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EoY: Shout it outs loud!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

End of year!

And with that, here’s a few good ol’ shout outs from peeps who have dug the Ad.

Matt @ Drawn picks PR2 as one of his favorite art books and then remembers PulpHope in the comments. Trivialfactoid: The Laura Park mini image was borrowed from one of my reviews!

Kevin at the Beau says nice things about JOHNNY HIRO (his top 10 of the year) (#38) & SKYSCRAPERS (#64) in one of his posts and then remembers the AVIARY in another.

If you come across any mentions, by golly, let us know!

Our off the top-of-our-head/looking-at-other-lists end of year list is…

favorite new blog: Book By Its Cover

favorite mainstream book: Laika

favorite non-mainstream book: Powr Mastrs

favorite collection: the Fletcher Hanks book. 

favorite mini (tough call): But this was one of them.

favorite creator on the verge of breakout: Dharbin

I guess that’ll do… Happynewsyears to y’all.


Monday, December 17th, 2007

Of the holly variety of course!

Black Pete and Lil’ Bluey wish you and yours the most bestous holiday ever…

Yeah, I know we might be a little early with our well wishes, but the time will sure to get hectic.

Our AdHouse gift to you? We’re working on getting Johnny Hiro #3 off to the printer. Yeah, I know.. we’ll be a month late with the book, but it’s worth the wait. Mr. Hiro goes to the Opera, and when you’re dealin’ with fancy things like rush tickets, you gotta get it right.

Speakin’ of Hiro, Mr. Mason gives JH a shout out in his Year in Review. Many thanksage. Foud via our pal, BW.

And in the spirit of giving, Mr. Greg has hopefully helped us with our spam problem. Thanks for the gift!

HappyHappy, everyone…

Et tu, Ad?

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Why the latin?

Well, when I think of a “forum” I think of Latin.

And the gods have looked down and decided that the days of the AdHouse forum have come and gone. Or… I should say I mucked it up.

While trying to upgrade the forum software, I made one of the biggest blunders you can make. I didn’t backup the previous forum. And well, one thing led to another, and I essentially wiped out all the previous information. Or enough of it to make me think about starting a new forum up.

And, to be honest, the forum wasn’t quite what it was in its heyday. Hardly anyone was posting during the last 1/2 year or so. If there’s no back and forth, it’s not really a forum.

That said, I guess I’ll start using this place as the catch all for all AdInfo. I’ll try and be a bit better organized, and see if I can get on top of any comments. Currently, there are a TON of them, but yeah, they’re all spam.

While updating the AdSite, I went ahead and moved the flickr & myspace links down to the footer. I also went ahead and added a facebook link, but like Paul, I really don’t know what those groups site really do.

Okeydoke. Have a good weekend y’all.

It’s the ZZ2 Review…

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

… coming right at you!

“A turtle to a bear to a man waiting for a bus. A man waiting for a bus to a butterfly to attic bugs being chased by angry ants. Angry ants in a mechanical octopus to a battle robot to a fireman telling their story. The fireman back to the butterfly to a man dressed for a costume party. A man in a costume to a robot playing hide-n-seek to a germophobe back to the turtle. That’s ZIG ZAG in a nutshell.”

Marc Mason… waiting in his room. (Every time I click on that site, I hear Fugazi’s Waiting Room)


Monday, December 3rd, 2007

In the works…