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AdHouse in October with Skyscrapers #4 by Joshua Cotter

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

AdHouse Books is pleased to announce the following project for October…

Skyscrapers of the Midwest #4
by Joshua Cotter. Published by AdHouse Books

Joshua W. Cotter returns with the final installment of his Eisner nominated series, SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST. Thy glossy comics cup runneth over with feverish floating robots, hallucinating over grown women in tight spandex, cicada shells, and Lufisir himself. Good times guaranteed for all. In the words of Orson Welles, “If you want a happy ending, it depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

4-color cover
56 pages
7″ x 10″ saddle stitched
$5 US funds
Shipping in October
Diamond code: AUG07 3288

You can preorder this project through Diamond’s August Previews catalog, which can be found in your local comic shop. AdHouse may also be available via Cold Cut and Last Gasp.


Friday, July 20th, 2007

Just got the word that PULHOPE will be appearing in your local comic shop next Wednesday July 25th, 2007.

If you live near a local comic shop that will have ordered this, and you are wanting to purchase it, please go our and support them. They treat AdHouse well (most of the time) and so we hope you do your business with them. If you don’t know where to find a local comic shop (LCS) you can check this out.

And.. not sure when the Amazon/etc. orders will be filled. Soon?

SDCC.12: Wrap it up!

Friday, July 20th, 2007

And I’ll take it.

So.. I’m done. Burnt. Toast. You get the idea.

Not blogging all together… just trying to come up with different things to talk about in regards to San Diego.

So, this will be the final post before the show. In closing, I thought I’d look back on a few things mentioned, and whatnot…

– J Chris Campbell sent me a link to his take on my submission post. I didn’t think I was THAT harsh.

– I’ll be taking my preview copy of SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST#4 on the plane with me. It’s one of those “special moments” I’m looking forward to reading.

– Just got my bill for shipping the THB comic to SDCC. Ouch!

– Talked to my bro yesterday. I think we got the load-in plan all ready to go. Also, he finally saw the TRANSFORMERS flick, and his daughter made it into one of the scenes.

– I hope I don’t have any problems with my carry-ons. Don’t really trust checking them and all that.

– It sounds like the PR2 regular editions are on their way to the show. The few limited I wanted to send will hopefully still show up, but a bit later. I’m going to bring my one sample to show people what it looks like though.

– And.. I took some pics of these new things just a while ago. So, hopefully I’ll get them online tonight.

– Did you take shop in school?

– Any predictions for buzz book? I don’t mean to jinx us.. but I think some of our offerings have to be considered.

– Happy Birthday to AdPop. Yep, today is my Dad’s birthday. Without him stopping to pick up some comics for his sick kid, or taking him and his friends to DC for those Creation cons there might not have ever been an AdHouse. His “present” is that secret-thing that people will find out about at SDCC. Yeah, I’m a cheap bastard, but he’s already got everything, and I think he likes the AdStuff.

– Not sure what my “it” thing will be this year.. as in “I MUST HAVE IT!” I’ve already emailed some peeps about their exclusive offerings, but haven’t heard back from all.

And.. that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this little SDCCPR thang. We’ll be back to our normalish broadcasting after the show. Heck, I might even give a recap.

Ad be with you….

SDCC.11: If Ya Wanna Partay…

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

If any of you REALLY know me, then you must be chuckling to yourselves about this post. Why? Because I’m not much of a partier. Maybe I use to be? Am I too old? A fuddy-duddy? Heck.. I guess.

(Hey look.. kinda a party at the last TCAF!)

Anyways… parties are some of the best memories we can have at these little get togethers.

In the past I’ve been to the CBLDF/FANTA gatherings. It was pretty cool when they had that one in the golf range. Rolling around on mountains of turf with beers in hand.

IDW threw a kick-butt party a few years ago. So happenin’ that we had wait to get in.. I think they had maxed out the amount of people allowed in the place. So, we sat outside for a bit and shot the poop with Patrick from Lebonfon. Once we got inside, there was still some food, and a heckuva nice pint glass that was a keepsake. There were also the hollywood types walking around, which was pretty cool. IDW says they’re not having any more parties.. I think they are, and just aren’t inviting me.

The other party I recall wanting to go to really bad was the ONI PRESS launch. I dug what they were planning on doing, and with them teaming up with the VIEW ASKIEW people, meant there should be some cool people there. I seem to recall hanging out with a bunch of the Graphitti peeps.

But that’s all in the past! Let’s live for the present!

What parties are happening this year?

The only one I’ve officially heard of so far is the CBLDF thing on Thursday night. I think I’m going.

Then there’s the Eisners. Not really a party… but might prove interesting given the nominations and guest-hosts.

On Sunday night there’s usually a beach party where people get naked. I’ve never had a chance to go. Two years ago the Global Hobo peeps made a pretty cool mini that told you how to get there. Will it happen this year? Not sure.

