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Baltimore PostCon…

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Talking about friends… that’s what it’s all about…

When I was singing those lyrics around 3pm on Sunday Stuart Immonen commented on how I must be old to know those lyrics. I said, naw I’m singing the cover… and he knew exactly what I was talking about. (Although, now that I think about it, I am old enough to know that song!)

And that’s what Baltimore Comicon 2008 was more for me than anything else. Friends.

Super Robot Monster’s own Paul Conrad (shown above) made the trip up from Nashville to hang with me for the weekend, push some SRM, and just wax poetic about all the great things about comics. It was a fantastic time.

We started the weekend off by heading out to Atomic Books so that Paul could check out that funky part of the city. Later that night, we took in some of the baseball game that would eventually get rained out. Checky for some pics. After.. or while it was still raining, we found ourselves at a pub with the above mentioned Stuart. And, again, it was fantastic. Only a geek/nerd could appreciate the awesomeness of our conversation. I’ll just leave it at that.

Saturday at the show was insane. I have NEVER seen the show that busy. I heard tales that the line to get in was an hour wait. Whahuh? Some standout moments of the show:

– Seeing a 12 year old girl walking with her Dad down the aisle with her Wimpy Kid book protected from the rain with a clear plastic bag. They were going to the signing. It was magic. Kids and comics!

– Learning about a theme park that Jack Kirby designed that the CIA was somehow involved in?!? The documentary that will reveal all is called the Lord of Light and being produced by SPX PR guy Warren Benard’s sister.

– Talking with Joe from Dynamite. He dug the posters we did. Speaking of the posters, if you’re interested in the very few that I have left, go on over to the Limiteds and order some.

– One not cool thing was the weird stomach bug I felt late in the afternoon. Let’s just say that I didn’t feel like eating anything that night… which was the Harvey Awards. So, I worked the outside desk and read the Wimpy Kid book, which I thought was pretty funny.

– Meeting Eric, Charles and Michael from Abrams Books was cool. They were sort of across from us, and had a fantastic selection of books. That new Wacky Packs book is uberdesigned.

– Talking to Eric Adams from Lackluster World was good. We hadn’t seen each other in forever, and he seems to still be making the comics as well as redesigning sites.

– Some ubernice chaps I got to chat with on Sunday included Jason Horn, Nathan Fox, Erik Jones, Evan Bryce and Peter Wonsowski. Peter was especially refreshing since he essentially said that he love EVERYthing we did, and that AdHouse was an inspiration of sorts to him (at least that’s what I got from what he said). I really appreciated it, since it is a tough fight for the small press indie publisher. We hugged, and as corny as it is, shared a moment. He also gave me a really nice business card and print…

– Picking up one of those new FREE DC Flash rings was cool. (Although trying to show it to Rob Ullman on I95 might not have been the smartest thing we have ever done.)

Well, I guess that’s about it. Sorry if I didn’t mention you… I’m just winging this here report.

That said, it was a great show, great friends and great illustrations and comics. Thanks for putting on one heckuva swell shindig Mr. Nathan. Also thanks to Mr. Brad Tree for his help and thoughts, too.

Next up.. SPX is this weekend!!!

In Stock Trades

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Back when we took that trip to Reading, PA to visit the CGS Super Show, we were lucky enough to meet up with In Stock Trades.

(In Stock can be seen way in the back left. I took a photo of this guy (Chad) because I thought he looked like my brother, especially with the WVU shirt!)

We actually had been working with their sister company DCBS previously, to try and get the word out about our product. It’s actually a pretty cool idea on their part. Creating a site that educates about the little known comics and books that are out there. It’s called First Light. Go check out the platform if you’re intersted.

So, anyway, I just wanted to make people aware of it. I appreciate it when a distributor or store gets behind what we’re doing, and it would be great if people support them, while supporting us. So, if you’re interested in MESMO DELIVERY, PULPHOPE, PULPATOON PILGRIMAGE, THE AVIARY, THE RIDE HOME, at a pretty good savings, go check them out.

