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Best UVs

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Howdy Folks!

Well, hope your holidays were swell. Ours was pretty good. We haven’t really blogged all that much since we don’t have that much going on at present. The next big thing for us is AFRODISIAC which is making it’s way to your better local comic shop very soon! (I’ll be sure to post when we have a concrete date.) We also have some other things in the work, so we’ll be sure to mention those when the deats are a bit more concrete.

I thought I’d link to a few of the Best Of lists that have been happening of late that are associated with the Ad.

• Patrick Godfrey of Velocity Comics gave REMAKE a nod on his best of 2009.

•  Johanna Draper Carlson gives JOHNNY HIRO a VERY BEST OF 2009, which is quite stunning.

• NY Magazine gives AFRODISIAC a best of 2009 nod. We’re on the cusp, people!

• