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SPX 2007 Reportage

Monday, October 15th, 2007

You can say “reportage” all fancy like if you think that might add some legit to this here thing.

(Above… Fred “JOHNNY HIRO” Chao, Jamie “THE AVIARY” Tanner, and Josh “SKYSCRAPERS” Cotter, all of them smiley)

So… again, I’ll disclaimer that if I forget to mention you, your comic, or how funny you were that night of the Ignatzes, well, it’s because I’m old and don’t have the memory I use to… and I’m just going to let it flow!

Oh.. photos here, if you are so inclined.

I was dubbed “team waffler” from JCC since I couldn’t decide if I was going up on Thursday or Friday. When it came down to the wire, and I found a pad to crash, I picked Thursday, since that meant it would give me some more hang time for peeps that I probably wouldn’t see all that much during the show. Peeps like Matt Wagner. (I can’t believe I didn’t get a pic of Matt!) Matt was signing at Big Planet Bethesda, so that’s where I ended up stopping first. We’ve known each other for 20 years… ever since I brought him to Shepherd College to give a lecture and gallery show. Since then we’ve chatted here and there, and he’s always fun to be around. I got a chance to color his Grendel book this past year, and I was as stoked as anyone could be. Anyway, part of hanging was that I got to see his ART OF GRENDEL book, and all I can say is wow. As a huge fanboy, it tickled me red.

After the signing we ducked over for some Indian beside the shop, and man was it good. I had a salted lassi, and while new things should be tried, it was probably the last one I’ll ever get. I want the sweet! But the food rocked in all types of ways. We did family style, which allowed us to just get as much of it as we could, and boy did it fill me up.

We headed back to the BP after eating for the pre-SPX party, and that’s where I saw my pal Nick Abadzis for the first time. I love the Nick. Back in the day he did that Hugo Tate book, but now he’s been touring like a madman for his LAIKA book that just came out from First Second. We’ve known each other a while, and can get all geeky about space, comics and travel. I REALLY wanted to see Nick do his presentation about his preparing for the LAIKA book, but then forgot during the hubbub of the show. Hopefully someone will youtube it one of these days.

I also got to see John and Sandra from Metaphrog for the first time. They would be my table neighbors during the show, and that proved to be a fantastic bonus. John is sooo funny. And, he’s the type that you could talk with all night. They’ve done some really nice books of late, and I was lucky to get their new one on this trip. I’ve got the others, and really enjoyed them, so I’m sure this will be just as good.

And, I guess you can kind of see a pattern here, right? This was why I’d probably say this is one of my top favorite SPXers of all time. This year was the assemblage. People from the past and people from the now were all coming to one location to talk comics. I kept finding old school surprises like Jon Lewis, David Lasky and lil’ Mikey Dawson at the show. Add the new peeps who I met for the first time like Monica Gallagher or the guy who handed me those bigfoot comics, and it becomes excitement on top of excitement. Comicace said something about it being a “cycle” of sorts, and I guess that’s it. Anyways.. it was a nice mix. And the cherry on the top was Dean Mullaney making it his first SPX. Dean use to run Eclipse Comics, and that was where I got my start in the funny book biz. I hope he had fun. Another classic peep was Dustin Harbin who showed up Friday and even offered to help me set up. People probably know Dusty as the Indy voice of Heroescon in Charlotte, but really, he’s one helluva cartoonist.

I guess it was that mix of people and feelings that made me acquire the most comics I can remember getting at a show in recent times. A few callouts:

– Ignatz nominated NOOSE by Mark Burrier.

– EXIT WOUNDS by Rutu Modan… I’ve been hearing great things, and after spending some time in the bar talking with her and Nick, I felt like we were friends so I figured I should have the book. She was doing some really nice drawings in them, too.

– MULTIPLE WARHEADS by Brandon G available at Oni.

– The FLUKE and AWESOME anthologies. I’m going to put them in a ring and see which one is left standing.

What else?

It was a show of sell outs for us. I guess I’m getting stingy with the packing (or I totally goofed) and just didn’t bring enough. One thing is that some of these comics were still new enough that I was handing them out to the reviewers that I know. Maybe I didn’t take that into consideration when packing my JOHNNY HIRO #2s? So, I think that was the first book to go…. then THE AVIARY, then JOHNNY HIRO #1, then SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST #4. We’d do a little dance each time that happened. It felt good.

