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Please Consider Helping Joshua Cotter.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Joshua Cotter updated his Facebook status on October 25, 2010 with the frightening news that his apartment was the victim of a neighboring apartment fire. It seems their neighbor had left a candle burning.

Thankfully, Josh, his girlfriend and his cats all came out of it rather OK. As well, most of their possessions were spared. (Other than having to clean EVERYTHING, and then pack those items for storage.) They lost things like their bed and some other furniture.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have renter’s insurance. And expenses have been adding up (renting a truck, days off from work).

So, if you like Josh’s work, might I suggest a few ways to help.

First, the items he’s selling on his site weren’t damaged by the fire, and are still for sale. Josh told me that he will be updating this page in the coming days, so check back if you have any interest. You can always get him to draw you something, too.

Second, we here at AdHouse will give Josh 100% of the sales for the following items during the next three weeks (11/1 – 11/22):

Skyscrapers of the Midwest / Driven by Lemons / AdHouseStickerPack#2

So, if you can help, it would be appreciated. Josh is a good guy, and I hate to see stuff like this happen to good people. Spread the word, if you can.

Thanks, Chris

Congrats to Joshua Cotter

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

For his Harvey nomination of SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST.

I love you bro, and wish only the best for you! Harvey info here.

AdHouse…. The Hairclub for Men.

Monday, January 12th, 2009

My new fave blog is that ol’ Robot 6.

Good ol Tim O’Shea recently posted an interview with our pal Josh Cotter. Cotter likens the AdHouse to a hair product… which is fine by us.

I guess that’s all I gots right now. Actually, look what just rolled in: Good ol’ Sean Collins gives a nice review of the collection. My fave line: “Cotter matter-of-factly introduces and kills with a seemingly neverending series of crackerjack visual symbol”.

Happy Monday!

No. I know!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Welcome back. Sorta. We had a nice little break from reality over the holiday.

(Taken on Third near Joan’s)

Our break of sorts did infect Casa de Ad with some infection or biohazard, though. So, I’ve been slowly trying to dig my way out of the hole of hacking and gobbing. But we thought there were enough things happening of late that we had to post here to make you all (our faithful readers!) aware of them.

First off: Kindling Reminder!
That’s the ubersweet James Jean show that’s happening up at the J. Levine Gallery. Opening is Saturday night, but we know that’s going to be all types of crowded. Show should be up until Feb. 7th me thinks. Be there or square! Speaking of JJ, just got noticed of an interview JJ did preceding the show. Checkitout.

Second off: And There You Are in Previews.
Our new next book And There You Are by Ronnie del Carmen is currently in Previews. Diamond Order Code: JAN093930. Preview to come once we get it! Ronnie’s blog, in case you didn’t know: Tirade. Updated with the PDF Preview ready for download!

Third off: Go look what C. Scott Morse has to say about the Ad!
Well, I jest. It’s a new interview with good ol’ Scott about his current and future projects. He’s got some cool things planned for 09!

Fourth off: Make Mine Sky!
As in Skyscrapers of course. Seems some peeps are finally getting around to digging what Josh has been cooking. Some out of libraries, which is great in our mind. We use to dig reading what comic books we could find in our local library, and back in my day, the pickings weren’t all that great! (You kids get off my yard!)

Fifth off: Get me drunk so I can talk crap!
I was originally planning on blogging a series of posts for the new year where I just let out all the negativity that’s been stirring inside my gut for the past year… but I guess I got cold feet. So, I thought I’d do the Mr. Phil promise of if you see me at a show, and you get me (semi) drunk, I’ll let it all pour. I have at least three things that have been bugging me for a while, and well, I bet some of you already know what they are. (How’s THAT for being cryptic!) That reminds me… I need to update the show list on the AdSite.

And on that happy finish… I guess I’ll end it for now. Yipee!

C @ the AB


Monday, December 8th, 2008

As in Ketch’nup.

Was it really almost 20 years ago that I convinced Matt Wagner to visit Shepherd College for a gallery/lecture? Yep. Look, we both had some hair back then! I posted some photos over at Flickr of the event. I don’t “think” I posted these before.

We decided to participate in the launching of Comixology’s app for the Iphone. Here’s a little story about it. I’m pretty sure the SKYSCRAPERS preview is one we haven’t shown anywhere else. I could be wrong though.

