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CCS Visit

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Per my last post, I had the opportunity to visit the Center for Cartoon Studies back on April 16th… aka Industry Day.


This had been a goal/hope of mine for a while, since I had heard wonderful stories from friends who had visited. The trip did not disappoint. Here’s the flickr album, if you are so inclined.

One of the purposes of the trip is to give students the chance to meet with someone within the industry. A portfolio review of sorts. Not sure if it will do any good, but I thought I’d blog-link to everyone who met with me. So, here they are:

Kane Lynch

John Carvajal

Joe Davidson

Tillie Walden

Reilly Hadden

Stephanie Zuppo

Jonathan Rotsztain

Rebecca Roher

Iona Fox

Sam Bair (Couldn’t find a web page, just a sample shown)

James Lunt (Couldn’t find a web page or a sample)

Also, during the Industry Day panel, we talked a little bit about Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf. Specifically, my telling the students about a wonderful interview I read with Ed and how he broke down his production process for his comics. I met Ed a few days later at LineworkNW, and he offered to send me a PDF of that process. So, here you go.

All-in-all, a wonderful trip. If you have a chance to visit, you should.

For those about to rock…

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I mean, for those who don’t get our fancy-dancy emails…

(That would NOT include Mr. Fancy Hat Campbell… since he often comments back after receiving them!)

But I digress…

Just wanted to throw some links/etc. at you that were in the last email:

Lamar (REMAKE) Abrams does the talking with Chris Arrant over at the Newsie.

Good ol’ Tucker Stone waxes poetic on AdHouse and Remake.

Canadians (and anyone really) should visit TCAF. I’ll be there along with Joshua W. Cotter. Also, if you can’t get across the border, you should visit MECAF. (It’s all about the babymoos.)

Here’s a Broken Frontier review of AND THERE YOU ARE by Ronnie del Carmen.

Did you see the unveiling of the Mesmo Figs? Congrats R!

Terry Hong gives good ol’ JOHNNY HIRO some praise over at the BookDragon.

The PW talks to C. Scott Morse about the next Ancient book and other things!

Mal digs the Remake, and we thanks him for it!

AdHouse…. The Hairclub for Men.

Monday, January 12th, 2009

My new fave blog is that ol’ Robot 6.

Good ol Tim O’Shea recently posted an interview with our pal Josh Cotter. Cotter likens the AdHouse to a hair product… which is fine by us.

I guess that’s all I gots right now. Actually, look what just rolled in: Good ol’ Sean Collins gives a nice review of the collection. My fave line: “Cotter matter-of-factly introduces and kills with a seemingly neverending series of crackerjack visual symbol”.

Happy Monday!

No. I know!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Welcome back. Sorta. We had a nice little break from reality over the holiday.

(Taken on Third near Joan’s)

Our break of sorts did infect Casa de Ad with some infection or biohazard, though. So, I’ve been slowly trying to dig my way out of the hole of hacking and gobbing. But we thought there were enough things happening of late that we had to post here to make you all (our faithful readers!) aware of them.

First off: Kindling Reminder!
That’s the ubersweet James Jean show that’s happening up at the J. Levine Gallery. Opening is Saturday night, but we know that’s going to be all types of crowded. Show should be up until Feb. 7th me thinks. Be there or square! Speaking of JJ, just got noticed of an interview JJ did preceding the show. Checkitout.

Second off: And There You Are in Previews.
Our new next book And There You Are by Ronnie del Carmen is currently in Previews. Diamond Order Code: JAN093930. Preview to come once we get it! Ronnie’s blog, in case you didn’t know: Tirade. Updated with the PDF Preview ready for download!

Third off: Go look what C. Scott Morse has to say about the Ad!
Well, I jest. It’s a new interview with good ol’ Scott about his current and future projects. He’s got some cool things planned for 09!

Fourth off: Make Mine Sky!
As in Skyscrapers of course. Seems some peeps are finally getting around to digging what Josh has been cooking. Some out of libraries, which is great in our mind. We use to dig reading what comic books we could find in our local library, and back in my day, the pickings weren’t all that great! (You kids get off my yard!)

Fifth off: Get me drunk so I can talk crap!
I was originally planning on blogging a series of posts for the new year where I just let out all the negativity that’s been stirring inside my gut for the past year… but I guess I got cold feet. So, I thought I’d do the Mr. Phil promise of if you see me at a show, and you get me (semi) drunk, I’ll let it all pour. I have at least three things that have been bugging me for a while, and well, I bet some of you already know what they are. (How’s THAT for being cryptic!) That reminds me… I need to update the show list on the AdSite.

And on that happy finish… I guess I’ll end it for now. Yipee!

C @ the AB

Out and About

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Whenever I hear/think “out and about” I always hear/think it as if a Canadian would say it. Specifically, Julie Cooper.

Hope Julie and Dave are doing well. I’m sure they are. Anwyays…

In reference to the “Out and About”, I just wanted to post some AdHappenings that are going ons.

– Yesterday in Portland, the “5” show opened. So, if you’re around that area, go check it out.

–  Next Friday in Brooklyn will be the Mesmo Delivery party at Desert Island. Recently added Ivan Brandon will be on the scene, as I’m sure other friends of R.

–  Check out this swell interview with Enrico about his Venice Chronicles. Nice to get some of the behind the scenes thoughts.

– Now, I think it was either this week or next that Notes Over Yonder hits your LCS. Go check it out, if you can.

That’s all I got at the moment. Latertaters!


Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Just some stuffs…

Due to some preplanned commitments that we couldn’t get out of… we missed exhibiting at last weekend’s Richmond Zine Fest. We were sad. However, we still made time to swing by for an hour and see some of the people we just saw the weekend before at SPX.. as well as the new people we’d never met before. It was a cool show. Lots of DIY vibe and lots of creativity. For instance, while perusing the FREEBIE table, some guy asked if I liked mopeds. I said… “sure, I guess.” And then the girl with him showed me a print she had done of a Vespa and an owl. Well, I LOVE owls, so I asked how much… $5. Sold! So, you see how it could be a cool show. I spent the most money with good ol’ Dylan from Sparkplug. He traveled the farthest in my mind, so I wanted to support his trip, as well as pick up some cool stuff that I hadn’t had a chance to get yet. Unfortunately, because of said earlier obligation, this was the only time I got to see Dylan all weekend. Dylan, I’m sorry. But… he said I could make it up if I talked up one of his new comics.. so here you go:

Jin & Jam #1 by Hellen Jo. Published by Sparkplug Comic Books.

I feel like I’ve seen Hellen’s work before, but I can’t recall where. This really is a good comic. Retailing for $5, you feel the heft of it once you pick it up. I dig the first/last page color on the interior pages, which reminds me of some imported manga. The basic story is about Jin and Jam, two young girls living in the otherworldly scene of San Jose? I’m guessing it’s San Jose, since the cop has a SJPD helmet at one point. The “normalcy” of their world is offset by fights with a conjoined twin and mirages of fishes. I’m sure there’s meanings and messages in some of these pages, but honestly, I love the ink. Hellen can draw like nobody’s biz. If you have a love of ink, you should do yourself a favor and search this comic out.


Comixology is a pretty cool site. I love their clean design and interesting takes on how to improve the bizz of comics. They were interested in talking to me at SPX, so we did that awkward dance. (Disclaimer: After the last interview I did a while back, I tend to not want to listen to myself.)

KidRobot took some neat pics of their signing with Mr. Double P. Go checkee to see how the lower CAs roll.

Wow. Just found this old post from some 6 years ago. Those were the days! Speaking of old posts… here’s an old site I built to promote some of my personal work. Heck, it’s even hosted on AOL! (Sorry for the obx-graphics that appear behind my content. Guess that ADDS to the age!)

We’re currently working out the details of what we hope will be one kickbutt November event. Stay tuned!

Ad Related

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I can’t recall if I’ve waxed poetic about one of my favorite new comic sites or not…

So I thought it might be time to do so about Comic Related.

Why now? Well, because we just scored a PR-trifecta of sorts with them. They just blogged about us, named us their site of the month, and posted the podcast of our interview.

So, THANKS Comic Related!

I guess I discovered Comic Related this year through a sponsorship of an ISR episode. (At least that’s what my faulty databanks are telling me.) Once on the site, though, I found it to be a treasure trove of interesting information. Their gallery of covers was a first fave of mine. Then their forum has some interesting topics, some of which are the historic ones, titled Talking Comics History. But most of all, it’s the overall friendliness of the site. And I guess “friendliness” isn’t the normal type of word used to describe a website, but that’s where I’m going anyway. The ease of use, the overall press coverage, the lack of a corporate feel…. it all ads up.

Then there’s Chuck (aka the head honcho). We contacted each other through emails about conventions and shows coming up during the summer. He decided to make a trip to Heroes, and we met face to face there. His Heroes coverage was top notch… from the walking the aisles video, to his photos, to his nightly podcast recap. And to top it off, he digs what we publish!

So, give Comic Related a try if you haven’t. They will be revealing a site redesign in a few months, so things are only going to get better.

Did I miss the memo?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I noticed a lot of publishers having sales this week.

Last week McSweeneys ran a pretty nice sale. But since I have around 5 of their concerns that I haven’t even cracked, I didn’t pick anything up.

Now I hear PictureBox is having one.

And Top Shelf.

Oh well… If you subscribe to the AdLetter (via electronic means!) you’ll already be in the know to the SUPERSECRET sales we might have now and again.

And if you’re in the PArea, maybe you should swing by the Comic Geek Speak Show, as I plan to have around 4-5 titles reduced to tempt the uninitiated!

And in other news…

Here’s another Mesmo review. And if peeps might be scratching their heads… The book is solicited in the current Previews to be shipping in November. But yeah, we have a few copies now, because Rafael preprinted, and had a shipping accident.

Josh Cotter does the speaking thing with hatchers.

And that’s all I gots right now.

Things to Do: 8/22/08

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Things to do…

1. Scan and upload vintage photos (almost 20 years!) from stint at Eclipse. Check.

2. Listen to James Jean talk with Steven Heller. Check.

3. Contact a distributor about distribution. Check. (Actually, it’s someone else.)

Me so Talky.

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

A couple weeks ago, some locals asked if I was interested in meeting to discuss the Ad for their web magazine.

(photo of me, myself & i in Joel Priddy’s hat, while he was away.)

I usually shy away from the local press, but since I hadn’t done any in a long time, I said sure.

Here’s the results.

It was an interesting interview. Old school, not via e. So, I tended to get off on tangents, and use industry speak. We met at Avalon, which use to be way cooler. Or, I should say less smokey. And also, our old neighbor, Q. Derks, use to be the chef, and thus, it rocked. Not sure where Q is these days…

Anyways, it was nice meeting Kelly & Richard. And yes, it is a small world. We all knew some of each other’s people.