Saturday night I went out to dinner with Dawson and he had a neat little schtick of counting up our successes and failures. Things like my forgetting to get sketches in the new sketch book I brought… failure. Forgetting to check out Robert Newsome’s comics… failure. Missing the LAIKA presentation… failure. Mike always had a way of looking at that half glass. When we got back from dinner I got a chance to have a long talk with Tom K… success! As well as Rob G! What can I say.. it was a night of conversing with gentlemen with initial last names.

Anyways… I feel like I’ve kind of lost any type of momentum or organized thought with this here report. The show was good. We sold lots. I got lots. First year location vibe has been shrugged off, and I’ve ventured into the environs (and even found a TRADER JOES!) Nice mix of guests & friends. Didn’t puke. So…. it rocked all krazy-like.


Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

… Just admit it!

It’s with pleasure that I congratulate Mr. Ted Adams on his co-producing of 30 Days of Night.

I was watching the trailer on TV the other night and just for giggles I thought I’d slow the credits down to see if IDW was mentioned. Well, not only were they mentioned, but Ted has a Co-Producer title. Very cool. The rest of the credits tell me that Dark Horse helped in the production as well, so it’s one big comical happy family.

I really hope they have an IDW logo treatment on the big screen. That would be soooo cool.

In other Ted news, the San Diego paper did a write up on his business. Hrm. Makes me think I should have pushed my way into being a partner oh so many years ago. But twernt meant to be…

And while were on the subject of Ted! (note: always exclame Mr. Adams), guess who I’ll see this weekend at SPX? No, not Ted.. or Steve Niles… but Dean Mullaney! Yep, our ol’ boss at Eclipse. It will be good to see Dean. The last time I saw him was a Philly con around 15 years ago. Back when Spogs where hot.


SPX 2007

Monday, October 8th, 2007

OK, peeps. Here’s what is going down with AdHouse and SPX…

AdHouse Tables W36 & W37.


– Joshua Cotter concludes his Skyscrapers Opus with SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST #4.

– Fred Chao attends his first Expo ever in support of JOHNNY HIRO.

– Jamie Tanner is out to support THE AVIARY.

Look for Joey Weiser and his all-ages book THE RIDE HOME and J Chris Campbell and his respective ZIGZAG #2 at their own locations.

miss E. Lany:
– Limited PROCESS RECESS 2 and PULPHOPE books (only bringing a few, so get there early if you a wanting)
– Signed James Jean BEGUILING posters.
– One copy of Project: Telstar (I traded with Dave at Baltimore).
– If you purchase SKYSCRAPERS 2-4, you’ll get a FREE S&N print of ACT OF MERCY.
– And the 5th anniversary AdHouse pin.


Yo: Therefore Repent!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

I can’t recall if I’ve talked about other books on ye’ blog or not, but after a reading marathon of one title I particularly liked, I thought I should give it what little press I can…

Therefore Repent!

Therefore Repent! by Jim Munro & Salgood Sam.

Given the magic of the internet, I’ve heard about this book for a while. I’m not excactly sure when it came out, but I know the two of them have been burning up the web with announcements, events and samples. And, yes, it’s all worth it.

The book deals with the world after the Rapture. Now, I know next to nothing about the Bible. But I find the myths, symbols, parables, always fascinating. I’m sure THE CRUSADERS left a good impression on my young mind. (Where have all the babys gone!) Now, just dealing with the rapture might be enough of a hook, but Jim and Salgood do a great job of characterization from the very beginning. The two protagonists are so interesting that I had to keep turning page after page to see what and who they were. And yes, Salgood can draw like nobody’s business. There’s some “meat” to his drawings, if you will. They feel solid.

Anyway, throw in a talking dog (spoiler?) and how he can talk, and I give this book two thumbs up.

I can’t say for sure, but this might be a series. If you’re interested in possibly checking this book out, my pals at IDW are publishing it in the states, and Jim and Salgood have published it in Canada via No Media Kings.