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For those about to rock…

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I mean, for those who don’t get our fancy-dancy emails…

(That would NOT include Mr. Fancy Hat Campbell… since he often comments back after receiving them!)

But I digress…

Just wanted to throw some links/etc. at you that were in the last email:

Lamar (REMAKE) Abrams does the talking with Chris Arrant over at the Newsie.

Good ol’ Tucker Stone waxes poetic on AdHouse and Remake.

Canadians (and anyone really) should visit TCAF. I’ll be there along with Joshua W. Cotter. Also, if you can’t get across the border, you should visit MECAF. (It’s all about the babymoos.)

Here’s a Broken Frontier review of AND THERE YOU ARE by Ronnie del Carmen.

Did you see the unveiling of the Mesmo Figs? Congrats R!

Terry Hong gives good ol’ JOHNNY HIRO some praise over at the BookDragon.

The PW talks to C. Scott Morse about the next Ancient book and other things!

Mal digs the Remake, and we thanks him for it!

And There You Eisner

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Today most people who are looking for AND THERE YOU ARE in their local comic shop should be able to find a copy.

(Ronnie holding Oscar!)

Granted, I was JUST informed earlier this week that there seems to be an allocation to some shops. The reason is that copies seemed to have gotten lost from point A to point B. Never fear, we’re ON IT! So, as always, please support your LCS and purchase your copy there. If that should fail, and you have a fear of the Amazog, then by golly, order direct from us.

Eisner News:

We’ve been sort of nominated in five categories. That’s pretty cool. I say “sorta” since three of the noms were for books we help distribute or design/distribute. But I’m still counting them! OK. Here’s the full list, and here’s the AdHouse list:

Best Short Story:  “Freaks,” by Laura Park, in Superior Showcase #3
Best Graphic Album—Reprint: Skyscrapers of the Midwest, by Joshua W. Cotter
Best Painter/Multimedia Artist: Enrico Casarosa, The Venice Chronicles (Ateliér Fio/AdHouse)
Best Painter/Multimedia Artist: Scott Morse, Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! (Red Window)
Best Lettering: Scott Morse, Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! (Red Window)

If I think of it, I’ll post a reminder when peeps can vote. And YES, if you think you can vote, you should be able to. Obviously, we’d appreciate any nods our way. And congrats to almost all of the nominees! (Weeeeeeeee!)

Oh.. and yes, we find ourselves rather busy of late. You?