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Remake in May from AdHouse!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Current Solicitation

Remake by Lamar Abrams.
Published by AdHouse Books
Remake is 144 pages of silly action and crazy nonsense. Right now the story focuses on Max Guy, a robot boy who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. He’s got this gun called the >MAX BLASTER< that turns things into stuff. Max Guy likes: 1) blue skies, 2) video games and 3) bread pudding. Max Guy hates: 1) mean people, 2) getting beat up, and 3) crap. Tune in to see what the nextgen of comikers is creating!

>>>Immature, sophisticated, and borrowing equally from manga and Western comics, Remake is poised to unite all comic fans with the power of a good puke joke.<<<
— Hope Larson Chiggers, Salamander Dream

Look for a preview of Remake in this year’s FCHS Free Comic Book Day Comic available on May 2, 2009 (ie: FREE Comic Book Day!) Check it outs people! Here’s the FCBD site.

Also, there will be a Diamond Comics Exclusive Preview and interview on their Preview World site starting February 19th.

4C cover
144 1C pages
5.5 ” x 7.5″ SC
$12.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-9352330-1-5
Shipping May 2009
Diamond Order Code: MAR094041�
Sample pages and fun stuff:

To order your copy of Remake, stop by your local comic shop after February 25th to request your copy.

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NYCC Shout Outs

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

For those who might not know, there are a few AdPeeps exhibiting at the NYCC show this weekend.

(SDCC back in the day… Telstar and Cheeks! I wonder if NYCC has the same “feel”)


Mike (Ace-Face) Dawson will be at H4. He’ll have a dummy copy of his book on hand, so please check it out, shake with anticipation, then head off to your LCS and order a copy. (Diamond Order Code: FEB094014). And keeping up with Mike and his mad interviewing skillz is a task! Here are two more speakums! One over at newsarama and the other at the pulse! I appreciate that Mike will take the time to talk with them, since we need to do everything we can to bump those advance orders up! But I digress…

Jamie (The Aviary) Tanner will also be at NYCC. I’m pretty sure he and possibly Fred (Johnny Hiro) Chao will be hanging with GB Tran at L4. I could be wrong, so maybe check the program book?

Me? I won’t be there. I still haven’t been able to make the jump to exhibit. I’d “like” for it to be a show for me, but I haven’t heard great stories that make me HAVE to be there. I went to the first one on Friday… and it was “ok”.

What else?

We’ve been busy prepping for our May and June releases. Oh! Speaking of that, we’ve got a swell postcard that I should be receiving very soon. It looks like this:

If you want one, just drop me a line with your address and I’ll put one in the mail to you. We’ll also be sending out some to those finer comic establishments, as well as have a few at the shows we’ll be attending.