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MoCCA09 + Hereos09 = Yes.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Thought we’d spout about our upcoming June shows and what makes conventions so great.

(SC outside the Puck during the 08 Fire Drill.)

Since good ol’ MoCCA is first, let’s  DO IT! (cue music)

UPDATE: We’ll be located at tables 606 & 607.

With a new venue, we thought we’d celebrate with NEW BOOKS (& creators, natch!) So, here is who is planning on hanging at the AdTable at the MoCCA Art Fest which is to be held June 6 & 7 at the Amory in NYC…

Mike Dawson will be pushing his brand new ACE-FACE book.

Lamar Abrams will be pushing his brand new REMAKE book.

Fred Chao will be pushing his brand new JOHNNY HIRO book.

Jamie Tanner will be pushing good ol’ AVIARY and I’m sure he’ll have a new mini up his sleeve.

We’ll also be bringing along most of our backstock. A few surprises, out-of-print gems, and of course, preview books for our fall line-up. It will be interesting to see how the Armory holds up to the great memories of The Puck. I guess we have a new part of town to explore as well.


Two weeks later, and we’ll be driving south to one of great lil’ secrets of comicconventiondom… HeroesCon. Located in Charlotte, NC from June 19-21, 2001. This show is really the gem of the south. If you’ve never been there, you should give it a try. Also, check out Comic Related’s reports from the show, since they’re pretty awesome.

(The massive signing we had for Eisner-nominated SUPERIOR SHOWCASE #3 from last year.)

We’ll have two newbies to the HeroesCon show, both Lamar and Fred will be sitting at our booth.

Lamar Abrams will be pushing his brand new REMAKE book.

Fred Chao will be pushing his brand new JOHNNY HIRO book.

But also take a look see for Vito and Rachel talking up their FCHS book which should be out this fall. If you’re nice, you might even score one of those hard to find FCHS FCBD comics!


And what makes convention’s awesome? Well meeting GREAT talent. Or at least being exposed to them. For instance, if I hadn’t been at SDCC that one year, I might not have ever had a chance to work with James Jean. Same goes for the chance to help Mesmo Delivery make it into shops. (And yes, Mesmo is OOP, but it should be back by 2/2010.) I found REMAKE at SPX08. And TCAF09? Well, as mentioned in the last post, we’ll be helping Pope Hats #1 get out to the people, and yes, we met Ethan at TCAF.

So, you can never tell what might happen at a convention. As a side, I am hoping to make it out to SDCC this year. Not exhibiting, just attending. According to Tom, I should have already decided by now!


This post may be updated at some point in the future to reflect table assignments, etc.

PR: Pope Hats #1 in October

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

AdHouse Books is pleased to announce the distribution of

Pope Hats #1
by Ethan Rilly

Pope Hats follows the trials of a young woman named Frances Scarland, whose social circle mainly consists of an alcoholic actress and an inept ghost named Saarsgard. The comic is an engaging slice-of-life story about young people navigating their own daily shortcomings.

Pope Hats was the winner of a 2008 Xeric Foundation Grant. An earlier mini-comic version of the story was shortlisted for the 2008 Doug Wright Awards in the category of Best Emerging Talent.
“Pope Hats by Ethan Rilly is the most impressive debut comic I’ve seen in years. The work has that deceptive quality of ease about it—the characters breeze across the page with sparkling dialogue and wonderfully observed gestures.”
— Seth (author of George Sprott and It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken)

Pope Hats #1

4C cover
32 1C pages
6 ” x 9 ” saddle stitched
$4.00 US funds
ISBN 978-0-9812013-0-6
Shipping October 2009

Download a one-page PDF preview

AdHouse Product is available from Diamond Distributors Inc., Haven Distribution, Last Gasp and all finer Comic Book Establishments

Wacky Wild… Pubbing Style!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Judging from one list I just saw, JOHHNY HIRO should be in stores next Wednesday May 22.

Well, I really hope Fred likes it then! Honestly… it’s a HUGE book. I mean, I knew it would be, but until you have it in your grubby little hands, it doesn’t really sink in as to the “heft” of it.

So, that means our June book will ship in May, and our May book (REMAKE) will be shipping in June. FUN!

