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Best UVs

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Howdy Folks!

Well, hope your holidays were swell. Ours was pretty good. We haven’t really blogged all that much since we don’t have that much going on at present. The next big thing for us is AFRODISIAC which is making it’s way to your better local comic shop very soon! (I’ll be sure to post when we have a concrete date.) We also have some other things in the work, so we’ll be sure to mention those when the deats are a bit more concrete.

I thought I’d link to a few of the Best Of lists that have been happening of late that are associated with the Ad.

• Patrick Godfrey of Velocity Comics gave REMAKE a nod on his best of 2009.

•  Johanna Draper Carlson gives JOHNNY HIRO a VERY BEST OF 2009, which is quite stunning.

• NY Magazine gives AFRODISIAC a best of 2009 nod. We’re on the cusp, people!

• Joe at Flashlight Worthy says DRIVEN BY LEMONS deserves a Best of 09 nod.

• Douglas Wolk gives LEMONS an honorable mention on his Best of 09 BN list!

• Matt at Drawn give PR3 a nod on his 09 Best of list.

• Publishers Weekly gave LEMONS a Best of 09 Nod, too.

• Jeff at JHU just gave JOHNNY HIRO a Best of Nod as well.

Well, that’s all the ones I can think of at this point. What else? If you’re in the mood for a new TeeShirt, I’d suggest checking out the swell design Joshua Cotter did for The Comix Revolution.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Peoples keep talking about the AdBooks:

Geekvs.Geek on the Hiro: “Sound silly? Or absurd? Sure. You bet. There’s plenty of absurdity and silliness going around in Johnny Hiro. But there’s also a lot of real things going on.”

The WP on Remake: “A good one, I think.”

Chris Mautner on the trifecta:  “The indie/alt-comix crowd can tend to dismiss the superhero genre, but it can be a solid jumping off point for exploring thematic alleys and byways that more traditional cape and tights publishers wouldn’t even consider. Three recent books from AdHouse — Remake, Ace-Face and Johnny Hiro — all use superheroes, or heroism at any rate, as their starting point but each end up with their own unique take on the subject matter.”

NPR on The Greatest American Hiro: “Chao revels in the mix of the larger-than-life and the precisely life-sized: that giant lizard wrecks the wall of Johnny’s apartment, leaving him with a whopping repair bill.”

Even More…

Friday, July 31st, 2009


One of the first things I read* after returning from Comic-Con was their 40th Anniversary Souvenir Book. (Not to be confused with the Chronicle one. This is the one that they hand out when you enter the show.) I LOVED it. Since it was their 40th, they went back and gave a recap of every year, along with memories from people who have been part of the show since the beginning. You got to see fantastic program covers, where the convention has exhibited, who the guests were… fascinating stuff! To all those involved, thanks and GREAT JOB! (*I also read some submissions along the way, but finished those after the SDCC book.)

The next four orders that get placed through the AdShop will receive a FREE scratchndent copy of REMAKE. Just sayin. (the normal disclaimer applies.)

David at the PreCur on HIRO:  “So basically, what we’re dealing with here is a loving, functional couple dealing with the occasional outburst of genre mash-up, based on whatever Chao pulls out of the pop-culture junk drawer.”

SDNN on JJ:  “As a welcome reprieve from his larger projects, Jean finds pleasure in drawing in his sketchbooks as a self-contained world free from the constraints that are par for the course of any commercial-art career.”

Hipster Dad on TRH:  ” It’s done with a delightfully balanced sense of scale and wit, with wonderful artwork and character designs.” via TCR.

Don @ EyeonComics on TTT: “But artist Scott Morse reveals that he often feels as lost as the rest of us. He’s struggling to live a good life, to be a good father. The world around him and the people in it can be frustrating, even infuriating, but when he pauses, he can see the wonder in the quieter, everyday moments as well.” via TCR.

Episode Three of the ISR’s MoCCA Reportage.

Drawn talks the PR3.

And speaking of Drawn, a big thanks to Matt for helping us make connections. We just might be helping a certain someone bring a certain thing to certain shops at some point in the future. (Break out your decoder rings people!)


Monday, July 6th, 2009

That title reminds me of one of those great Pretenders songs. Sobbin’ or something. Anyways…

I decided to go all “retro” and post one of the first images I uploaded to flickr. Since it’s an image of Scott @ a show, I figure I should post a link to all the cool stuff he has planned for SDCC! (And that’s only part 1!)

Brian Heater @ the DCH (via J): “Chao’s book is a rollicking love letter to boundary-less pop-culture, which, by the end, has embraced everything from Night Court to Brand Nubian, with a clean visual approach that seems something of a cross between contemporary Manga and Herge, accented by some rather both layouts thanks to Chao’s keen eye for cityscapes and action scenes.”

Check Wells over at Catacomb talks with Rachel (FCHS) Freire: Q) What do you do to chill out or decompress? Favorite comfort food? After being couped up all day drawing I like to take a walk to 711 for some junk food, or pick up some Chinese take-out. Or if I’m feeling lazy I’ll stretch my legs on the couch and watch some good ol’ TV.

As the sponsor, I’m gonna link to the ISR second MoCCA recap, even though I haven’t finished listening to it yet. Is that dangerous? Hell yes. Supposedly they talk to Lamar in it.

Speaking of Lamar, I think this is funny. Probably more for the drug reference than the game reference.

The GEN takes a look at the Eisner Short Stories, including Freaks.

Wacky Wild… Pubbing Style!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Judging from one list I just saw, JOHHNY HIRO should be in stores next Wednesday May 22.

Well, I really hope Fred likes it then! Honestly… it’s a HUGE book. I mean, I knew it would be, but until you have it in your grubby little hands, it doesn’t really sink in as to the “heft” of it.

