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Store Visit: Comic Envy

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

The other week we found ourselves in Asheville, so I made some plans to stop by one of the new kids on the block… Comic Envy.

CE.. aka Darrin… had contacted me a few months ago and placed a rather nice order. So, one of the first things I see when I walk in is a nice shelf of our comics. A nice surprise. The next nice surprise was a vintage rack of old magazine style comics.

I use to LOVE these things. Graphics Story Monthy, Drawn & Quarterly, Kid Anarchy! Heck, there was even a series from Tundra I had never heard of before. So… you see… nice selection!

As timing would have it, while traveling to Asheville, our FCBD printed samples were to be delivered, so I asked Darrin if it would be OK if I had them sent to his shop. He was up for it, so here’s a pic of him in front of a swell wall hanging by Hope Larson…

I really enjoyed talking shop with Darrin. Because of the nature of our trip, I thought I could devote an hour to stopping by Comic Envy, and when I finally got around to checking my watch, an extra half hour had slipped by.

So, if you anywhere near the Asheville area, you should do yourself a favor and stop by Comic Envy. They have a great selection, can shoot the poop about all types of comic biz, and are fighting the good fight.