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Monday, December 8th, 2008

As in Ketch’nup.

Was it really almost 20 years ago that I convinced Matt Wagner to visit Shepherd College for a gallery/lecture? Yep. Look, we both had some hair back then! I posted some photos over at Flickr of the event. I don’t “think” I posted these before.

We decided to participate in the launching of Comixology’s app for the Iphone. Here’s a little story about it. I’m pretty sure the SKYSCRAPERS preview is one we haven’t shown anywhere else. I could be wrong though.

ADD gives some love to his favorite story of the year. My part of the picture? Just giving her a place to show her stuff.

You know who is a class act? James Jean. Nuffsaid.

That’s it for now. I’m off to get some coffee.. it’s freakin’ COLD today!


Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

And by “in” I mean today! June 11, 2008

And… if your store doesn’t carry it, by all means, feel free to purchase from ye House of Ad.

And… for those who would like to meet 4 out of the 5 creators, may we remind you that next week is

One of the BEST conventions on the east coast. We are SOOOOOO excited for this year. The guest list is INSANE.

For the best up to date information, by golly hit their site.

You can find us at Booth 623.  I’ll post a bit more next week about what we have planned. Until then, SHOWCASE IT UP!

PR – Superior Showcase #3 in June

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Another year in the making…

This THRILLING THIRD ISSUE of the comic that is all about heroes that are super: SUPERIOR SHOWCASE!

This issue explodes with the uber-talents of team STREET ANGEL aka Bodacious Brian Maruca & Jazzy Jim Rugg.
(This is the first STREET ANGEL story in years!)

Debuting the work of Dandy Dustin Harbin.

And last but not least, the Lovely Lady with Luscious Lines… Laura Park!

All wrapped in a fantastic cover by talented Rip-Roaring Roger Langridge!

Smack! Bam! Pow!

4-color cover
32 1C pages
7″ x 10″ saddle stitched
$2.95 US funds
Shipping Summer 2008
Diamond order code: APR08 3497

Check out the Image gallery

Also… 4 out of 5 doctors… I mean creators will be attending HeroesCon in Charlotte on June 20-22. (Last I heard, Brian Maruca wouldn’t be making it.)


Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Hey y’all.

Just a reminder that our swell second issue of SUPERIOR SHOWCASE should be in your North American LCS today. At $2.95 for 32 pages of great story (and one helluva James Jean cover), it might be the best buy of the week.

If you read this before heading off to your shop, it looks like this.


Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. All these projects are kickin’ my butt!

That said, I’ll be back next week to post again! 😉