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Remake 3xtra in December from AdHouse Books

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Remake 3xtra in December from AdHouse Books

Remake 3xtra by Lamar Abrams.
Published by AdHouse Books

Max Guy and all his crazy REMAKE cohorts return to WOW you with not one, but THREE tales of adventure, intrigue, love and all types of stuff! That’s how we came up with the name 3xtra. Gettit? We are sooo witty. Anywaze, check this book outs. Xoxo.

4C cover
128 1C pages
5.75 ” x 7.75″ SC
$9.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-21-3
Shipping December 2012
Diamond Order Code: OCT12 0723

Download a PDF preview

AdHouse’s Page


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Peoples keep talking about the AdBooks:

Geekvs.Geek on the Hiro: “Sound silly? Or absurd? Sure. You bet. There’s plenty of absurdity and silliness going around in Johnny Hiro. But there’s also a lot of real things going on.”

The WP on Remake: “A good one, I think.”

Chris Mautner on the trifecta:  “The indie/alt-comix crowd can tend to dismiss the superhero genre, but it can be a solid jumping off point for exploring thematic alleys and byways that more traditional cape and tights publishers wouldn’t even consider. Three recent books from AdHouse — Remake, Ace-Face and Johnny Hiro — all use superheroes, or heroism at any rate, as their starting point but each end up with their own unique take on the subject matter.”

NPR on The Greatest American Hiro: “Chao revels in the mix of the larger-than-life and the precisely life-sized: that giant lizard wrecks the wall of Johnny’s apartment, leaving him with a whopping repair bill.”

Stuff is…

Monday, July 20th, 2009

… as stuff does. And it will usually do SDCC.

I don’t “think” I’ve talked about SDCC yet, so here you go:

I’ll be there. Roughly getting in around Thursday noonish, and leaving Saturday evening. Not sure why I’m telling you all that. Not like I’m exhibiting, presenting, or paneling. I am looking forward to walking around with J Chris, possibly getting some autographs, seeing my familly, seeing friends, attending the Eisners with CrazyM and friends, hopefully getting a year old invoice paid, having a meeting where a contract gets signed, finding some new stuff… you get the idea. If you see me, say hi, ask me about some promo stuff I might be carrying around and I’ll give you one.


It’s always tough running a review when the reviewer doesn’t like a particular title. But when you put out so many titles in a summer, I guess they’re not going to like everything. Anyway, they liked one…
Marc @CWR: REMAKE is by writer/artist Lamar Abrams, and is one of the strangest things I’ve read in quite a while…”

Warren @Singing the Blues: ” That’s some good storytelling right there, and luckily, even though it’s not obvious, the back cover flap lists the title as “Johnny Hiro volume 1″, meaning that hopefully we’ll be able to read more in the future. That possibility is what can keep hope alive in the interim, right?”, via J

Why Sarah Palin quite her job.

Nate Lever.. I mean Dustin Harbin gives us some thoughts on Remake:  “It’s almost like it’s meta-funny–for instance, what is actually happening in the story rarely seems particularly important, as much as HOW it’s happening.”

Stumptown Trade Review talks about MaxGuy…. Pretty interesting, right at the beginning of the cast, too. Kind of like a Felix/Oscar review since one likes and one doesn’t.

“I like sexy.” Paul Pope at Complex. via TCR

Chris @ the ISB: “I imagine that Chao’s probably sick to death of Johnny Hiro being compared to Scott Pilgrim, but the books are very comparable, and if you like one, chances are that you’ll like the other.” 

Win a copy of REMAKE!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

 What would you turn into something else?


ANCIENT SS & REMAKE in stores 6/24!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

All –

Just saw that both ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX & SCIENCE and REMAKE will be in your finer comic establishments this Wednesday, June 24th, 2009.

So, go forth and purchase!

If you don’t have a finer comic establishment, we’ll make those available to purchase direct from us as well on Wednesday. I only mention that since the first five REMAKE orders will get a swell sketched & autographed copy.

And speaking of the books, check out these swell links on the books:

boingboing: “Scott Morse sent me a copy THE ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX AND SCI­ENCE, but I’ve been too busy scooping my brain off the floor for the last 45 minutes to write about it.”

Blog@Newsarama: “it’s like Jeffrey Brown inking Brian Ralph drawing Astro Boy with Watchmen lay-outs, only not really like that at all.”

(And while there, read about the JOHNNY HIRO love as well!)

For those about to rock…

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I mean, for those who don’t get our fancy-dancy emails…

(That would NOT include Mr. Fancy Hat Campbell… since he often comments back after receiving them!)

But I digress…

Just wanted to throw some links/etc. at you that were in the last email:

Lamar (REMAKE) Abrams does the talking with Chris Arrant over at the Newsie.

Good ol’ Tucker Stone waxes poetic on AdHouse and Remake.

Canadians (and anyone really) should visit TCAF. I’ll be there along with Joshua W. Cotter. Also, if you can’t get across the border, you should visit MECAF. (It’s all about the babymoos.)

Here’s a Broken Frontier review of AND THERE YOU ARE by Ronnie del Carmen.

Did you see the unveiling of the Mesmo Figs? Congrats R!

Terry Hong gives good ol’ JOHNNY HIRO some praise over at the BookDragon.

The PW talks to C. Scott Morse about the next Ancient book and other things!

