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Best of 2008

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I like the idea of my creating a “Best of 2008” list, since I’m probably the worst person to do it. Why? I’m a slow reader… which translates into my having only read probably .05% of what I should have in the year. That said, after thinking this over, I had at least two books that I’ve been wanting to mention on the blog, and one I added to make my magical number three.

But before I get to the “meat”, a short disclaimer of sorts. All three of the works I’ll be mentioning below I received gratis. Does that make a difference? Yes and no. There’s a funny reason for the third selection, but I’ll wait to discuss it there. And to all the others that are making such end of year lists, I just want to remind you of this. Even though the book came out in June, it should still be considered. The fact that it was overlooked on one of the lists that I thought it should have been included makes my grapes sour! But enough of my publisher chest-beating…

Here’s my picks:

Best Book: Alan’s War by Emmanuel Guibert published by First Second.

What made this my favorite book? Everything. The combination of conversational dialogue and water-drawn pictures made it a hard book to put down. Throw in the rough front and the subject matter, and you’ve got my vote for best of the year. Do yourself a favor and read this. If any libraries are worth their weight, they should have it.


Best Collection*:  Local by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly and published by Oni.

First off, you have to see this collection to truly appreciate it. Oni spared no expense in production. But before that, you have the concept. A limited series that pays homage to 12 locals that have been researched out the wazoo. I feel like I’ve been to every city. Wood and Kelly out did them selves with this one. If you do nothing more than flip through this at your local shop, then at least check out the pin-up by moi.(*Assuming I don’t vote for Skyscrapers as a collection. 😉


Best Mini:  Remake by Lamar Abrams.

Well,  I’m pretty sure this first issue did not come out in 2008… but this is the first I had a chance to read it, so I’m breaking the rules. Lamar gave me copies of 1, 2 & 3 at SPX this year. I recall seeing Lamar the previous year, since he’s the kid with the Ultraman mask. Let’s see… I think I’d call this Astroboy meets Scott Pilgrim. And yes, probably too many things get compared to Scott Pilgrim these days, but it does have that vibe. The art is loose yet informative. The humor is spot on, and he has an eye & ear for the weird. Heck. These minis are so good I’m going to collect them in 2009! (See… that’s the small detail I was referring to at the beginning of this post. I’m sneaky!)


So, those be them. I’m sure I’m forgetting something that came out in April of this year, and I apologize. And to those things that come out in December… you’ll get the Holiday sales, so I don’t need to talk about you here.

But really, aren’t we in a golden age of sequential art publishing? It sure seems like it.

Congrats Related

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Comic Related

Congrats on the new site design, and THANKS for talking up the Mesmo!

Oh.. and in other Mesmo related, thanks to Tom for reminding me about this uber sweet review for the serious comic book reader.

A Tiger in Every Tank

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Or on every shelf.

I “think” TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! hits your LCS today. At least I saw one post that said it should be out there. If not, we have placed both it and NOTES OVER YONDER in the AdShop. And as always, you could bug Mr. Morse about getting a copy too.

Speaking of NOTES, our comical reporter Spurg gave it a review last night: “This is my favorite of the Scott Morse books to date…”

Haven’t really heard how the Mesmo party went, but it looks packed! Remember that Desert Island does those cool prints, and that they have one by Rafael, if you are so inclined. Oh.. and having been nudged by Chuck Moore over at Comic Related, I looked into when Diamond got their copies of Mesmo. Based on that info, I’m guessing your LCS should have copies today or next Wednesday. If you have an LCS that wouldn’t order such a book, you can always order from us, or heck, we even saw InStockTrades was selling them on ebay.

In other news.. can you believe I still have books from HeroesCon that I haven’t read? Tis’ true. I’ll get to them eventually. That said, I did read some of my MagComics over the last few days. MagComics are those magazine sized comics. An oddity, but much loved none the less. The two I read were PUG DAVIS and SWORD.

PUG is one of those great discoveries that is right out of left field. And by that, I mean it comes along fully formed and makes you wonder “Where the heck did THIS come from?”. There’s only been a few comics that have ever done that to me, and THB was one of them. So, just to say that PUG is goooooood. While not “perfect” as my first exposure to Sugar’s work, I’m still quite impressed. Heck, you can even ready the whole thing at the link above, if you want. Art for the masses!!!

SWORD gets a mention because we love the One Percenters. Heck, I feel  like they’ve been around as long as we have, and they have to be half my age. Sword is their first anthology (what took you so long!) and it’s a very nice mix of talented peoples. I don’t know why, but I feel they’re all drinking from the same well. Maybe that’s a good editor, or maybe they’re all going to CCS. I don’t know. Anyway, they make great comics, and you should check this one out if/when you can.

