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PULP in the grass

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Just for kicks…

AdHouse THE RIDE HOME & JOHNNY HIRO #2 in August

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007


The Ride Home
by Joey Weiser. Published by AdHouse Books

Follow the adventures of Nodo The Van-Gnome as he tries to find his lost home on wheels. During his quest he’ll meet sewer dragons, junkyard trolls, and a cow or two. A fun, all-ages romp of a story created by new-comer Joey Weiser.

4C cover
168 one-color pages
5″ x 7.5″ SC
$8.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9770304-4-6
Shipping August
Diamond Order Code: JUN073174

– – – & – – –


Johnny Hiro #2
by Fred Chao. Published by AdHouse Books

A renowned food reviewer has ordered the lobster at Mr. Masago’s restaurant. Without any lobster left, Masago sends busboy Johnny Hiro to steal one from his archrival Shinto Pete. It’s Ginzu knives galore on the rooftops of the lower east side!

4-color cover
32 1C pages
7″ x 10″ saddle stitched
$2.95 US funds
Shipping in August
Diamond code: JUN073175
You can preorder both of these projects through Diamond’s June Previews catalog, which can be found in your local comic shop. AdHouse may also be available via Cold Cut and Last Gasp.

Aviary Sited

Friday, May 25th, 2007

In honor of his forthcoming book from AdHouse, Jamie Tanner has created a website for the book. You can check it out at

The Aviary

Here’s a little about the book:

Enter the strange world of the Quiet Bird-Man; a world of mysterious corporations, foul-mouthed robots, drunken ghosts, amputee comedians, wealthy simian pornographers and canine scientists; a world of disasters, murders and masquerade balls. Jamie Tanner has been slowly weaving this dreamlike and darkly funny tale in various anthologies and mini-comics for the past several years. Now the whole scope that is THE AVIARY is available in a lush 312-page collection.

“I don’t think you’ve seen anything quite like this before…
I have no idea where Jamie’s coming from, but I like where he’s going.”
— Evan Dorkin


Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

If any of you know me, then you know that I can be quite the bibliophile. Granted, I’m not as educated as Mr. Dylan “Sparky” Williams, but I do like a beautiful book. And, obviously, I like making them. So, ladies and gents, I give you the PULPHOPE limited edition hardcover:


So, it’s a gussied up version of the regular book. It’s covered in Rainbow #9 Silver with spun glass finish. Accented with #93 (or 97) Magenta/Pink foil stamping. Endpages are a Rainbow magenta, too. And the icing on the cake:


A letterpress print which we had help getting made with the fine establishment of SECRET HEADQUARTERS in Los Angeles.

The book/print is a numbered & signed edition of 100. I’m projecting a retail of $100, but that might have to be adjusted depending on final costs of production.

We’re hoping to have these available within the month. When they are done, you can purchase these from us direct at shows that we’re attending, our store on our site, and Secret Headquarters.

And yes, we’re also working on a limited hardcover version of PR2: Portfolio. We love the pain.

Set your BETAS!

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Or whatever other recording devices you might have. Or not…

It’s just that ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE is coming on Saturday at 2am on the Turner Classic Movie channel.

And why am I excited?

Because Doug Fraser tells me to be. Snuffsaid!

If you host it…

Monday, May 14th, 2007

will they come?

It’s weird how the brain works, but for some reason, after posting the last ramblings (before that rude TSV#2 post!), I thought this next post should be about a weird little event I tried a few years ago.

Back when I use to host the first AdHouse forums on Delphi (man… it feels like AGES ago!), I had the idea to host a live chat with Simone Lia of Monkey & Spoon fame. (Insert in 3.. 2.. 1…)

Why? Well, she lives in the UK. I live in the States. We were going international, baby!

So, I got the word out, scheduled the chat and who showed up? Joel Priddy. We had a grand ol’ chat. Just the three of us.

Now, wasn’t that a fascinating little story? Kinda sad? Maybe there’s a lesson? Hmmm?


I am, I said.

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I don’t know why I felt it was necessary to use a Neil Diamond reference. Could it be my love of all things Josh Cotter?


Anyway, just thought I’d post to say that without a doubt, this year is the most ambitious that AdHouse has ever undertaken. I kind of realized it yesterday when I was sending out some emails and then later some checks. I guess “summer madness” is to blame? Gearing up for those cons, or as I like to call them, “festivals”. Seriously, my bookmarks for the shows I attend are in a folder titled festival. I think it has a European flavor, no?