ADD gives some love to his favorite story of the year. My part of the picture? Just giving her a place to show her stuff.

You know who is a class act? James Jean. Nuffsaid.

That’s it for now. I’m off to get some coffee.. it’s freakin’ COLD today!

NPR’s Best of 2008

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

“It is a sensitive masterpiece that can stand side-by-side with any literary debut of the last two decades.” — Laurel Maury, NPR

Congrats to Josh. I mean… wow.

After APE.

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Oooh boy. I guess I should have talked about this in the other post, but to be honest… I forgot.

If you’re heading out for APE, you should really swing by the Isotope after the show on Saturday. It’s going to be kickin’ this year. Well, heck, they kick it every year, don’t they?

Besides awarding the new mini-comix king for the year, they’ll be having various swell people do their thing. Of which, probably our fave is Joshua Cotter. I mean, we love Brett, Nate, and Dame.. but Josh is our BLOOD. And here’s what the Iso is saying…

SWALLOW ME WHOLE author/artist Nate Powell will be doing a live art jam with  the comics-god-in-sneakers Josh W. Cotter of SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST fame.”

Live Art Jam… with those two? It will be INSANE! Go forth true believers.. go forth.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Forgot to mention this…

Congrats to Joshua Cotter for having his lovely SKYSCRAPERS be the first sequential work from AdHouse to go to a second printing. And so soon, too. Don’t worry, though. Diamond has some copies, and I have a few for the remaining shows coming up in the fall. Heck, we even sent some out to a hometown festival that Josh is attending. (Go Longhorns!) I hope somone takes pics of Josh in the Midwest with his MIDWEST.


Skyscrapers Reviews Too.

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Since the book has recently hit the shelves of your local bibliovendor, the reviews are starting to pop up. I’ll try and capture what I can find, and post here.

“This is one of the most accurate visions of childhood that I have ever seen, in any medium.”
– Timothy Callahan @ CBR via The Comics ReporterR via The Comics Reporter

“Cotter’s book is utterly gracious to all. It abandons reality in favor of truth, and the effect is cosmic.”
– Laurel Maury, LA Times

“Thankfully, while there’s enough pathos in these pages to give Chris Ware a run for the trauma crown, Cotter aims for balance by also depicting moments of joy — sometimes in fantastical passages that recall Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.”
– Web Behrens, Playboy

“Joshua Cotter’s personalized tale of life in the American Heartland is an insightful look into the bleak trappings of a once fabled existence. For me, Cotter’s commentary takes the stand that this piece of Western civilization is a collapsing paradigm.”
– Thirteen Minutes

There’s a lot going on here, most of which defies conventional description… sometimes it’s dark comedy, sometimes it’s intensely uncomfortable tales of adolescence, and sometimes it’s just really, really odd. It wasn’t unusual to laugh out loud one page, nearly cry the next, and be intensely creeped out on the third.”
– Bill at Good Reads

Skyscrapers of the Midwest is that rare critical mass of dynamic art and storytelling. In the synthesis of these elements, Cotter manages to capture the wonders and horrors of childhood, which are perhaps far more entwined than we’d wish to remember. And like our own youth, each re-opening of the book uncovers new layers and connections just below the surface.”
– Brian Heater at the Daily Cross Hatch

“It’s a really, really excellent book.” – Chris Mautner at the P&P

 “Skyscrapers of the Midwest is a hidden gem of modern comics, and Cotter has the strength and subtlety to an artist with twice his experience. This may be, as Warren Ellis blurbed it, “one odd fucking book,” but it’s also one smart, touching and exciting fucking book, too. “ – Andrew Wheeler at the ComicMix

Sky in Stores!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Skyscrapers of the Midwest appears in stores this week.

So, that would be either Wednesday (if you live in Canada) or Thursday (if you live in the US of A.) That also means you can purchase your own copy at the AdHouse store the morning of Thursday. And as mentioned before, we’ll even throw in a few extras while supplies last. Things like a bookmark, which you won’t actually need for this book, since we got one of those fancy ribbons installed.


In other news, the guys over at Indie Spinner Rack wanted to talk to me about distribution, so I said sure. You can go listen, if you are so inclined. They talk to Andrew Neal of Chapel Hill Comics before me, and he is quite the articulate shop owner. Me? Not so much. (articulate that is!)


We’re hard at work on some our fancy things we’ll be bringing with us to MoCCA. Stay tuned for details.