B+F” is Gregory Benton’s MoCCA Award of Excellence-winning fable. It explores an otherworldly forest with a woman and a dog as they encounter its denizens, both benevolent and malicious. A wordless meditation on goodwill, hostility, and isolation.

Chris Pitzer of AdHouse Books had the following to say:
“I consider this project magical and serendipitous. After taking a midnight bus from Richmond, VA to NYC for the 2013 MoCCA Art Fest, I just happened to be exhibiting across the aisle from Gregory. He and I had the fortune of working together back in Project: Telstar days, and I have always loved his comics. He had a preview of B+F for sale, and I was the first to purchase one that day. As the weekend progressed, he would eventually win the MoCCA Award of Excellence and I would point Serge ( of Éditions çà et là ) in his direction. The following week, we had all inked deals to make this co-publishing endeavor happen. I’ve never done this, and I’m excited to take this next step.”

64 4C pages
10″ x 15″ HC
$24.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-25-1
Shipping October 2013
Diamond Order Code: AUG13 0919

Download a PDF preview

AdHouse’s Page

HeroesCon Memories

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

As stated in the previous post, I’m way excited for HeroesCon. I thought I’d share some photos from previous years as a fond look back!

Dylan Williams

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I am not a wordsmith. I have never claimed to be. So, it is doubly hard to try and put my thoughts about Dylan Williams into words.

He was what we needed. Someone with a history and knowledge of comics to help make the comics our industry needed.

I don’t know if we were “friends” but I cherish the memory of us almost going to see Star Trek before TCAF happened. I also liked his voice. Dylan had a nice voice. Only Dan Nadel would beat him in that contest.

I was a little late to help out with his fundraiser, because I wasn’t quite sure what was “right” to offer. I ended up deciding on a MoCCA poster that I helped with the typography. I thought that felt right because of us both being exhibitors at the MoCCA shows… which of course leads to all types of unwritten thoughts. (The auction ends tomorrow. I’m sure Dylan’s family still needs help, so please bid if you are interested.)

I’ll end with one of my fave pics of Dylan… why? Because he called me out on it being a fave. XOXO buddy… you will be missed.

This just in: Duncan Best of 2010

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Just got the word that Duncan is one of TEN (!) graphic novels that made the Publisher’s Weekly best of 2010 list.

Here’s a bit of what Calvin Reid said: “…Duncan the Wonder Dog, a 400 page graphic novel of such eye-popping visual intricacy and invention, narrative complexity and deep, persuasive characterization that it’s hard to believe it’s the young author’s first published work.”

Thanks Calvin and Publishers Weekly!


Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m sort of a bibliophile. A lover of books. Granted, most of them are dedicated to the sequential arts (I’m looking at YOU Dharbin!) but sometimes a book comes along that just wows me for being itself. I give you…


I found this at a yard sale a few weeks back. Given the years and storage, it’s got that nice “patina” of mustyness that any old book not properly stored will have. I haven’t really done any “hard” research into the origins of this book. From what I can tell, it was a sales tool used to exclaim the wonders of steel and a design program that a steel company created.

At some point Roland Stock must have owned this book. His handwriting makes me wonder if he was a draftsman? He wasn’t subtle about his ownership was he?

But like anything, what really caught my eye was the illustrations:

Update: After a tweet-suggestion as to who the illustrator was, I put a fine eye to the illustrations. It’s none other than Syd Mead. While I originally thought it might have been a copy cat, it’s cool to find out it’s the actual Mead.

Those keen of eye will also notice a pretty cool design trick used with the die-cut:

And further tricks used later in the book include another die-cut and fold out drawing:

So, thanks Perspective! You made my day when I found you. You probably only cost a buck, given we also bought some stinky magazines and some weird candy logo sheets for a grand total of $6. I need to write my name big and bold within your pages!

The Small Press Expo. Oof.

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Traditions…. TRADITION!

It’s funny how we find ourselves in traditions. So, one tradition ad AdCentral is to poop out a report of sorts after every show. Well, here it is, but it’s going to be a minute one. We are burnt! Not sure if it’s having two shows (Baltimore) so close together, or what, but I feel like I went 8 rounds with SPX, and they had me against the ropes. But that’s a GOOD thing!

Other traditions… It was nice to walk the show Sunday morning with JCC. We see things that we point out to each other. Make jokes. Y’know… just hang. We don’t live near each other, so we really only get to see each other at these funny book gatherings. Also great to see Mr. Phil Jackson. I should probably marry these guys.

Ignatzes! That’s a tradition, right? I was pleased with the winners. Or, I should say that most of the ones I voted for won. Pals like Jim Rugg and Mike Dawson winning bricks is awesome.

I broke a promise to myself. I vowed to never bring a book to a show to get it signed. I brought Kevin’s new Wild Kingdom, though. It was small. Figured I get more of a chance at SPX to get it signed. Nice to chat with him, even though I interrupted him eating. Sorry.

New thing: Adam Hines. It’s weird when you work with someone without ever having a chance to meet them. That was the case with Adam. I didn’t get to actually meet the guy face to face until he was at his first SPX and the book was done. Adam is so cool. His book is awesome and he is awesome. I look forward to doing the APE with this guy!

New thing: Square. As Scott Morse predicted, it would make us a rockstar. This thing is awesome. We can’t wait to tackle their home turf of APE with it. Viva la Tech!

New thing: Dustin Harbin’s Diary Comics… Woah. It is HUGE. We’ll have them for sale later on this week as part of the AdDistro thang.

As always, it’s great to see Lamar. I JUST remembered I meant to ask him something. Doh! Email sent. Also, good to see Jamie Tanner, Joey Weiser, Michael Cho, Tom Devlin, Dan Nadel, Chris Staros, Tom DeHaven… See, this is a path I shouldn’t take. I know I’ll just forget someone’s name and make them not too fond of me. And I WANT to be popular.

OK. I know there is a TON of stuff I could talk about in regards to this show, but I’m just going to let you wonder. Pics if you’re interested, and follow my tweets to see what other gems might escape. I’d talk more, but I’m slammed this week. Lots going on.

Thanks to all the peeps who came out and met with us and to the SPX crew for all their hard work. It IS apprecaited!

Dog Days…

Monday, August 17th, 2009

…of summer. Somewhere between the hustle & bustle of regular summer, and the cool refreshing relaxation of fall.

It’s within these days of dogs that we at AdHouse find ourselves in a lull. A limbo of sorts. Not much going on, but preparing for the onslaught of the Jeaness. So, that’s why I haven’t posted much on this here spot. But we will be posting later this week, as we hope to have the Diamond codes for our latest offerings.

Until then, take care, be well, and pet a pooch.