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Hey Mesmo Fans…

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Wanna see something cool?

More info. Tee hee hee…

And I’m told that the new shipment from Brazil to Diamond and myself should be going out any day now.

In other news:

Here’s an interview Mike Dawson did with Tim O’Shea over at the Robot6. It gives you a feel for what is in the new ACE-FACE book. The Diamond Previews drops tomorrow that include AF.

And J. Caleb did a nice write up the other day about Johnny Hiro.

More to come…

Acers in the House!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

AdHouse Books is proud to announce their latest publication to be released in April:
Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms by Mike Dawson.
Published by AdHouse Books

From the pages of Project: Superior bursts Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms, a collection of stories by Mike Dawson (Freddie & Me) featuring everybody’s favorite well-dressed crime fighter, doling out super-powered justice with his bionic limbs, and handling crisis’s at home as a husband and father.

3C cover
96 1C pages
5.5″ x 7.5 ” SC
$6.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9352330-0-8
Shipping April 2009
Diamond Order Code: FEB094014

Sample Pages:

arrow Download a PDF preview

To order your copy of Ace-Face, stop by your local comic shop after January 28th to request your copy.


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

As most web-crawlers have noticed, Diamond has come out with a new policy in regards to their thresholds and solicitations. If you haven’t seen the news, here’s a piece by Dan Vado of SLG on the TCR site.

How does this affect the all-american AdHouse company? (Pic taken to capture 01.20.09)

Well, we’ll see.

I’ll be honest. The big gorilla in the kitchen for me, and possibly all of us is the economy. I’ve already talked to one creator about that, and actions that might have to be taken if we didn’t reach my own threshold of advance orders. That number by the way would be 25% of the lowest print run I’d be willing to publish. So, even before Diamond made this announcement, I was already thinking it.. sort of.

The short & sweet: Comics are dead, long live OGNs.

The first casualty that I claim is SUPERIOR SHOWCASE #4. I was working on bringing a new issue out this summer that would have been filled with new talents that I’ve met over the last year. People whose voice may or may not have been heard before. But, I’m going to kill that issue now. Why? Well, at $2.95 there’s no way I’d get orders to put it anywhere near the new threshold. Numbers for #3 were not that great, and I can’t imagine #4 would improve.

But that doesn’t mean I “can’t” publish that issue. I could take it online or publish and distribute by other means. I just figure that my OGN schedule is full enough for the year that I’m going to go ahead and not worry with SS#4.

If we do decide to do comics in the future, they’ll just be more of a mini-DIY variety, possibly utilizing POD or some other means.

Anyway, just wanted to let people know that I have talked with Diamond. I think that 99% of what we have planned for the future is still good. And now, more than ever, is time for small pressers like us to think outside the box and figure out how we can get even more orders for our product. My Diamond rep actually came back with a fair number of great suggestions that we are presently reviewing.

Here’s to the future. Yes we can.

AdHouse…. The Hairclub for Men.

Monday, January 12th, 2009

My new fave blog is that ol’ Robot 6.

Good ol Tim O’Shea recently posted an interview with our pal Josh Cotter. Cotter likens the AdHouse to a hair product… which is fine by us.

I guess that’s all I gots right now. Actually, look what just rolled in: Good ol’ Sean Collins gives a nice review of the collection. My fave line: “Cotter matter-of-factly introduces and kills with a seemingly neverending series of crackerjack visual symbol”.

Happy Monday!

No. I know!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Welcome back. Sorta. We had a nice little break from reality over the holiday.

(Taken on Third near Joan’s)

Our break of sorts did infect Casa de Ad with some infection or biohazard, though. So, I’ve been slowly trying to dig my way out of the hole of hacking and gobbing. But we thought there were enough things happening of late that we had to post here to make you all (our faithful readers!) aware of them.

First off: Kindling Reminder!
That’s the ubersweet James Jean show that’s happening up at the J. Levine Gallery. Opening is Saturday night, but we know that’s going to be all types of crowded. Show should be up until Feb. 7th me thinks. Be there or square! Speaking of JJ, just got noticed of an interview JJ did preceding the show. Checkitout.

Second off: And There You Are in Previews.
Our new next book And There You Are by Ronnie del Carmen is currently in Previews. Diamond Order Code: JAN093930. Preview to come once we get it! Ronnie’s blog, in case you didn’t know: Tirade. Updated with the PDF Preview ready for download!

Third off: Go look what C. Scott Morse has to say about the Ad!
Well, I jest. It’s a new interview with good ol’ Scott about his current and future projects. He’s got some cool things planned for 09!

Fourth off: Make Mine Sky!
As in Skyscrapers of course. Seems some peeps are finally getting around to digging what Josh has been cooking. Some out of libraries, which is great in our mind. We use to dig reading what comic books we could find in our local library, and back in my day, the pickings weren’t all that great! (You kids get off my yard!)

Fifth off: Get me drunk so I can talk crap!
I was originally planning on blogging a series of posts for the new year where I just let out all the negativity that’s been stirring inside my gut for the past year… but I guess I got cold feet. So, I thought I’d do the Mr. Phil promise of if you see me at a show, and you get me (semi) drunk, I’ll let it all pour. I have at least three things that have been bugging me for a while, and well, I bet some of you already know what they are. (How’s THAT for being cryptic!) That reminds me… I need to update the show list on the AdSite.

And on that happy finish… I guess I’ll end it for now. Yipee!

C @ the AB