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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

As most web-crawlers have noticed, Diamond has come out with a new policy in regards to their thresholds and solicitations. If you haven’t seen the news, here’s a piece by Dan Vado of SLG on the TCR site.

How does this affect the all-american AdHouse company? (Pic taken to capture 01.20.09)

Well, we’ll see.

I’ll be honest. The big gorilla in the kitchen for me, and possibly all of us is the economy. I’ve already talked to one creator about that, and actions that might have to be taken if we didn’t reach my own threshold of advance orders. That number by the way would be 25% of the lowest print run I’d be willing to publish. So, even before Diamond made this announcement, I was already thinking it.. sort of.

The short & sweet: Comics are dead, long live OGNs.

The first casualty that I claim is SUPERIOR SHOWCASE #4. I was working on bringing a new issue out this summer that would have been filled with new talents that I’ve met over the last year. People whose voice may or may not have been heard before. But, I’m going to kill that issue now. Why? Well, at $2.95 there’s no way I’d get orders to put it anywhere near the new threshold. Numbers for #3 were not that great, and I can’t imagine #4 would improve.

But that doesn’t mean I “can’t” publish that issue. I could take it online or publish and distribute by other means. I just figure that my OGN schedule is full enough for the year that I’m going to go ahead and not worry with SS#4.

If we do decide to do comics in the future, they’ll just be more of a mini-DIY variety, possibly utilizing POD or some other means.

Anyway, just wanted to let people know that I have talked with Diamond. I think that 99% of what we have planned for the future is still good. And now, more than ever, is time for small pressers like us to think outside the box and figure out how we can get even more orders for our product. My Diamond rep actually came back with a fair number of great suggestions that we are presently reviewing.

Here’s to the future. Yes we can.


Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Just a quick note to my AdPeeps that I wish them a fantastic 2009!

As the email that went out a few weeks ago stated, we have a full 2009 ahead of us. Here’s a little recap of said email:

After taking a bit of a break in 2008, we’re back in the saddle in 2009! So far we have the following books slated for the early part of the year:
AND THERE YOU ARE by Ronnie del Carmen
REMAKE by Lamar Abrams
(And those are just the ones we have covers for!)
We also have the following titles in the works:
JOHNNY HIRO VOL. 1 by Fred Chao
PROCESS RECESS 3 by James Jean
FCHS by Vito Delsante & Rachel Freire
DRIVEN BY LEMONS by Joshua Cotter
And possibly even more!
(Yeah, we know the economy is in the toilet, but we’re hoping enough people still love their AdComics so that we can still bring them to you.) If interested, you can check out the site for additional details about each title.



Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Just some stuffs…

Due to some preplanned commitments that we couldn’t get out of… we missed exhibiting at last weekend’s Richmond Zine Fest. We were sad. However, we still made time to swing by for an hour and see some of the people we just saw the weekend before at SPX.. as well as the new people we’d never met before. It was a cool show. Lots of DIY vibe and lots of creativity. For instance, while perusing the FREEBIE table, some guy asked if I liked mopeds. I said… “sure, I guess.” And then the girl with him showed me a print she had done of a Vespa and an owl. Well, I LOVE owls, so I asked how much… $5. Sold! So, you see how it could be a cool show. I spent the most money with good ol’ Dylan from Sparkplug. He traveled the farthest in my mind, so I wanted to support his trip, as well as pick up some cool stuff that I hadn’t had a chance to get yet. Unfortunately, because of said earlier obligation, this was the only time I got to see Dylan all weekend. Dylan, I’m sorry. But… he said I could make it up if I talked up one of his new comics.. so here you go:

Jin & Jam #1 by Hellen Jo. Published by Sparkplug Comic Books.

I feel like I’ve seen Hellen’s work before, but I can’t recall where. This really is a good comic. Retailing for $5, you feel the heft of it once you pick it up. I dig the first/last page color on the interior pages, which reminds me of some imported manga. The basic story is about Jin and Jam, two young girls living in the otherworldly scene of San Jose? I’m guessing it’s San Jose, since the cop has a SJPD helmet at one point. The “normalcy” of their world is offset by fights with a conjoined twin and mirages of fishes. I’m sure there’s meanings and messages in some of these pages, but honestly, I love the ink. Hellen can draw like nobody’s biz. If you have a love of ink, you should do yourself a favor and search this comic out.


Comixology is a pretty cool site. I love their clean design and interesting takes on how to improve the bizz of comics. They were interested in talking to me at SPX, so we did that awkward dance. (Disclaimer: After the last interview I did a while back, I tend to not want to listen to myself.)

KidRobot took some neat pics of their signing with Mr. Double P. Go checkee to see how the lower CAs roll.

Wow. Just found this old post from some 6 years ago. Those were the days! Speaking of old posts… here’s an old site I built to promote some of my personal work. Heck, it’s even hosted on AOL! (Sorry for the obx-graphics that appear behind my content. Guess that ADDS to the age!)

