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MICE 2017

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Hey Y’all!


We’re pretty excited to be attending our VERY FIRST MICE this coming weekend (10/21-22/17)!

(That’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo for the acronymly-challenged!)

We’ve never been, but I’ve heard many great things… including it’s “like an early SPX”! (See photo above!)

While that comparison is wonderful on it’s own, I must admit I have been VERY impressed with the communication and ideas from the event organizers.

So, if you’re in the area (Cambridge/Boston) please swing on by. We’ll be there at Table A48 with Ethan Rilly. I hear Luke Howards should be somewhere in the “house” as well.

Looking forward to it!

CXC 2017

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Time Marches On!


I hope you might have the time to join our busy Fall Tour Schedule, and stop by Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) this weekend Sept. 30 & Oct. 1st!

They have lots of cool things planned around the event. (WARE?!?)

Not sure where our table will be within the lovely Columbus Metropolitan Library, but I’m betting you should be able to find us.

15 Years of AdHouse SPX

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Yes. It was 15 years ago that AdHouse Books exhibited at their first SPX.

My how the time flies.

I hope you can make it to this year’s show which is on Sept. 16 & 17th in Bethesda, MD.

We’ll be debuting two new books with the creators on hand. As in year’s past, you can find the AdIsland at W53-55.


Malachi Ward will be there to sign EXPANSION.



Konstantin Steshenko will be there to sign SCREWED UP.



On top of that Ethan Rilly is a special guest this year, so please stop by and talk to him about the latest issue of POPE HATS!

Looking forward to it…


HeroesCon 2017

Friday, June 9th, 2017

You all better “RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN and take a step or two” to HeroesCon’s 35th Anniversary Show!

(Show above: DMC meeting with our isthmus-bud Ed Piskor!)

June 16-18th in lovely Charlotte, NC!

It seems like they are bringing EVERYONE to the show this year.

We’ll be excited to have our US Debut of TARANTULA with both Alexis Ziritt & Fabian Rangel attending!

What else is new? Well, we’ll have POPE HATS #5, Silver Sprocket’s YOUR BLACK FRIEND & PLEASE DESTROY MY ENEMIES… as well as some excellent obscurities we have recently acquired!

Oh, and if you missed out on the LIMITED pressing of our 3905 AdHouse T, we’ll have a few extra on hand. Get there early for the best selection!

We really hope you can make it. It really is one of the best old school COMIC shows with a smattering of indy/alternative around…

AdHouse can be found on the tiny isthmus (within Indy Island) that is known as PITZERBURGHER (cause we got our pals Eddie P. and Jimmie Rugg from Pittsburgh…gettit?)  AA-1217 / AA-1218 / AA-1219!

Added bonus: We’ll get to visit the store’s new digs! Can’t wait!

TCAF 2017

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

For those who pay extra attention to the conventions we attend, I wanted to let you know that we’ll be back for TCAF 2017.  It’s May 13 & 14th this year.

We took last year off in regards to exhibiting, because we didn’t really have any debut books. Figured others could use the space, etc.

But this year, we got a some debuts.

If all goes as planned both TARANTULA and POPE HATS #5 will be debuting at the show.

You can  find us near our regular location… upstairs in the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, table 272 & 271

Ethan Rilly will be at his table 151.

Alexis Ziritt and Rune Ryberg will be tabling with us (tables 272/271), and their schedule is:

Saturday Rune Rydberg 9-1 / Alexis Ziritt 1-5
Sunday Alexis Ziritt 11-2 / Rune Rydberg 2-5

Looks like AdAlum Jamie Tanner will be hanging with us too! Also, swing by to check out some cool pubs from our pals at Local Heroes Press!

Hope you can make it.

Who put the X in the CXC?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Yo! Yo! Yo!


October is hitting us hard and heavy with all types of activities! This week/end is the beauty/beast known as CXC, or Cartoon Crossroads Columbus.


We got to “beta” last year, and it was a HOOT. So, if you are anywhere near the Columbus area this week/end, please check out some of the great events/markets. This year the marketplace is in the more permanent home of the Columbus Metropolitan Library downtown branch, 96 S Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215.


Like last year, there will be a whole gang of AdRelated creators on hand … so please, check them OUT!

RVA Zine Show 2016

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Can you smell it in the air? Fall is here. You can tell by the amount of comic-related shows that be happening.


So, we’re excited for our hometown Richmond Zine Fest to happen again this weekend. Hell, we even have a new zine that celebrates our twenty-five years of Richmond comic-related memories.


The fest part takes place Saturday from 11-4 at the Richmond Public Library on main. (Also be sure to check out the programming on Friday and the after party if you are so inclined.)

I hope you can make it.