I know DCBS sponsors the ISR boyos, so there’s also that. Cheers!


Thursday, September 25th, 2008

This November finds Scott Morse releasing his return to his love of cats!  TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!


Art… fatherhood… work… play. How do you reconcile one to the next? Award-winning author Scott Morse has decided it’s time to try within the pages of TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!, a series of band desinee-style graphic works that combine varied styles of painting and illustration with sequential stories of wonder and the magic of the day-to-day. Morse’s popular tiger from the pages of SOUTHPAW is reborn as a paper tiger through which Morse lives out moments of his life, attempting to harness an inner courage while tackling hard thoughts and new experiences, all the while doing his best to appreciate each moment as it comes.

4C cover
48 4C pages
9″ x 12″ HC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9774715-3-9
Shipping December 2008
Diamond Order Number: OCT08 3781

arrow Download a PDF preview


Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I was going to hold off on posting about Baltimore until I had my little secret project photographed… but I’ll save that for next week. So, instead, why not gander at the lovely posters that Paul Conrad has created for the show?


Obviously (or not?) but I really dig these. Paul is pretty good with the communication as he’s working on a project, and he sent me the sketches and inspiration back when he was getting started. Afterall, what do super heroes do but fight? So, we got some grade A pugilists, here. These are a signed & numbered limited edition of 50. I’m not positive, but I’m guessing we won’t sell out at the show (how’s THAT for salesmanship!) so, I’m sure I’ll have some up at our limited page postcon.

What else? Swing by (booth 1503) to check out most everything we have in print, and even some that are out of print! Oh… and we are suppose to have an advance proof of the Venice Chronicles, too!

Details about the show:

Baltimore Comicon
September 27 & 28
10-6 & 10-5
Hope you can make it.


Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Ever wonder what Richmond, VA is like?

Well, go check out the free third issue of Local. (ht2jk) Brian and Ryan did a fantastic job of getting the feel of the city. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to supply a pin-up of sorts for the comic. I based it on one of my favorite buildings, The Sauer Extract one shown above. Oh… The hardcover collection of Local came out Wednesday, too. Local was published by our friends at Oni Press.


Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Just wanted to to mention a few things I’ve found/heard/seen in the past day or so…

James Jean is selling his new XOXO book. I also saw where he’ll be doing a signing at Nucleus on 9.20.08.

If you’re into the Scott Morse, you might want to be sure to advance order a copy of NOTES OVER YONDER and TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! As you may or may not know, the direct market system sometimes has a problem with reording product after its initial release.

I found this video interview with G the other day.

Enrico has posted some production photos of VENICE. I wish I had thought of asking the printer to take photos!

The second part of the Cross Hatch interview with Mr. Cotter is up. Also, the Optical Sloth does a nice overview of Josh’s comic work.

Brian Cronin talks about the wonder that is Joel Priddy on his fantastic COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD blog. I really like that blog.

Looks like KidRobot has announced their next Paul Pope figure! She’s a beaut!

I guess that’s it for now. We got two swell shows coming up at the end of the month. Baltimore & SPX. I might have a quick debut announcement before the show at some time. Otherwise… as  you were.


Monday, September 8th, 2008

Howdy Y’all!

(Pic of Peter Riiiiiiiiiios, one of the CGS podcast crew enjoying a chuppachup!)

I just wanted to drop a few thoughts about the wonderful time I had this past weekend at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show. For those possibly not in the “know”, CGS is a podcast produced by a few individuals up in Reading, PA about their love of all comics. I’ve listened to a few episodes, cruized their forums, and decided to take them up on coming to visit them, their friends, their listeners, and the citizens of Reading.

Now, to be honest, I had to wonder how this show was going to go down. And to sum it up, this show is VERY popular! They had guests that flew from Austrailia, the UK, California, Texas, and little ol’ Virginie. (Their attendance to distance ratio has to beat SDCC!) My other fear was that people might not dig what AdHouse was doing, but boy was I wrong. EVERYONE was super friendly and very interested in our stuff.

