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AdDistro … Final Countdown!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Hard to believe it’s been over a year since I closed up the AdDistro new product acquisitions.


Well, inventory was such that I thought I’d try blowing out whatever I had left over as well as offer up some rare OOP items associated with AdDistro and AdHouse.

So, point your browsers here to take a look at what we have leftover. I’m only going to run these deals for a week, figuring I can still take a few to shows and what not in the future if they don’t sell. Or trade them to some local dealers who might be interested.

I figure ebay would get all up in arms if I made any extra deals through their portal. (Free shipping, or Free stuff.) So, I’ll say it here… spend some money (over $20 in product) and I’ll start throwing in some free AdHouse goodies.

Also, I DO combine shipping. Sorry if the system in place doesn’t show that. So, refunds will be sent once packages have been packed, weighed, etc.

I guess that’s it. So, long and thanks for the fish!

AdDistro. Hello, I must be going…

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Howdy-ho, true believers.

It’s with sadness that I announce the slow implosion of the once towering AdDistro. Well, sadness and relief.

Basically, I started AdDistro with the thought that I was bringing hard-to-find bibliogoodness to the people. Times have a-changed, and now the once hard-to-find beautiful things are a little easier to obtain.

While there was once a pond that kept Nobrow from us, now you can get their stuff from Consortium. While I was once the go-to place for Koyamaness, I am proud to point you Secret Acres way. Others have joined forces with others, and honestly, it was a lot of work, at least for lil’ ol’ AdCasa.

Adding Thomas Herpich and Bernie Mireault at the end was the proverbial icings on the cake. (I have always loved their sequentialness.)

But don’t fear, my bookish friends… I still have some of these goodies, and honestly, the getting is still good. (I do need to clean the shop up a bit, so pardon the dust until I do.)

I just wanted to let you all know where the pendulum has swung at AdCentral. And as I sign off, I want to thank everyone involved with AdDistro. It has been one helluva ride, and I love you all.

Two of my Favorite Comic Creators…

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

…are visiting the House of Ad this year.


Bernie Mireault was kind enough to offer us his newest, longest, bestous(?) work known as To Get Her for our AdDistro services. I’ve been a fan of Bernie’s work FOREVER. He just may be my favorite comic creator, because his work seems to have the best qualities of some of my other favorite creators. Anyway… it was MANY years ago that I heard Bernie won a grant from the Great White North to work on this book. Flashforward, and boom! Bernie has gone and self-published this S&N limited edition version. I only have a few advance copies, so get while the getting is good.

The other creator whose work I love is Thomas Herpich. Now, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the “game” has changed enough in the past few years that some of you might not even know of his work. He created two of my favorite comics, Cusp and Gongwannadon with Alternative Comics… Well, the teaser is that he has a new comic (White Clay) coming this fall from us. But to help celebrate/educate/ecomicate, we are offering his two previous offerings through our AdDistro. These are fantastic works. Maybe a little mature in content, but hey, we’re all grown-ups, right? (Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tom currently works for Adventure Time too!)

So… I hope you all dig, and are excited as I am.

Revenge of AdDistro

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Or return. Take your pick.

For those of us NOT attending SDCC, aka Comicon aka Nerdprom aka _______ (fill in that blank!)… why not pretend you are, and purchase some great new comics by some great “new” creators. We’ve just received a shipment from Nobrow, and have recently restocked Koyama and Ward. And heck, I think I’ll link to some of OUR newish stuff, too. (Also, we should have Everything We Miss and Forming very soon. Maybe in a week?) And don’t forget… every order gets SOMETHING free. Heh.





Shopage: New AdDistro

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

As some of you may or may not know, TCAF is this weekend in Toronto. If you’ve been paying attention to the debut books, Koyama Press is kicking it HARD.

So, since they (And Nobrow) are part of good ol’ AdDistro, we have those debut books here for your ordering pleasure:

Koyama: Cat Rackham Loses It | Colour Me Busy | Grey Supreme | LOSE #3 | Monster PartyRoot Rot

Nobrow: Nobrow 5 | Obsolete

Malachi Ward: Expansion: Part Two

Obviously, if you’re going to TCAF, pick your books up there. Or, if you prefer to support the artists, purchase from them. Look at us as sort of a last resort. There’s a handful of stores that will have copies soon as well. You can probably guess who they are.

Since we’ll be on the road, your order won’t ship until 5/11. Also, if you want to wait and save on shipping, we’ll have those brand new Centifolia Books available for purchase soonish as well. (Maybe 5/12?) AND… Even the Giants should be available VERY soon as well!

As always, thankee.

Son of AdDistro

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Or something like that.

We’re proud to add Revival House Press to the line up. Yay!

Also, lots of new stuff from Nobrow and that swell Spotting Deer from Koyama Press.

We live in a magical time.

AdDistro Update!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Just wanted to let you peeps know that we’ve restocked many of our current AdDistro items, as well as adding new product to the site! What’s new? Well how about…

Nobrow Press’ Ada…


Koyama Press’ Baba Yaga and the Wolf  and Wowee Zonk #3…


Malachi Ward’s Expansion and Scout…

And we’re currently working to bring even more neat comics to the Distro! Stay tuned, true AdBeliever!

Introducing: AdDistro

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

AdHouse Books is pleased to announce the addition of AdDistro to their business model. (heh. Like we HAVE a business model!)

So, I bet you’re wondering what is AdDistro?

It’s the befriending of “like” publishers and creators whose work we appreciate. And by befriending,  it means that we’ve purchased copies of their work so that you, the reader, can now obtain even MORE quality publications in one easy to use location. (ie: AdHouse Books.) Our initial offering of work focuses on some of the harder to obtain material, from people like:

Nobrow Press.
Nobrow Press, based in London UK, is all about publishing beautiful tactile illustrated books. We work with a wide range of illustrators and artists from around the world to produce image based publications from comic books and graphic novellas to artist’s monographs and illustration journals. Our production methods combine the best materials with the most interesting printing methods often inspired by the illustrated books of yesteryear.

Koyama Press.
Koyama Press was founded in 2007 to sponsor projects with emerging artists. The rationale behind the enterprise is to fund a project with the intention to promote the artist. Ideally there will be a product to sell to create revenue. In addition to publishing books, the company has financed such diverse projects as zines, comics, artist designed t-shirts, installations, photo montage work, print folios, letterpress cards. The venture has covered travel costs, reference materials, art supplies and the odd lunch.

Malachi Ward.
I’ll be honest. I didn’t know Malachi’s work until a few weeks ago. I was introduced to it by a suggestion of a comic retailer friend. And, boy, I’m glad I was. His work is solid comic storytelling, with a hint of sci-fi.

So, if you’re not going to Comicon this year, why not create your OWN comicon. Purchase some of these outstanding works (along with some AdHouse goodness of course) and then proceed to roll around on them in the safety of your own home. You’ll be so glad that you did.