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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The wife (VP) and I headed out last Friday for my birthday and then to take in First Fridays, which is the local art scene thing. It was insane. Soooo many people were out. My interest was with the THANKY gallery and their Ron Rege show.

It is a really great show with TONS of different type of art. Ron did some music which was pretty cool, and even had some of us contribute. More shots on our Flickr feed.

Oh.. and FCBD came and went and seems to have been a pretty good success with most retailers. Here’s our peeps take on the event with Lamar and Vito.

Vito actually sent me a comment someone made to Rachel/Ronnie on her site, which I can’t seem to find. I’ll go ahead and paste it here, since I think it’s pretty cool. (If the author wants me to take it down, just shoot me an email.)

“It totally made my day meeting you and getting your autograph at Jim
Haley’s. The more I think back the better the idea was. Just before
that, me and some of my other comic buddies where sitting in the park
reading the free issue and we all were passing it back and forth
amazed at how good it was. It was like reading an Archie comic that
was actually interesting. I usually stick with my Iron mans and Hulks
but this was just shocking how I was able to read this all the way
through. I just amazing how I actually found myself caring for what
was going to happen. It felt so real, like I totally lived through
this I know what this is about. It just blew me away. I went back to
reading the new Green Lantern and it just didn’t feel right. I’m
reading it like “Blah blah Hal Jordan this Hal Jordan that…
Batman’s bad but wants to be good, seen this a million times.” I
don’t care about the most predictable superhero comic ever, I want to
know what happens to Marci, what Hector is going to do, I’m actually
gripping a comic waiting for the next one. Something I haven’t done
in a really really long time. I’m just amazed I haven’t ripped it in
half from all the times I read it. Everytime I see more and more
little things, the lines of the shirt, the angle of the pose, how you
created such complex emotions with a few simple lines. Everytime you
read it the genius just comes through more and more. When is the next
comic? when? when? I NEED IT!!!” — your first fan, Olliver

What else? TCAF! This weekend in Toronto. It will be a rockin’. Hope to see you there.

Oh.. and ACEFACE in better comic stores tomorrow!