So, here’s a few random thoughts on my trip to Reading, PA to take part in this historical event…

Got up WAY too early Saturday morn to make the 5 hour trip to the show. Part of me was worried that my trip might have to get canceled due to ol’ Hana. But that was not the case. We scooted out and eventually beat the rain to the show. When we got there, I was amazed by the building where the show was going to be held. It’s called the Expo Center, now, but it was a factory for something-or another in a previous life. As my flickr shows, I took a good many shots of my just going in for the unload.

(blurry nerdfight photo)

The room where the show was being held was pretty spacious too. Actually, this show kind of reminds me of what the first few SPX shows were like. Just a gathering of the tribes for their love of comics. The diff. this time is that there was a nice big table where they had their podcasting, just a few dealers, and the rest were mostly creators. One of the other publishers I met was Markosia, who came all the way from England for the show. I got a chance to talk to one fo their guys about our Diamond woes before the show opened.

The first table buddy that showed up was Mr. Phil from the Indie Spinner Rack. He drove alone, so I think that was how he beat the others. I REALLY enjoyed hanging with Mr. Phil over the weekend. I think we basically love the same type of comics, and grew up collecting the same type of stuff. His knowledge of Indieness knows no bounds. We were then joined a little later by JOHNNY HIRO creator Fred Chao and Phil’s broadcasting buddy Charlito.

One of the other reasons I chose to attend CGSSS was that Fred was going to be there. This was the only show that we’d both be attending this year, and I like hanging with him. We talked A BUNCH about all types of stuff. We also got to share (at least in my eyes) the fear of staying at the Econolodge. I should have known it wasn’t a good thing when the sign was way different than every other Econo sign I’ve seen. Other signs of impending doom? When Fred reaches for the toilet paper, the hardware comes off the wall. When I go to turn on the TV, there are no batteries in remote. The guy watching football in the front office (ie: employee) tells me that he’s surprised, since they usually steal the whole remote. So.. you get the picture.

(Bryans perusing PULPHOPES)

Back to the show… EVERYONE IS SO NICE THERE! Seriously. I recognize a few since they’re wearing their avatars on a badge, but sometimes it takes a while for me to click a name to an avatar to the person. Vince was one. I met him while going up the elevator, but did’nt make the connection until an hour later. (OK, I’m slow most of the time!) I would like to say thanks to everyone for stopping by and talking. The show went pretty quick because of that. It was mostly dealing and stuff. Fred was doing sketches. Then around 4pm, they started the show’s podcast, and that was a treat to hear. It really gave you a sense of their community and from  where they came. Part of the “show” was a nice song by one listener (Paul) and then Charlito stole the show with his puppetness. Part puppeting craft, part geek, part really offf-broadway, and you might get the picture. I was pretty amazed by it all.

After the show was over, most everyone headed over to The Works, which is like a Dave & Busters. I dig those type of places, but this one was a bit smokey (we were eating at the Bar), the waitress was way overworked, and the music was too loud. Fred and I downed our food and drink rather quickly, and headed off to play some games downstairs. Some air hockey (guess who won!), shooting zombies (Fred won) and boxing! The boxing was fun, but whew, you can get a workout there.

(Freddie Boom Boom Chao!)

Most everyone headed over to Third & Spruce after that, but I could feel my energy bar depleting, so I took off for scary Elodge. I was pretty worried that my tires might get slashed, but all that happened was a cig and some cheese were thrown on the car. I recall waking up when Fred got in (2am?) and telling him to lock the door behind him!

The next morning was freaking beautiful, so I wanted to get out of the hotel asap. We drove over to the Wawa to grab some eats, and after figuring out that Hyde Park is a place and NOT a park, we ended up just heading on to the Expo center to enjoy the weather and hang outside before the show started. We walked up to a nice green section that had some benches and talked, chillled, and waited… waited for.. READING DRIFT!