The reason, if you care, is that we decided to print REMAKE in Singapore due to the production I wanted to use. JHV1 was printed in Canada, at a facility that delivers direct to Diamond. So, on one you have EXTRA time, and the other, REDUCED. FUN!

Myself? I was more a Hawaiian Punch type of kid.

TCAFness 09style

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Just got back from Toronto, and boy are my arms tired. Well, all over is. And, actually, I got back last night, but was VERY tired then, so thought I’d wait until this morn to bang out an accounting. But the tiredness… it’s a GOOD tired. How can you not love a TCAF?

It’s on the same level as a chocolate milkshake! Look at that smile people! (That’s Tom Scioli doing the grinning and Josh Cotter in the back with the hee-haws.) But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s do this chrono-like.

At the last minute, before I left for the show, good ol’ Dustin Harbin and I exchanged emails, since he HAD to shoot off a poke at me for reading TV Guide from my last blog post. (It’s the guide on TV!) Within those emails we decided to ride the airport express bus together when we got to the airport. Well, when I land, and find out that my cell phone doesn’t work (!!!), I found a payphone to give Dustin a call to see where he is. Of course… he’s on the bus heading to town. 😉 It’s all good though. I bump into Jimmie, Shane and Paul, and they offer to give me a ride since they were heading to the same hotel. Thanks for the ride Shane! I look forward to checking out the comic!

After dropping off the luggage I headed out for some eats and stuff. Who should I bump into but good ol’ Dustin! We asked a local where a good spot might be, and they suggested Trattoria Nervosa. One of my requests was that it have a patio since the day was beautiful. If any of you know Dustin, you know he’s great for company. So, needless to say, the lunch was fantastic. The best part was the ladies who were in town for some fun that sat down beside us. We tried to educate them to “comics” or “sequential art” depending on who was talking. In the end I gave them some of my minis (forgot to tell them that they were called that) and wish now that I had taken a picture of them. Instead, this is the only pic I remembered to take… ugh!

The rest of the day included taking in the Beguiling, trying to find my hotel buddies (we kept missing each other due to my lack of cell) and going ahead and setting up and having a nice burger and beers to wind down the night. We (Dylan Williams, Tom Neely and a bunch of us) were going to try and go see Star Trek, but both shows were already sold out by the time they checked into it.

The first day of the festival starts and what can I say? It was PACKED. Someone had done a great job of getting the word out. My neighbors for the show were Josh Cotter, who sat at the AdTable… Mike Dawson, debuting his ACE-FACE for the masses (along with Tom K., his table buddy)… Mike Huddleston was behind me, which was a nice surprise… and across the aisle was K&S. I love K&S. Great people. I wish I had been able to sneak a photo of them, which is what S usually does, but the only shot I kind of got was blurry, so I’ll just leave it for the archives.

I guess most of the rest of that day is a blur… talking to people (like Justin Hall, who always has those great travel stories!), getting some really great comics. I got a chance to read Mike Dawson’s current Activate offering, and it reminds me that I should read more of those type of comics online. I also had a chance to talk with Eric Wight, who had created a fantastic display in one of the reading rooms.

After the show ended, I met back up with the hotel buddies (OK.. Hotel Buddy Roll Call: Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli, David White, Josh Cotter and his friend Billie (sp?). Thanks to David for driving my butt to the show both days. The walk wasn’t THAT bad, but when you’re carrying stuff, a ride can help!). Since my stomach was kind of bothering me, I kind of felt like something “fresh” which is what we found. The place was small, busy, and cheap! We were near the door, so any time that opened, you’d get a nice breeze up the back. Fresh!

After dinner, we thought we might walk down Yonge to see what we could get into. After making eye contact with the CCS/Harbin/Campbell posse we stopped in with them for a drink and to watch them eat. The rest of the night turned “normal” as we searched for ice cream for Rugg, and then ended up standing in the foyer of a building since it was cold out. Eventually we headed over to the Pilot Bar to take in Chip’s release of his new comic. What a party! I’m too old for it though. Too loud. You kids can get off my yard, too. But, it was good to see people I hadn’t seen the rest of the day. Knowing my age, I called it a night and headed back to catch a few zzzs.