SPX 2016

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Small Press Expo – September 17 & 18, 2016


I get to start SPX a week early this year. As luck, or demographics, would have it, the Richmond Public Library system has been selected as the recipient of the wonderful SPX graphic novel gift program. One of the local librarians figured out that AdHouse is indeed located in Richmond, so she asked if we might stop by for a bit. As I told her, I love comics, SPX and libraries… so I’ll be there! (I think they’re having a comic book festival of sorts, with the donation happening the same weekend as Wizard World Richmond. Huh.) Update: Here’s some pics!


The following weekend we’ll be driving north to partake in our regular SPX festivities. It’s an odd year this year. Almost anyone who might have been sitting with us at the show has either procured their own table, or can’t make it to the show*. Our one returning regular was going to be the Great Dane… Rune Ryberg (of Gigant fame). But Rune JUST broke his leg via a bike accident, so even he won’t be able to make it to the show. It kind of sucks, because I know Rune was REALLY looking forward to it. If you’ve seen all those great sketches he’s been creating for the show, you know what I mean. If you have a mini or zine (think THIN) that you’d like me to send him after the show, just drop it off.

But it won’t just be me at our AdHouse Island (W53-W55)… joining me this year are our somewhat local pals Greg Steele and Matt Harrison. I’ve been hanging with these dudes for a couple of years now, and I really like what they are doing. And this will be their first year exhibiting at SPX, so please come by and give them a big ol’ WELCOME.

*Because we will have a tad  fewer artists at our table this year, I thought it might be a chance to have a big ol’ SALE. At present glance, we’ll have at least 1/3 of our offerings at discount. Most at half off. We must be crazy.

Oh, and Eric Haven, who can’t make it to the show asked that I take a lot of pics. I hope I remember.









HeroesCon 2016

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Hey Y’all.


Just a friendly reminder that America’s Favorite Comic Convention, Heroes Convention, happens June 17-19 in Charlotte, NC.

We’ll be there at table 1218, sandwiched between the uber-talents of Mr. Jim Rugg and Mr. Ed Piskor.

The show has always held a sweet spot for me with it’s mix of friends, dealers, talent and good times. It looks like I’ve been exhibiting since 2004! I attended as a fanboy before then. (I remember buying my first original Grendel piece of art there one year.)

This year, Luke Howard will be making the trip from Vermont in support of his newly released TALK DIRTY TO ME. He can be found right around the corner from us at table 1220, sharing with the another uber-talent, local RVA nice-guy Jared Cullum. (Check out Jared’s painting if you get a chance. He’s captured the Ad-Mobile in all it’s glory!)

I had written the above before getting word from Luke that due to unforeseen circumstances, he won’t actually be able to make it to Heroes this year. Kind of sad, since he was really looking forward to it. I told him not to worry. Sometimes stuff happens, y’know? Anyway, I’ll have copies of TD2M, and Luke is (hopefully!) doing some HeroesCon exclusive bookplates! Stop by to see if they made it to the show! (Also, you should still check out Cullum’s mind-blowing painting!)

Other new things we’ll have at the table: Tarantula Sticker Pack, Procrastination Comics Zines #9? (A look back at some people/places/things in relation to comic books and RVA.), and of course, some weird.

I hope you can make it to the show. I’m really looking forward to it. This show is the one that feels the most like a family reunion that you WANT to attend. The creators, attendees, exhibitors and promoters are my comic family. And I cherish our time together. I typically shy away from politics under the AdHouse “roof”, but with the events of this past weekend, it’s tough not to become vocal. So…

Respect one another. And if so inclined, Love one another.

Oh… Canader… #TCAF

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Hey Y’all!

[photo © Scott Mackenzie]

It’s that wonderful time of year where people of all walks of life, who happen to love the funny books, will upcend on the TO… TCAF.

If you noticed that AdHouse Books isn’t exhibiting this year, pat yourself on the back for noticing. Here’s what happened…

TCAF has gotten a reputation as being one of those shows where exhibitors can actually make money. (SPX is the other.) And because of that, tables have become a hot commodity. So, a few years back, the promoters suggested that if you weren’t debuting a book, that maybe you should not exhibit. Hell, that makes enough sense to me.

When this year’s application rolled around, AdHouse wasn’t debuting a book. (I have a problem planning ahead.) And then we talked to Luke Howard who did want to debut his TALK DIRTY TO ME at TCAF. (see pic below!) We were lucky in that Luke already had planned to have a table. So, while we aren’t technically exhibiting, we sort of are. So, please swing by and pick up that helluva good looking book from Luke at table 208.

This year also marks a TON of TCAF people who are AdRelated…

Jon Chad, Joshua Cotter, Mike Dawson, Sophie Goldstein, Luke Howard, David Plunkert, Ethan Rilly, Rune Ryberg, and Alexis Ziritt. (Hmm… I wonder why I’m table-dropping Aziritt?)

So, really, check them all out. They’re all great.

And keep an eye out for Pitzer who just might be walking around the show for the first time ever. (i.e. not stuck behind a table).