(One car, three tires.)

Around 8:45am, Sunday morning, I hear some engines reving in the distance. They get closer, and I look up to see two cars coming down a road into the upper parking lot of the center. (Think big open Walmartish lot.)  They come careening in and just floor it and start taking turns, doing donuts, what have you, around for 10 minutes or so. I look at Fred, and after having just survived killerlodge, told him to be ready to move in a moments notice. We keep taking in the show, until BOOM! One of their tires explodes. I think “well that serves them!” now they’ll have to stop and change the tire. But no! They continue riding around all over the center on their rim. I just thought the whole thing was weirdly beautful. What a way to start day two, eh?

Sunday was still good. We sold some books to In Stock Trades, so look for a post when they have them up for sale. They’re really nice people. We actually picked up Simone Lia’s Fluffy that Dark Horse put out from them. We sold out of the SKYSCRAPERS that we brought (but honestly, we didn’t take that many) and I guess it was due to Charlito’s championing of the book. I think Fred had a good show (ie: his selling of his comics). One of the creators stopped by with his flyer promoting his new “blankie” designer toy, so I told him that I’d mention it here. Go, check it out! One of the last person’s I met was a nice lady who was taking a break from her job of getting out the vote. She had good taste, since I saw a copy of Tara McPhearson’s art book in her hands. We started talking, and come to find out she’s friends with Laurenn. It is a small world. Her daughter actually recognizes Joey’s work from Flight, too.

With the long drive looming before me, I decided to take off around 3pm. The drive back was super. The weather was fantastic, and I didn’t hit a single jam.

I think this show is going to get bigger and better. If they want to have me back next year, I’d consider making the trip back. But yeah, I’m staying at a different hotel next time!

Ad Related

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I can’t recall if I’ve waxed poetic about one of my favorite new comic sites or not…

So I thought it might be time to do so about Comic Related.

Why now? Well, because we just scored a PR-trifecta of sorts with them. They just blogged about us, named us their site of the month, and posted the podcast of our interview.

So, THANKS Comic Related!

I guess I discovered Comic Related this year through a sponsorship of an ISR episode. (At least that’s what my faulty databanks are telling me.) Once on the site, though, I found it to be a treasure trove of interesting information. Their gallery of covers was a first fave of mine. Then their forum has some interesting topics, some of which are the historic ones, titled Talking Comics History. But most of all, it’s the overall friendliness of the site. And I guess “friendliness” isn’t the normal type of word used to describe a website, but that’s where I’m going anyway. The ease of use, the overall press coverage, the lack of a corporate feel…. it all ads up.

Then there’s Chuck (aka the head honcho). We contacted each other through emails about conventions and shows coming up during the summer. He decided to make a trip to Heroes, and we met face to face there. His Heroes coverage was top notch… from the walking the aisles video, to his photos, to his nightly podcast recap. And to top it off, he digs what we publish!

So, give Comic Related a try if you haven’t. They will be revealing a site redesign in a few months, so things are only going to get better.

Did I miss the memo?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I noticed a lot of publishers having sales this week.

Last week McSweeneys ran a pretty nice sale. But since I have around 5 of their concerns that I haven’t even cracked, I didn’t pick anything up.

Now I hear PictureBox is having one.

And Top Shelf.

Oh well… If you subscribe to the AdLetter (via electronic means!) you’ll already be in the know to the SUPERSECRET sales we might have now and again.

And if you’re in the PArea, maybe you should swing by the Comic Geek Speak Show, as I plan to have around 4-5 titles reduced to tempt the uninitiated!

And in other news…

Here’s another Mesmo review. And if peeps might be scratching their heads… The book is solicited in the current Previews to be shipping in November. But yeah, we have a few copies now, because Rafael preprinted, and had a shipping accident.

Josh Cotter does the speaking thing with hatchers.

And that’s all I gots right now.