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White Clay in October from AdHouse Books

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

White Clay in October from AdHouse Books

White Clay by Thomas Herpich.
Published by AdHouse Books

From Thomas Herpich (a writer/character-designer/storyboard artist on the smash hit Adventure Time cartoon) comes a collection of experimental adventure/fantasy stories. Beautiful and strange… these comics are heartfelt attempts to examine the paradoxes and traps facing a human mind living today.

Thomas’ previous critically acclaimed comic making included Cusp & Gongwanadon.

4C cover
32 1C pages
8.5 ” x 11 ” saddle stitched
$4.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9352331-8-39
Shipping September 2012
Diamond Order Code: AUG12 0752

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Two of my Favorite Comic Creators…

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

…are visiting the House of Ad this year.


Bernie Mireault was kind enough to offer us his newest, longest, bestous(?) work known as To Get Her for our AdDistro services. I’ve been a fan of Bernie’s work FOREVER. He just may be my favorite comic creator, because his work seems to have the best qualities of some of my other favorite creators. Anyway… it was MANY years ago that I heard Bernie won a grant from the Great White North to work on this book. Flashforward, and boom! Bernie has gone and self-published this S&N limited edition version. I only have a few advance copies, so get while the getting is good.

The other creator whose work I love is Thomas Herpich. Now, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the “game” has changed enough in the past few years that some of you might not even know of his work. He created two of my favorite comics, Cusp and Gongwannadon with Alternative Comics… Well, the teaser is that he has a new comic (White Clay) coming this fall from us. But to help celebrate/educate/ecomicate, we are offering his two previous offerings through our AdDistro. These are fantastic works. Maybe a little mature in content, but hey, we’re all grown-ups, right? (Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tom currently works for Adventure Time too!)

So… I hope you all dig, and are excited as I am.