We’re currently working out the details of what we hope will be one kickbutt November event. Stay tuned!

Chapel Hill Comics GO Party – 10/25

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Since we’re one of those fancy comic company sponsors, we wanted to make all the AdFamily aware of the following event:

From their email:

Chapel Hill Comics: Grand Opening Party! 

Folks, go ahead and mark your calendars: Saturday, October 25 is our grand opening party!  We moved into our new location and have been too busy working on our office and event room to relax, but we’re ready for a party now.

The party will begin at 6pm and go until 9pm (or later, if that’s what it takes).  Halloween Costumes are encouraged but not required. We’ll have all kinds of stuff going on:

• Live entertainment!  We’re finalizing this as we speak, and it should be a lot of fun!
• Catering by Mediterranean Deli!
• Dessert from Sugarland!
• Free Halloween Comics for anyone in costume!
• Zombie Caricatures by Ethan Wenberg!
• Giveaways provided by comic companies!

In the meantime, mark your calendars, get your costumes ready, and come down to celebrate with us!  We’ll have food, dessert, fun activities, and more!

Admission will be free!


Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

(as instead of Ketchup!)

Joshua Cotter’s SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST gets a Best of the Year from Heeb Magazine. Congrats Josh!

Paul Pope’s DKNY line of clothing is live and has spawned a rather cool minisite. Heck. We should all enter the contest. I’m sure Jeff Mason already has. He’s a contest guru.

I’d like to plug the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. I got to meet a few members at Baltimore and they gave me a little pack that had a CD, magnet, sticker and pins inside. The CD is awesome! Thanks!

Another person I forgot to mention during my Baltimore recap was Tucker Stone. He was very interesting to talk to  and even went as far as mentioning us in his recap. I hope our paths may cross again at a future show.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have seeked us out either. 😉

And this is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while.

Peace be with you…


Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Just wanted to to mention a few things I’ve found/heard/seen in the past day or so…

James Jean is selling his new XOXO book. I also saw where he’ll be doing a signing at Nucleus on 9.20.08.

If you’re into the Scott Morse, you might want to be sure to advance order a copy of NOTES OVER YONDER and TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! As you may or may not know, the direct market system sometimes has a problem with reording product after its initial release.

I found this video interview with G the other day.

Enrico has posted some production photos of VENICE. I wish I had thought of asking the printer to take photos!

The second part of the Cross Hatch interview with Mr. Cotter is up. Also, the Optical Sloth does a nice overview of Josh’s comic work.

Brian Cronin talks about the wonder that is Joel Priddy on his fantastic COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD blog. I really like that blog.

Looks like KidRobot has announced their next Paul Pope figure! She’s a beaut!

I guess that’s it for now. We got two swell shows coming up at the end of the month. Baltimore & SPX. I might have a quick debut announcement before the show at some time. Otherwise… as  you were.


Friday, August 8th, 2008

Thought I’d blog about a few thingies that have happened since SDCC.

Fred (JOHNNY HIRO) Chao wrote in to tell us what a great time he had at the show. Our highlight was the image above, which features his parents! Fred also showed us some other keen photos of his parents at the Con, so we should all stay tuned to his blog for the posting.

Just found James’ neighbor Ken documenting James winning his Eisner.

Speaking of the Con, Tom Spurgeon sat down to talk with Ted Adams about whether or not IDW would be exhibiting at future shows. It’s a really good piece. Ted is a very savvy businessman. Also, I responded.

What did I do while not at SDCC? Well, I redesigned the site. Part of the redesign is incorporating a more “professional” email system. If you’re interested, go ahead and sign up.

IMPORTANT INFO: Upcoming Shows!!!

Thought I’d go ahead and plug the upcoming shows that we’ll be attending. In chronological order:

The CGS Supershow. 9/6 & 9/7, Reading, PA. Fred Chao will be hanging with me, so it should be all types of fun.

The Baltimore Comicon. 9/27 & 9/28, Baltimore. I got super excited when Paul Conrad told me he’d fly into be my boothbuddy. Also, we may or may not have a pretty cool announcement to make about this show. Stay tuned.

SPX. 10/4 & 10/5, Bethesda, MD. Let’s see… People at the AdTables: Joshua Cotter, Dustin Harbin, maybe Jim Rugg?

And that’s all I got for this year… I think. (Shows that is… more info to come!)

Under Construction + emails

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

I don’t know if any of you all noticed the image below last week on the old site or not…

But yesterday we revealed an updated site. We came up with a design that was not based in frames, so that each book/comic will have it’s own page, and thus, hopefully, stand out on the web a bit better.

Part of this new look is to switch over to html emails, too. So, if you’re interested in receiving the latest news in regards to Previews solicitations, sales, or just plain info, you should head over to this link and sign up.

If you are a retailer who is interested, email me for your link.