So, that means our June book will ship in May, and our May book (REMAKE) will be shipping in June. FUN!

The reason, if you care, is that we decided to print REMAKE in Singapore due to the production I wanted to use. JHV1 was printed in Canada, at a facility that delivers direct to Diamond. So, on one you have EXTRA time, and the other, REDUCED. FUN!

Myself? I was more a Hawaiian Punch type of kid.

For those about to rock…

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I mean, for those who don’t get our fancy-dancy emails…

(That would NOT include Mr. Fancy Hat Campbell… since he often comments back after receiving them!)

But I digress…

Just wanted to throw some links/etc. at you that were in the last email:

Lamar (REMAKE) Abrams does the talking with Chris Arrant over at the Newsie.

Good ol’ Tucker Stone waxes poetic on AdHouse and Remake.

Canadians (and anyone really) should visit TCAF. I’ll be there along with Joshua W. Cotter. Also, if you can’t get across the border, you should visit MECAF. (It’s all about the babymoos.)

Here’s a Broken Frontier review of AND THERE YOU ARE by Ronnie del Carmen.

Did you see the unveiling of the Mesmo Figs? Congrats R!

Terry Hong gives good ol’ JOHNNY HIRO some praise over at the BookDragon.

The PW talks to C. Scott Morse about the next Ancient book and other things!

Mal digs the Remake, and we thanks him for it!

Amazonian Thang

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Just wanted to let the populi know that all of our recent offerings are now available at Amazon.

(Could that possibly the great Amazonian Warehouse? Nyet!)

Now… don’t get me wrong. If you have a local comic shop that you like, you should support them. We love local comic shops. They make AdHouse possible.

But… if you’re in the boonies. Or you can’t stand your LCS, then you might be one of those who orders via the Amazon. And well, EVERY ORDER COUNTS now a days. So, I wanted to let everyone know that the following books have just gone live.

And by that, for a while there was a breakdown or bottleneck between Diamond (or distributor) and Amazon, so when I say just “they just went live”… I mean it. So, if you’re interested in the following titles, by all means, go place an order at your LCS or Amazon. Titles like:

Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms (Diamond Order Code: FEB094014)

Remake (Diamond Order Code: MAR094041)

Johnny Hiro (Diamond Order Code: to come)

Or any other AdProduct.


And PS. Our current solicited item via the Diamond Previews catalog is Remake. Please advance order with your LCS. This comic is one fun read.

Hey Mesmo Fans…

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Wanna see something cool?

More info. Tee hee hee…

And I’m told that the new shipment from Brazil to Diamond and myself should be going out any day now.

In other news:

Here’s an interview Mike Dawson did with Tim O’Shea over at the Robot6. It gives you a feel for what is in the new ACE-FACE book. The Diamond Previews drops tomorrow that include AF.

And J. Caleb did a nice write up the other day about Johnny Hiro.

More to come…

Happy Hiro Ending

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

First off, I’ll lead with my playing around with the new catalog earlier this week…

I don’t know if we REALLY need a catalog for our product. I might get asked for one around 5 times during the year? But I felt like I wanted to put a new one together given the amount of new projects we’ve been inking for 09 recently. So, I’ve reformatted it, and have started to print a few out to put in with our mail orders that we receive. If you want to download it, by golly, you can do so. (Also, thanks to JCC for the one typo of which he made me aware.)

Speaking of mail orders… I received an email today from Scott Davis who sent along his twitter feed in regards to his love of Johnny Hiro. The part I like the best:

“Finally, I visited Floating World Comics in Portland (which has late hours that conflicted with all previous attempts to shop there). As an afterthought, I inquired about Johnny Hiro, clarifying the spelling of H-I-R-O to make sure they would at least search by the right title…and they had all three issues!”

You see… he had been looking for JH all over the place, and no one seemed to have it. In PORTLAND of all places… (which I consider one of the TRUE comic cities.) So, same old story, but with a happy ending. Thanks Floating World… YOU ROCK!

And speaking of Floating, if you live near their store, be sure to swing by Nov. 6th for a special art show they have planned. I don’t know the full details, but I think it has something to do with the 5 group.

Oh.. and speaking of stores.. we NOW have Venice Chronicles in stock. If your local store doesn’t carry it, and you’d rather support us direct instead of through Amazon, by golly, feel free to purchase from us.

Double Oh.. Notes Over Yonder should be showing up at your LCS very soon.. if not already. Keep your eyes peeled!

That is.. if you have any $ left over after purchasing that swell tiger! Grrrr!

Go Vote! (Eisners, that is!)

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

For the Eisners! Voting Closes June 13, 2008! That’s this Friday!

You can vote online this year, which makes the whole process OH SO EASY!

Seriously, you can do the whole thing in less than five minutes. And, YOUR voice will be heard.

And, if you like any of the nominations we received this year, by golly, we’d appreciate your vote. (Fred, Jamie and James will be on hand at the event, so you know they’ll wax a wee poetic!)

Here’s what we received:

Fred Chao and his Johnny Hiro:
Best Single Issue or One-Shot: Johnny Hiro #1, by Fred Chao
Best New Series: Johnny Hiro, by Fred Chao (AdHouse)
Best Humor Publication: Johnny Hiro, by Fred Chao (AdHouse)
Best Writer/Artist—Humor: Fred Chao, Johnny Hiro (AdHouse)

We also received the following nominations as well:
Best Publication Design: Process Recess 2, designed by James Jean and Chris Pitzer (AdHouse)
Special Recognition: Jamie Tanner, The Aviary (writer/artist, AdHouse)

And we share a nomination with DC & Dark Horse in regards to:
Best Cover Artist: James Jean (Superior Showcase #2 & PR2)

So, this is your friendly reminder.