Day two! Highlights: Seeing Kean Soo walk by with an Enrico Casaros Tshirt on… Talking with Paul about ideas. I REALLY hope some if his thoughts happen. Meeting Craig Yoe. I’ve never had a chance to chat with Craig, and he said he reads this blog, which I was happy to hear. I’d like to take in a Craig Yoe panel one day. I’m curious about HIS history in comics. I had to leave early to catch my flight back to RVA, so on the way out I thanked Chris Butcher, and while there, Tatsumi comes up and thanks Chris too. HIGHLIGHT! I mean… just to be around that type of talent is cool.

And that’s what I take away from this show… the huge amount of talent underneath one roof. It IS amazing.

Well, gotta get going. If I think of anything later, I’ll try and remember to edit it in, or something. Thanks a bunch to all the volunteers of the show, the Beguiling, the library and everyone who stopped by to chat. TCAF RULEZ!

My Current Fave TV Show…

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Is Supernatural.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically two brothers who are in the family biz of “hunting” bad things. After the first few seasons of hitting up every baddie they could think of, and poking fun of the genre, they settled into some storylines which have been building and building.

And here’s what makes it my current fave pick.

You know how shows will have a greater story line, and then intersperce “filler” episodes in between? (Kind of like what comics do sometimes.) Well, a few episodes back, I was almost certain of two filler episodes coming our way. I mean, the description via the TV Guide almost guaranteed it. But right at the end… whammo! They showed me how these off topic eps actually pertain the bigger story! Kudos!

And currently, the big story is the end times. That type of stuff is always fascinating, and throw in some good acting and effects, and you got my pick of the season.


In other picks, I’ve been enjoying some back issues of late, thanks to a big ol’ local sale that happened around a month ago. My fave so far is Particle Dreams by Matt Howarth.

I’ve always been a nut for Howarth’s stuff, but I’ve really been grooving to these ol’ FantaMags. I think I might have had a few of these already, but it’s nice to reread them, and check out the ones I might have missed.

Out and About

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The wife (VP) and I headed out last Friday for my birthday and then to take in First Fridays, which is the local art scene thing. It was insane. Soooo many people were out. My interest was with the THANKY gallery and their Ron Rege show.

It is a really great show with TONS of different type of art. Ron did some music which was pretty cool, and even had some of us contribute. More shots on our Flickr feed.

Oh.. and FCBD came and went and seems to have been a pretty good success with most retailers. Here’s our peeps take on the event with Lamar and Vito.

Vito actually sent me a comment someone made to Rachel/Ronnie on her site, which I can’t seem to find. I’ll go ahead and paste it here, since I think it’s pretty cool. (If the author wants me to take it down, just shoot me an email.)

“It totally made my day meeting you and getting your autograph at Jim
Haley’s. The more I think back the better the idea was. Just before
that, me and some of my other comic buddies where sitting in the park
reading the free issue and we all were passing it back and forth
amazed at how good it was. It was like reading an Archie comic that
was actually interesting. I usually stick with my Iron mans and Hulks
but this was just shocking how I was able to read this all the way
through. I just amazing how I actually found myself caring for what
was going to happen. It felt so real, like I totally lived through
this I know what this is about. It just blew me away. I went back to
reading the new Green Lantern and it just didn’t feel right. I’m
reading it like “Blah blah Hal Jordan this Hal Jordan that…
Batman’s bad but wants to be good, seen this a million times.” I
don’t care about the most predictable superhero comic ever, I want to
know what happens to Marci, what Hector is going to do, I’m actually
gripping a comic waiting for the next one. Something I haven’t done
in a really really long time. I’m just amazed I haven’t ripped it in
half from all the times I read it. Everytime I see more and more
little things, the lines of the shirt, the angle of the pose, how you
created such complex emotions with a few simple lines. Everytime you
read it the genius just comes through more and more. When is the next
comic? when? when? I NEED IT!!!” — your first fan, Olliver

What else? TCAF! This weekend in Toronto. It will be a rockin’. Hope to see you there.

Oh.. and ACEFACE in better comic stores tomorrow!