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Happy Hiro Ending

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

First off, I’ll lead with my playing around with the new catalog earlier this week…

I don’t know if we REALLY need a catalog for our product. I might get asked for one around 5 times during the year? But I felt like I wanted to put a new one together given the amount of new projects we’ve been inking for 09 recently. So, I’ve reformatted it, and have started to print a few out to put in with our mail orders that we receive. If you want to download it, by golly, you can do so. (Also, thanks to JCC for the one typo of which he made me aware.)

Speaking of mail orders… I received an email today from Scott Davis who sent along his twitter feed in regards to his love of Johnny Hiro. The part I like the best:

“Finally, I visited Floating World Comics in Portland (which has late hours that conflicted with all previous attempts to shop there). As an afterthought, I inquired about Johnny Hiro, clarifying the spelling of H-I-R-O to make sure they would at least search by the right title…and they had all three issues!”

You see… he had been looking for JH all over the place, and no one seemed to have it. In PORTLAND of all places… (which I consider one of the TRUE comic cities.) So, same old story, but with a happy ending. Thanks Floating World… YOU ROCK!

And speaking of Floating, if you live near their store, be sure to swing by Nov. 6th for a special art show they have planned. I don’t know the full details, but I think it has something to do with the 5 group.

Oh.. and speaking of stores.. we NOW have Venice Chronicles in stock. If your local store doesn’t carry it, and you’d rather support us direct instead of through Amazon, by golly, feel free to purchase from us.

Double Oh.. Notes Over Yonder should be showing up at your LCS very soon.. if not already. Keep your eyes peeled!

That is.. if you have any $ left over after purchasing that swell tiger! Grrrr!

After APE.

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Oooh boy. I guess I should have talked about this in the other post, but to be honest… I forgot.

If you’re heading out for APE, you should really swing by the Isotope after the show on Saturday. It’s going to be kickin’ this year. Well, heck, they kick it every year, don’t they?

Besides awarding the new mini-comix king for the year, they’ll be having various swell people do their thing. Of which, probably our fave is Joshua Cotter. I mean, we love Brett, Nate, and Dame.. but Josh is our BLOOD. And here’s what the Iso is saying…

SWALLOW ME WHOLE author/artist Nate Powell will be doing a live art jam with  the comics-god-in-sneakers Josh W. Cotter of SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST fame.”

Live Art Jam… with those two? It will be INSANE! Go forth true believers.. go forth.

Grape APE, anybody?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Given that I’m already talking about events in Mid-November, let us not forget our lil’ buddy of a show on the left coast…

APE! (November 1 & 2, 2008)

As luck would have it, we, personally, won’t be attending this year’s show. But that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t go. If were there, these would be the people we’d be talking to:

Scott Morse. Booth 315 & 316. Look for NOTES & TIGER!

Enrico Casarosa. Booth 315 & 316. Look for VENICE!
(Actually, some birdies have told us the book might have hit the west coast shops this past Wednesday!)

Ronnie del Carmen. Booth 315 & 316. Look for a future Art Book!

Bumperboy. Booth 354. Oh.. and Debbie, too!

Damien Jay. Booth 210. He makes good comics!

IDW. Booth 331.  Ted probably won’t be there. He’ll be at the bar watching some sport.

Kleeman & Mike. Booth 103B. Fun stuff!

Super7. Booth 436. Even more fun stuff!

And if you visit Comic Relief ask them if they ever plan to send that check of $41.78 that’s many months past due!

Anyways, have a great show, and we hope to make it out there again soon.

Save the Mesmo Date: 11/14 @ Desert Island

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Rafael Grampá visits Desert Island in Brooklyn, NY on 11/14/08 to celebrate his Mesmo Delivery!

Now, I haven’t been to Desert Island yet, but boy, does it look like one cool store. First off, they use to be in a bakery? What the?!? Second off, Check out one of the way cool window displays they had at one time:

And yeah, I could be posting this closer to the event, and it might get blogged about other places, and such, but really, I’m a planner. And if Rafael was coming to Brooklyn all the way from Brazil, and I found out about it the day after the event… I’d be pissed.

So, mark your calendars! If I had to guess, I’m going to say that Mesmo might not be through the Diamond system by 11/14… but who knows. They’re coming all the way from Brazil, afterall. So, if you’ve been hearing all the cool things about this comic, but haven’t seen it yet, by golly, come on out for this event!

Also, the DI has plans to produce one of those cool prints that they like to do, so you should checkeecheckee. Something like this one that Rafael did for his Sao Paulo shindig:

Fastbreaking Pitczar

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

I was looking for some colored pencils this AM and found this instead…

One of my most favorite “industry” connections perk. To be a player in the CCG known as Fastbreak. Back in the day, fellow ex-Eclipser Ted Adams was working at Wildstorm creating these card games. In fact I did a bit of freelance coloring for the deck as well. Anyway, I don’t have a full deck in front of me, so I’m not sure who else might be in there. And who knows.. maybe one day someone will actually bring one of these to me to be autographed! Oh to dream…


Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Just some stuffs…

Due to some preplanned commitments that we couldn’t get out of… we missed exhibiting at last weekend’s Richmond Zine Fest. We were sad. However, we still made time to swing by for an hour and see some of the people we just saw the weekend before at SPX.. as well as the new people we’d never met before. It was a cool show. Lots of DIY vibe and lots of creativity. For instance, while perusing the FREEBIE table, some guy asked if I liked mopeds. I said… “sure, I guess.” And then the girl with him showed me a print she had done of a Vespa and an owl. Well, I LOVE owls, so I asked how much… $5. Sold! So, you see how it could be a cool show. I spent the most money with good ol’ Dylan from Sparkplug. He traveled the farthest in my mind, so I wanted to support his trip, as well as pick up some cool stuff that I hadn’t had a chance to get yet. Unfortunately, because of said earlier obligation, this was the only time I got to see Dylan all weekend. Dylan, I’m sorry. But… he said I could make it up if I talked up one of his new comics.. so here you go:

Jin & Jam #1 by Hellen Jo. Published by Sparkplug Comic Books.