Until then, party on, Garth.. Party on. Oh.. and check out this cool thread on the Engine where they talk about past parties.

SDCC.10: Submissions

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Here’s my NEW philosophy on submissions.

I’m only going to contact you if I like it.

So, if you want to drop something off at AdHouse by all means, go for it.

That said, the normal process is that you’ll give me something, I’ll thank you, I’ll put it in a box, I’ll go through the box before I head back East and your proposal will either head back with me or get left at the con to be disposed of.

Oh… and in case you didn’t notice, I publish comics and art books. So, I want to read comics. Plots, character studies, outlines, (insert whatever written thing here) are going to get left behind. If you’re not committed to creating a finished product to pitch to me, then I’m not “possibly” committed to reviewing whatever you might give me.

And art books.. they’re expensive, so I’m only going to publish a “name” or something I LOVE. More than likely, I don’t love your art.

What else? Have you noticed how many projects I did this year? It set a record. That means I need a break.. or need to slow down. That means I tend to pass on things when I’m swamped. In the past I’ve passed on projects that have gone on to find just as good as homes as AdHouse… so it’s all good.

xoxo, like it’s nobody’s bidness.

(Josh Cotter and J Chris… who submitted and got published! – And look.. Jamie Tanner on the other side of the table!)

SDCC.9: Tools

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

And by tools… I mean what can help you plan for the show.

You’ve probably already gone through the lists of suggestions that are found on various sites and messageboards.

Well, just today, I found this very cool interactive map over on the Engine.

Use it or lose it!

And I guess I should post an image… How about this one! A Flickr favorite (possibly my most-viewed image!)

And yes, that is PROJECT: TELSTAR in the lower right corner.

SDCC.8: Friends

Monday, July 16th, 2007

I’m talking about friends! Like Sigmund the SeaMonster! or C. Scott Morse!

Here’s a rare photo of Scotty with a goaty.

If you’ve never had a chance to visit Scott’s pad at SDCC, you really should. He does the most fantastic art while sitting at his booth. He also usually has other pieces of art, painted ukes, and doodads that will astound and amaze.

One of the things that I helped him get ready for this year’s show is his new book from Image, SCRAP METTLE. You can check out some photos and details over on Scott’s blog

So, do yourself a flavor and check out Mr. Morse. You’ll be glad that you did.

SDCC.7: I Got your OOP…

Friday, July 13th, 2007

… yeah, you know me.

What is San Diego Comic-Con if not a search for your Holy Grail.

So, it is with pleasure that I bring a few “cups” with me for the knights that might be searching.

I’ll have one copy each of PROCESS RECESS V1 (2nd printing), and just recently re-acquired copies of PROJECT: TELSTAR & PROJECT: SUPERIOR.

And while I would love to offer them for cover price, they will be marked up. But not marked up all crazy like… just enough so that those re-sellers aren’t buying them.

But… wait a minute… I’M A RE-SELLER! Arrgh!


SDCC.6: Work

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

First off, SDCC is NOT a vacation. If anyone thinks it is, I’ll let them become my intern for week and see how relaxed they are when Sunday comes.

(A much needed break after one year! And that’s my “intern” by blood.)

So, what do I have to do?  (And, I’m not special, all the exhibitors pretty much have to do this, but some have helpers, some don’t.)

Ship. I’ve been doing this for the past month. As things complete, they get boxed, and UPS gets called.

Travel. Arranged that a while back.. not a big deal, but you never know when a headache is on the horizon.

Deliver. Once I get there, I hook up with my bro (and WC warehouse) and we load his SUV and take it on into the convention center. This year is INSANE with product.

Exhibit. Yep, every day from 9:15 until close (6?7?).

Parties. Well, you have to shmooze a bit. 😉 And then there’s the Eisners. They look fun this year, especially since we’ll have a table full of AdHouse and our dates. My date is Jamie Tanner.

Meetings. I use to do these because I thought I had to. Boy how you can become jaded in just a few years.

Invoices. Some for new product, one that was due on June 11th. Maybe the thing I hate most is chasing invoices.

Creators. Try and schedule them, make them feel good, let them have fun, store their stuff, make them money.

Teardown. Boy, I hope I don’t have to ship too much back to the EC.

One of these years I’m going just as an attendee!

SDCC.5: Lottery

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

If AdHouse won the lottery or created some engineturtles, I always like to think about what crazy things we might do. One of those “ideas” that were on my list during the last few months was to purchase a bunch of these guys:


and send them out with a little BUY THE RIDE HOME type of sign. It was a neat idea, but really, those guys were a bit expensive, and oh yeah, I’m a small presser.

But wait…

How does this relate to SDCC?

Well, why not stop by the booth and chat with Mr. Joey Weiser at the show! He’ll be there promoting his super fun book…