I’d like to thank…

Monday, July 28th, 2008

The big news at ClubAd this weekend was a winning of an Eisner Award at the San Diego Comicon.

(That’s Joel Priddy accepting his Ignatz for Best Debut, way back in 02!)

Ad was nominated in a total of 7 categories this year, which was a record we’ll probably never have again. Sadly, Johnny Hiro (Fred Chao) and Jamie Tanner (Aviary) did not win. And I say “sadly” because they were at the ceremony, and gosh, I love the comics they produce. They should still be proud, though. Getting nominated is such an honor. And with Fred receiving four nominations, and then a nod for the Russ Manning New Comer Award.. sheesh, he should be on cloud nine!

So, that leaves the other two categories… which could also be known as James Jean.

He took home one for cover artist, which is fab, since he is such a great cover artist. He helped us out last year by doing the cover to SUPERIOR SHOWCASE #2 and his own book, PROCESS RECESS 2. So, we were kind-sort associated with that one, but not as much as the other one.

The other one being publication design for PROCESS RECESS 2. Wow. Seriously, this makes me feel freakin’ fantastic… for obvious reasons. James is a very talented designer, and I enjoyed the back and forth we had in creating PR2.  Sadly, as many of you probably know, PR2 has gone out of print. We talked about doing a second printing, but like most AdThings, I thought I’d like to put those resources towards PR3, which we’ve been talking about in bits and pieces so far.

Since I wasn’t at the ceremony I wanted to take this blog post and pretend I was, and do a quick speech.

Firstly, I’d like to thank James. He has been a true professional and a true friend. I’ve enjoyed all the times we’ve had the opportunity to work, hang and talk. I wish him only the best in all his future endeavors.

Secondly, the wife. She’s been the AdSupport for many a year, and I’m glad she allowed me to build this sandbox.

Finally, all my friends and associates in the funnybook world. That would include those who helped us get this party started. People like Dean Mullaney, Ted Adams, Joel Priddy and Jeff Mason. And those that continue to help to this day…

And since I’m one for short ceremonies, I’ll cut it there. Thanks to everyone for all their support.


Fall/Winter 2008 Catalog

Monday, July 14th, 2008

In like a lamb, out like a tiger!

This Fall/Winter for AdHouse has really ramped up, without my really planning it. Why? Probably because of the APE show, 3 of the 4 books appearing there, and a last minute distro-deal with Grampa. Heck, those with keen eyes will note that all of these books are self-published, with a little distro-help. On to the books!


Notes Over Yonder by Scott Morse.

The busy hum of the big city envelopes a lonely jazz musician as he deals with loss on the night of a big gig… and a world away, a desolate beach bum pines for his lost lover as a call from beyond washes up at his feet. A mischievous cat and a haunted ukulele tie their worlds together as NOTES OVER YONDER presents a surreal, magical, visual sort of music. Award-winning author Scott Morse combines these two quiet short stories into a uniquely woven tapestry of painted sequential images.

4C cover
64 four-color pages
5.5″ x 7″ HC
$12.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9774715-2-2
Shipping October 2008

+ + +

The Venice Chronicles by Enrico Casarosa.

The Venice Chronicles – a travelogue in pencil, watercolor and varying shades of silliness. Hardcover,144 full-color pages, by Pixar artist Enrico Casarosa. Take a stroll through the side streets and canals of Venice in this colorful graphic novel, meeting at the intersection between Carnet De Voyage and Love Story.

4C cover
144 four-color pages
6.25″ x 8.25″ HC
$19.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9818455-0-0
Shipping November 2008

+ + +

Mesmo Delivery by Rafael Grampa.

Mesmo Delivery is the full color debut sequential work by Brazilian creator Rafael Grampa. The story is one of mystery and action, as Rufo, an ex boxer, must deliver the goods while promising to NEVER open or inspect his cargo. Mayhem ensues as the precious cargo becomes the goal of others. Wizard calls it Convoy meets The Twilight Zone.

4C cover
56 four-color pages
7″ x 10″ SC
$12.50 US funds
ISBN 978-8-5600180-3-1
Shipping November 2008

+ + +

Tiger!Tiger!Tiger! by Scott Morse.

Art… fatherhood… work… play. How do you reconcile one to the next? Award-winning author Scott Morse has decided it’s time to try within the pages of TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!, a series of band desinee-style graphic works that combine varied styles of painting and illustration with sequential stories of wonder and the magic of the day-to-day. Morse’s popular tiger from the pages of SOUTHPAW is reborn as a paper tiger through which Morse lives out moments of his life, attempting to harness an inner courage while tackling hard thoughts and new experiences, all the while doing his best to appreciate each moment as it comes. TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! is Morse’s most personal work to date, a leap in storytelling technique that self-analysis with stunning, vibrant imagery.

4C cover
48 four-color pages
9″ x 12″ HC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9774715-3-9
Shipping December 2008