So, what festivals will we be attending? Glad you asked. Here’s the list in chronological order (I spare no expense in my edumacation of Adblog readers!)

HeroesCon in Charlotte!

MoCCA Art Fest in NYC!

SDCC in well, San Diego!

TCAF in Toronto!

Baltimore Comicon in … (heh!)

SPX in Bethesda

So, it’s coming up on the one month countdown for funness. That Heroes/MoCCA two weekend backup should be interesting. I usually like a little space between shows, but we’ll deal.

Hopefully you’ll come out and introduce yourself at one of these events. There’s lots of cool stuff to see and hear. Hope to see you there.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

So, while I was out in APE-land the other weekend, I mentioned to Brett and Scott (I think Don was in the restroom) that if I ever started a blog, I wanted one of the first posts to be about all the projects that didn’t quite happen. Or… are yet to happen. 😉

I say that since some of the ones listed below could possibly still get produced. But, y’know, it’s been so long, I have my doubts. Anyway, here’s the list in no particular order:

TINDERBOX: What started as my wanting to publish a Damien Jay folktale morphed into a volume with three folktales. At one point Bries was involved, and wanting to publish (heck! They still might be?!?) I’d still like this to happen at some point, since Damien creates some beautiful comics, but I really don’t know how well it would sell. First off, we’d have to do it in full color. Then there’s that whole market thing…

THE ART OF JOHN K.: Y’know.. the guy who did Ren N’ Stimpy. Well, we talked BRIEFLY early 2006. It would be a swell project, but he thought I was a bigger publisher that could pay an advance and all that. Hope it happens somewhere. I’m sure it will.

SWIMINI PORPOISE: Sort of like the one mentioned above, but obviously, this was Brendan McCarthy’s baby. The rub on this one was timing. While Brendan wanted a book by SDCC 2007, I couldn’t fit it into the schedule. Way too many other projects already!

ROOSTER: Yep, Joel Priddy’s take on a rooster. I’ve seen pages, but I’m guessing it’s no where near complete. This was mentioned in what I believe was last year’s FREE Comic Book Day Comic. This would also be the third of the animalia trilogy, thus allowing me to sleep at night.

The James Jean Cover book: In an attempt to help James realize a collection of his cover work for DC, I offered to research possibly licensing the covers for a collection. Yeah.. what WAS I thinking. There is big press and small press, and never the two shall meet. Let’s just say that the cost of acquiring the images was cost prohibitive. 😉 But.. it still might happen. I think there’s a market for it.

And I guess I’ll end it there. Before I reveal too much and lawyers are contacting lawyers and I’ve been blackballed or somesuch. Anyway, now you know… (wait for it)

… the rest of the story. G’day!


Friday, May 4th, 2007

 J Chris

Just a reminder (in case ANYONE is reading this thing) that if you have the time and the stores, you should participate in FREE Comic Book Day tomorrow.

We published a FREE Comic Book for the last three years, but have taken a break from this year.  Honestly, I figured I had too much going on with everything else, and wasn’t really sure what we’d publish. Granted, I LOVED the fact that Joel’s work in our last two FCBD Comics have been either nominated for awards or included in the Best of American Comics anthology. But I just wasn’t sure what we could have done this year that would help retailers and AdHouse.

So, we’ll take a breather.

I just might throw some comics in the car to hand out as I venture around town.

Oh.. and I posted a pic of J Chris since he even published a FREE Comic Book Day comic this year.

What IS going on?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007


Spurred on by the WEF, here is a list of some of the goings-ons at the AdHouse this month….

– Helping Scott Morse design his SCRAP METTLE 400-page collection coming out from Image.

– Both THE AVIARY & SUPERIOR SHOWCASE #2 are at the printer, so I’ve got proofs and tweaks happening with those bad boys.

– The PR2: PORTFOLIO book/print collection from James Jean is in the design hopper. So we’ve got initial layouts, proofing, etc., before we send it off to the printer

– Working with ANOTHER printer in regards to the PULPHOPE book and shipping the F&Gs to a bindery in the states for a limited hardcover version, which also includes having Paul working with ANOTHER printer to get a limited letterpress print created for said hardcover.

– I’m told the innards for JOHNNY HIRO #2 should be arriving shortly, so we’ll get that puppy laid out and in motion.

And I guess that’s it for now. I’m sure things will pop-up and let themselves be known. Mental breakdown soonish!