I feel like I’ve seen Hellen’s work before, but I can’t recall where. This really is a good comic. Retailing for $5, you feel the heft of it once you pick it up. I dig the first/last page color on the interior pages, which reminds me of some imported manga. The basic story is about Jin and Jam, two young girls living in the otherworldly scene of San Jose? I’m guessing it’s San Jose, since the cop has a SJPD helmet at one point. The “normalcy” of their world is offset by fights with a conjoined twin and mirages of fishes. I’m sure there’s meanings and messages in some of these pages, but honestly, I love the ink. Hellen can draw like nobody’s biz. If you have a love of ink, you should do yourself a favor and search this comic out.


Comixology is a pretty cool site. I love their clean design and interesting takes on how to improve the bizz of comics. They were interested in talking to me at SPX, so we did that awkward dance. (Disclaimer: After the last interview I did a while back, I tend to not want to listen to myself.)

KidRobot took some neat pics of their signing with Mr. Double P. Go checkee to see how the lower CAs roll.

Wow. Just found this old post from some 6 years ago. Those were the days! Speaking of old posts… here’s an old site I built to promote some of my personal work. Heck, it’s even hosted on AOL! (Sorry for the obx-graphics that appear behind my content. Guess that ADDS to the age!)

We’re currently working out the details of what we hope will be one kickbutt November event. Stay tuned!

Chapel Hill Comics GO Party – 10/25

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Since we’re one of those fancy comic company sponsors, we wanted to make all the AdFamily aware of the following event:

From their email:

Chapel Hill Comics: Grand Opening Party! 

Folks, go ahead and mark your calendars: Saturday, October 25 is our grand opening party!  We moved into our new location and have been too busy working on our office and event room to relax, but we’re ready for a party now.

The party will begin at 6pm and go until 9pm (or later, if that’s what it takes).  Halloween Costumes are encouraged but not required. We’ll have all kinds of stuff going on:

• Live entertainment!  We’re finalizing this as we speak, and it should be a lot of fun!
• Catering by Mediterranean Deli!
• Dessert from Sugarland!
• Free Halloween Comics for anyone in costume!
• Zombie Caricatures by Ethan Wenberg!
• Giveaways provided by comic companies!

In the meantime, mark your calendars, get your costumes ready, and come down to celebrate with us!  We’ll have food, dessert, fun activities, and more!

Admission will be free!

When Designy Isn’t Got.

Monday, October 13th, 2008

For those who may not know, we have been participating in an advertising program with Comic Foundry Magazine. I’ve dug what Tim has done in the past… like his Red Carpet Eisner reporting, and I thought his magazine has an interesting niche. So, a month or two ago we sent in our third ad for the magazine:

Now, in case it might not be evident, this issue is their political issue. So, I talked to the creators, came up with what I thought was a pretty garish ad of red, white, blue & stars. To have some designy fun, and capture the confusion of the political environment, I took the headline and descreased the leading so that letterforms overlapped, but in my mind, was still legible. Last weekend at SPX, I got to meet Laura Hudson for the first time, and she offered me up a copy of the new issue. We flipped to the ad, and this is what I saw:

Ouch. Now, to give you the full story, Tim HAD emailed me saying that he thought there was some font conversion problem with the PDF. However, I replied saying that if he was talking about the wacky leading in the headline, then that was intentional. If he saw anything else, then let me know.

And yeah, you may think I’m mountaining a molehill, but we advertise VERY little, and when we do, we’d like it to be what we sent. Oh.. and there’s no space in AdHouse.

(As an update… Tim and I have conversed on the matter, and he has been VERY professional about this. I know mistakes happen. Heck, probably everything we’ve ever published has at least one error that I see. I just thought that this would make for an interesting blog post to make people aware of what can go wrong at times.)

So file this under Case Study #214: When Designy Isn’t Got.


Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

We’re proud to announce that the AdGallery is Go!

A few weeks before SPX we contacted most of the creators that we have a somewhat regular relationship. We offered to represent them as a virtual and show/festival gallery of sorts. So, we had three send us a few original works and prints right off the bat. Please go check out what’s available at the site.

To tease you a bit, here’s some images:

We’ll post with updates as they happen. Ars longa vita brevis!


Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

(as instead of Ketchup!)

Joshua Cotter’s SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST gets a Best of the Year from Heeb Magazine. Congrats Josh!

Paul Pope’s DKNY line of clothing is live and has spawned a rather cool minisite. Heck. We should all enter the contest. I’m sure Jeff Mason already has. He’s a contest guru.

I’d like to plug the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. I got to meet a few members at Baltimore and they gave me a little pack that had a CD, magnet, sticker and pins inside. The CD is awesome! Thanks!

Another person I forgot to mention during my Baltimore recap was Tucker Stone. He was very interesting to talk to  and even went as far as mentioning us in his recap. I hope our paths may cross again at a future show.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have seeked us out either. 😉

And this is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while.

Peace be with you…