What else?

This weekend is the big RichCon. They say it’s the largest show in Virginia. And I believe them… (for now.) Heh. Is that a bit of foreshadowing there? Could be. But anyway, I won’t be exhibiting this time out, but I do plan to stop by and say some “Hi”s and see if anyone is interested in some books. If you’re in the area, you should, too.

And how come I always remember stuff to post about after I post? Must be a Murphy’s Blog Law or something. Anyway, if you haven’t checked Alan’s War yet, you should enter the contest to win it.  When I get around to doing my best of 2008 write up, it will be on there. And I won’t have that many best uvs, so that should be saying SOMETHING! heh. I’m just too funny sometimes.

The Truth is on Ebay.

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Had some time last weekend, so I decided to edit two of my many, many shelves.

Because of said time, I thought I’d even go as far to ebay what I was ready to get rid of. One of said items is the above X-Files Fan Club Kit. Why I thought I’d talk about it here is that it’s just one of those weird moments I went through in my fanboy life. You see, I didn’t subscribe to the fan club, I won this on a radio competition. It must have been the second or third season of the series, and I was deep into the show. Heck, any show that has episodes that take place in my current and home town with monsters and aliens has to be good… right? Anyways, one of the local radio stations that have since come and gone were having a phone contest. You probably had to hear the theme music and call in. Well, I was just getting out of the shower and I heard the music. So, dripping wet, I ran to the phone, called it in, and won.

I think that might have been the first time I won something over the phone.

Anyway, kept the kit on the shelf for years. And now decided it was time to let it go. I’m also letting go a fair amount of other things from the shelf. Lots of indy/alternative trade paperbacks aka books. Go see if there’s something you might like. Also, those auctions started really low.

On the other side of the coin, if you’ve been looking for a first edition James Jean PROCESS RECESS, I decided to part with one of those too.

That’s all for now. More to come soonish.

That & This

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

With four books coming out within a period of four months, we’re bound to keep posting stuff about them.

Wizard does a nice spread on Mesmo Delivery (shown above). Haven’t seen a copy to read. I borrowed this one from R’s blog. Don’t forget to head out and meet the man at Desert Island this Friday in Brooklyn. Actually, I just found a link to the article via DD, so go check it out.

Also, just released is the talk that Chris Arrant has with Rafael over at Newsarama.

Tim O’Shea talks it up with Enrico. As I’ve mentioned before, Tim was the first interview with AdHouse that I can recall. Here’s a snippet:

O’Shea: In your bio at your blog, it says “Forever stuck between the gravitational pulls of Italy (his home country) and Japan (a cultural passion).” The pull of Italy makes sense, but I was curious what attracted you to Japan in a cultural passion sense?

Casarosa: Well I attribute my passion for Japan to all the Japanese cartoons most Italians of my generation watched growing up. I don’t know why but 95% of all japanese animation produced in the late 70s and early 80s made it to Italian TV. We grew up immersed in it. I could name you more than thirty different series that we all loved and followed through out our childhood and adolescence and so can most Italians of my generation.

Forgot to mention this Venice review from Andrew Wheeler over at ComicMix. (HT to DD)

Behind the scenes: I’ve been making some headway into prepping for next year. Lots of talk back and forth with creators about specs, design, thoughts. It’s fun. Heck… it looks like we might even do a FCBD comic again. Stay tuned for the detes!

And… not that I have to tell most people to go buy James Jean stuff, but I’m reminded that his Fables Cover Collection comes out tomorrow. I got to help James prep this baby for the printer, and it’s one helluva book. I’m glad that he finally got this out there, and hope that he’s happy with it. For those in the LA area, he’s doing a signing tomorrow at Golden Apple.

Out and About

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Whenever I hear/think “out and about” I always hear/think it as if a Canadian would say it. Specifically, Julie Cooper.

Hope Julie and Dave are doing well. I’m sure they are. Anwyays…

In reference to the “Out and About”, I just wanted to post some AdHappenings that are going ons.

– Yesterday in Portland, the “5” show opened. So, if you’re around that area, go check it out.

–  Next Friday in Brooklyn will be the Mesmo Delivery party at Desert Island. Recently added Ivan Brandon will be on the scene, as I’m sure other friends of R.

–  Check out this swell interview with Enrico about his Venice Chronicles. Nice to get some of the behind the scenes thoughts.

– Now, I think it was either this week or next that Notes Over Yonder hits your LCS. Go check it out, if you can.

That’s all I got at the moment. Latertaters!