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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Wakey wakey puddin’ cakey!

The first two real reviews of the big ol’ book have hit the interweb, and by golly, they kinda like it.

First off is ol’ Mr. Comics Reporter himself, Mr. Tom Spurgeon: “Cotter’s story about how fantasy can both ameliorate and add to the misery of adolescence proves to be poignant because the fantasies he shows are such hilariously fundamental wish-fulfillments of longing and self-value that it breaks your heart to think anyone thinks that way.

Then we have Lee Newman at the Broken Frontier: “Skyscrapers of the Midwest is a powerful and insightful piece of literature. It belongs next to works by John Irving and Tom Robbins.

Oh.. and color me forgetful. In the last Paul Pope blog post I forgot to mention the nomination of PULPHOPE to the Eagle Awards. Congrats, Mr. Pope. And yep, y’all can go vote!

You gotta wonder…

Friday, April 18th, 2008

… if the busboy got this:

A Paul Pope table cloth drawing while waiting for spagetti.

And.. in other PP news, check out the swell overview of his clothing line and work at the CBR.  I thought that was a pretty good piece.

Everyone have a swell NYCC show this weekend!

I thought it was interesting that Fantagraphics is exhibiting. Good to see they decided to go. I recall the show’s organizer came out with that story about trying to woo houses like them to the show. Nice to see it worked.

Me? I might take in Record Store day, if I go early.

Otherwise, I’ll see my NYpeeps in June at MoCCA!

7 in 07

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

… or (6+1)

Yesterday the announcement for the 2008 Eisner nominees was released to the interweb.

For those not in the know, think Oscars for Comics.

We were flabbergasted to hear AdHouse took 7 (6+1) nominees for our work in 2007.  (I mean, yeah, it was our busiest year to date, but we didn’t think we’d get that many. ) The reason for so many?

Fred Chao received 4 nominations for his Johnny Hiro series. Here they are:

Best Single Issue or One-Shot: Johnny Hiro #1, by Fred Chao
Best New Series: Johnny Hiro, by Fred Chao (AdHouse)
Best Humor Publication: Johnny Hiro, by Fred Chao (AdHouse)
Best Writer/Artist—Humor: Fred Chao, Johnny Hiro (AdHouse)

We also received the following nominations as well:

Best Publication Design: Process Recess 2, designed by James Jean and Chris Pitzer (AdHouse)
Special Recognition: Jamie Tanner, The Aviary (writer/artist, AdHouse)

And we share a nomination with DC & Dark Horse in regards to:

Best Cover Artist: James Jean (Superior Showcase #2 & PR2)


So, yeah, we are tickled pink. But what about the rest of the list? Here’s what I noticed, and was glad to see:

Best Short Story – “Book,” by Yuichi Yokoyama, in New Engineering (PictureBox).

I just read this, and I must say it was a fantastic representation of what CAN be done with sequential art.

Best Publication for Teens – Laika, by Nick Abadzis (First Second).

Yah, Nick!

Best Anthology – 5, by Gabriel B�, Becky Cloonan, Fabio Moon, Vasilis Lolos, and Rafael Grampa (self-published)

Very cool to see this.. a SELF-PUBLISHED anthology that kicks major butt. Congrats!

Best Graphic Album New – Bookhunter, by Jason Shiga (Sparkplug Books)

Muchly deserved.

Best Archival Collection/Project Comic Books – I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! by Fletcher Hanks (Fantagraphics)

Probably my favorite book of last year? Maybe?

Best Publication Design – Complete Terry and the Pirates, designed by Dean Mullaney (IDW)

Dean Mullaney is in the same category as team Jean/Pitzer! What the!


It’s also cool to hear that they’ll be doing online voting this year. So, by all means, if you can vote… do vote.

Congrast to ALL the nominees… especially the ones who I had a chance to work with last year. Good luck!


Monday, April 7th, 2008


THREE is the magic number…

Here’s the third post I could muster in regards to our pal SKYSCRAPERS.

Since Josh seems to be sporting the long chin hair, JCC’s got it, and I have some stuff a growin’ there as well…

If you visit AdHouse at any of our summer cons and you’re sportin’ the long chinskers, you will get a FREE limited edition S&N Skyscrapers print. While supplies last.


Other stuff: Did you know Ed Brubaker (The Brube!) spent some time growing up in my hometown? Tis’ true. Heck, his first kiss was with a girl I went to school with… Beezie Kearses’ daughter… who was a cheerleader! (Go Ed!) Proof? He adlibbed it.

It might not be in good fashion to plug some ebay, but I got lots up for sale currently. Check it out if you are so inclined… mostly DVDs and books.

I started taking some shots of my favorite things.  Sure my tastes will change, but that’s where my mind is right now.


Thursday, April 3rd, 2008


I forgot to mention this in the last post.

Even though Josh has been kind enough to place an ad for the “Larger Print” versions of SKY in his newfangled HC, I’m wondering just how well these older semi-floppy (they got girth!) print versions will sell in the future.

So.. we’re having a sale.

You can purchase the SKYSCRAPERS combopack, which includes issues 2, 3, 4 and the limited edition signed and numbered print we created for SDCC07 for just $10. Go here if you wish to purchase.

These combo packs are good and available while supplies last, and until the hardcover hits your LCS.

What else? I’ll throw in another AdHouse publication of my choice.

This offer is almost as good as shamwow.


Tuesday, April 1st, 2008


Check the flickr for more. (And I guess Josh likes it.. that or the peanut butter.)

In other news:

Tim O’Shea revists the bullpen, but to talk to Mr. Chao this time. Thanks Tim.. again, some great questions.

PR2 is out of print. Lesson learned. Next one will have a gazillion print run.

The big news this week is the copyright ruling on ol’ Supes. In AdHouse related news (and kind of related to copyright) I received a letter last week by someone interested in the AdHouse content to run on a website. I repeat.. a letter. Not an email. And yep, you guess it, the letter did NOT give an email.

Chalk one up to the paperless webcomic!