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HeroesCon 2016

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Hey Y’all.


Just a friendly reminder that America’s Favorite Comic Convention, Heroes Convention, happens June 17-19 in Charlotte, NC.

We’ll be there at table 1218, sandwiched between the uber-talents of Mr. Jim Rugg and Mr. Ed Piskor.

The show has always held a sweet spot for me with it’s mix of friends, dealers, talent and good times. It looks like I’ve been exhibiting since 2004! I attended as a fanboy before then. (I remember buying my first original Grendel piece of art there one year.)

This year, Luke Howard will be making the trip from Vermont in support of his newly released TALK DIRTY TO ME. He can be found right around the corner from us at table 1220, sharing with the another uber-talent, local RVA nice-guy Jared Cullum. (Check out Jared’s painting if you get a chance. He’s captured the Ad-Mobile in all it’s glory!)

I had written the above before getting word from Luke that due to unforeseen circumstances, he won’t actually be able to make it to Heroes this year. Kind of sad, since he was really looking forward to it. I told him not to worry. Sometimes stuff happens, y’know? Anyway, I’ll have copies of TD2M, and Luke is (hopefully!) doing some HeroesCon exclusive bookplates! Stop by to see if they made it to the show! (Also, you should still check out Cullum’s mind-blowing painting!)

Other new things we’ll have at the table: Tarantula Sticker Pack, Procrastination Comics Zines #9? (A look back at some people/places/things in relation to comic books and RVA.), and of course, some weird.

I hope you can make it to the show. I’m really looking forward to it. This show is the one that feels the most like a family reunion that you WANT to attend. The creators, attendees, exhibitors and promoters are my comic family. And I cherish our time together. I typically shy away from politics under the AdHouse “roof”, but with the events of this past weekend, it’s tough not to become vocal. So…

Respect one another. And if so inclined, Love one another.

Oh… Canader… #TCAF

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Hey Y’all!

[photo © Scott Mackenzie]

It’s that wonderful time of year where people of all walks of life, who happen to love the funny books, will upcend on the TO… TCAF.

If you noticed that AdHouse Books isn’t exhibiting this year, pat yourself on the back for noticing. Here’s what happened…

TCAF has gotten a reputation as being one of those shows where exhibitors can actually make money. (SPX is the other.) And because of that, tables have become a hot commodity. So, a few years back, the promoters suggested that if you weren’t debuting a book, that maybe you should not exhibit. Hell, that makes enough sense to me.

When this year’s application rolled around, AdHouse wasn’t debuting a book. (I have a problem planning ahead.) And then we talked to Luke Howard who did want to debut his TALK DIRTY TO ME at TCAF. (see pic below!) We were lucky in that Luke already had planned to have a table. So, while we aren’t technically exhibiting, we sort of are. So, please swing by and pick up that helluva good looking book from Luke at table 208.

This year also marks a TON of TCAF people who are AdRelated…

Jon Chad, Joshua Cotter, Mike Dawson, Sophie Goldstein, Luke Howard, David Plunkert, Ethan Rilly, Rune Ryberg, and Alexis Ziritt. (Hmm… I wonder why I’m table-dropping Aziritt?)

So, really, check them all out. They’re all great.

And keep an eye out for Pitzer who just might be walking around the show for the first time ever. (i.e. not stuck behind a table).


Case Study: Talk Dirty to Me Valentines

Monday, February 29th, 2016

I honestly can’t recall if we’ve produced a Case Study for ANY AdHouse publication in the past. I doubt it. So, look at this. We’re doing something NEW for each and everyone of you…

When Luke Howard, the creator of Talk Dirty to Me, and I discussed the debut of his graphic novel, we ended up picking May, to coincide with his appearance at TCAF.

Using the Diamond Previews catalog information, I noticed that the volume soliciting Talk Dirty would drop in your local comic shop on February 24th. Since the subject matter of the book is phone sex, I had the idea to do a Valentines mailing as an announcement. (Love = Sex & Sex = Love, right?)

As this idea went further and further along, I thought we should have some fun with it as well. And by that, I mean use some direct marketing techniques to see if we can make a bigger splash.


The first technique was to use a handwritten font on the envelope. Granted, I could have actually handwritten each envelope, but my handwriting isn’t as good as a font. We picked a font that was legible, and a color that could have been someone’s pen ink. (I actually did hand write some envelopes… late additions and what not.)

Instead of saying it came direct from AdHouse, we teased and used the Valentine theme of saying Your “Secret Admirer”…


We also felt the stamp would be a good touch, so we stopped by our local USPS to pick up some Valentine stamps. We almost purchased them online, but when we saw it would cost $1.85 to have the stamps shipped to us, we hesitated. Not sure why. We pay for shipping other things, but paying to ship items that we would use to ship items, seemed odd. (This way to the madness…)

So, we have the “shell” prepared, so then it was time for good ol’ Luke to come up with a nice “pun-y” type card. I think he knocked it out of the park:


Back in the day, the number of comic shops that pay attention to “alternative” “indy” “whatever” type of comics usually was sited at 300. I think that’s pushing it now days, but who knows. I usually end up doing 30, since that’s what one of those sticker label sheets holds. However, this was a SEX mailing, so I thought the number of cards that needed to be created should be 69!


My folding cards … #UsingAHardcoverAsATable


And once said and done, I dropped the cards into the local USPS on Monday February 8th… hoping they would arrive by Valentine’s Day.

Right now, I think we’re mailing roughly 50+ cards. A true “case study” would probably have more concrete info and results, but who are we fooling? It’s hard to tell if this stuff works. Hell, just look at all this social stuff. Do clicks = sales? Yes? No? Both?

(Update: I had roughly four cards come back to me due to bad addresses. Keep your lists CLEAN, people! Of the 50+ cards sent, only one person has acknowledged it. Huh.)

Anyway, just wanted to share. I thought this was fun, and am looking forward to helping Luke get this out for you all to read. If you’re a bit more curious about the book, you can check out this preview, too.

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy, you can have your local comic shop order one using the following Diamond order code: MAR16 0970 or you can advance order via Amazon, or if you’re going to TCAF, buy one from Luke!

Talk Dirty to Me in May from AdHouse Books

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Talk Dirty to Me by Luke Howard.
Published by AdHouse Books

Growing up it felt like she was meant to be ashamed of her sexuality. Girls aren’t supposed to want those things, right? With grand visions of sexual empowerment, Emma decides to try being an operator for a sex hotline. But there’s a gaping wound between those visions and reality.

128 2C pages
6 ” x 8.5 ” SC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-37-4
Shipping May 2016
Diamond Order Code: MAR16 0970

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page