Mal digs the Remake, and we thanks him for it!

Amazonian Thang

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Just wanted to let the populi know that all of our recent offerings are now available at Amazon.

(Could that possibly the great Amazonian Warehouse? Nyet!)

Now… don’t get me wrong. If you have a local comic shop that you like, you should support them. We love local comic shops. They make AdHouse possible.

But… if you’re in the boonies. Or you can’t stand your LCS, then you might be one of those who orders via the Amazon. And well, EVERY ORDER COUNTS now a days. So, I wanted to let everyone know that the following books have just gone live.

And by that, for a while there was a breakdown or bottleneck between Diamond (or distributor) and Amazon, so when I say just “they just went live”… I mean it. So, if you’re interested in the following titles, by all means, go place an order at your LCS or Amazon. Titles like:

Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms (Diamond Order Code: FEB094014)

Remake (Diamond Order Code: MAR094041)

Johnny Hiro (Diamond Order Code: to come)

Or any other AdProduct.


And PS. Our current solicited item via the Diamond Previews catalog is Remake. Please advance order with your LCS. This comic is one fun read.


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Just some stuff.

Lamar (REMAKE) Abrams has created some desktop wallpapers of Max Guy. Here’s the downloads. (A reminder that you can advance order this title from your local comic shop using the Diamond Order Code: MAR094041. Or, if you don’t have a LCS, hit up the Amazon. We’ll be posting that link in a week.)


Also, Here are some things that went out in our March ENewsletter:

• Word on the web is that good ol’ House of Ad is featured in the Rockport publication 1000 Garment Graphics, which was edited by our pal El Jefe!

• Good ol’ Mike Dawson wrote to us last night to make us aware that Publisher’s Weekly has a preview of Ace-Face up on their site. Yes!

• Also, here’s an interview Mike did witih Comixology at the NYCC. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.. busy. busy. busy!

• And, a lil’ birdie told me that the Harvey Awards nomination ballot is online. Go download and vote. It’s your dooty.


And here’s some other tidbits…

Ronnie del Carmen wrote in to tell us about some of the other projects he has been working on. Things like the MY NAME IS DUG Golden Book. He’s also in the ART OF PIXAR SHORTS book. And the ART OF UP. He’s one busy camper!

• Man, did you see the IDW WonderCon panel info? They are becoming THE publisher of the year.

• Speaking of cool, if you haven’t seen the swell video for the James Jean print, by golly check it out.

• Did you know that Midtown Comics is an avid supporter of AdHouse? They are. Swing on by and check them out if you’re in the NYC, or checkee-checkee their online store.

… more in 7 or so days.

Remake in May from AdHouse!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Current Solicitation

Remake by Lamar Abrams.
Published by AdHouse Books
Remake is 144 pages of silly action and crazy nonsense. Right now the story focuses on Max Guy, a robot boy who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. He’s got this gun called the >MAX BLASTER< that turns things into stuff. Max Guy likes: 1) blue skies, 2) video games and 3) bread pudding. Max Guy hates: 1) mean people, 2) getting beat up, and 3) crap. Tune in to see what the nextgen of comikers is creating!

>>>Immature, sophisticated, and borrowing equally from manga and Western comics, Remake is poised to unite all comic fans with the power of a good puke joke.<<<
— Hope Larson Chiggers, Salamander Dream

Look for a preview of Remake in this year’s FCHS Free Comic Book Day Comic available on May 2, 2009 (ie: FREE Comic Book Day!) Check it outs people! Here’s the FCBD site.

Also, there will be a Diamond Comics Exclusive Preview and interview on their Preview World site starting February 19th.

4C cover
144 1C pages
5.5 ” x 7.5″ SC
$12.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9352330-1-5
Shipping May 2009
Diamond Order Code: MAR094041�
Sample pages and fun stuff:

To order your copy of Remake, stop by your local comic shop after February 25th to request your copy.

arrow Download a PDF preview

NYCC Shout Outs

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

For those who might not know, there are a few AdPeeps exhibiting at the NYCC show this weekend.

(SDCC back in the day… Telstar and Cheeks! I wonder if NYCC has the same “feel”)


Mike (Ace-Face) Dawson will be at H4. He’ll have a dummy copy of his book on hand, so please check it out, shake with anticipation, then head off to your LCS and order a copy. (Diamond Order Code: FEB094014). And keeping up with Mike and his mad interviewing skillz is a task! Here are two more speakums! One over at newsarama and the other at the pulse! I appreciate that Mike will take the time to talk with them, since we need to do everything we can to bump those advance orders up! But I digress…

Jamie (The Aviary) Tanner will also be at NYCC. I’m pretty sure he and possibly Fred (Johnny Hiro) Chao will be hanging with GB Tran at L4. I could be wrong, so maybe check the program book?

Me? I won’t be there. I still haven’t been able to make the jump to exhibit. I’d “like” for it to be a show for me, but I haven’t heard great stories that make me HAVE to be there. I went to the first one on Friday… and it was “ok”.

What else?

We’ve been busy prepping for our May and June releases. Oh! Speaking of that, we’ve got a swell postcard that I should be receiving very soon. It looks like this:

If you want one, just drop me a line with your address and I’ll put one in the mail to you. We’ll also be sending out some to those finer comic establishments, as well as have a few at the shows we’ll be attending.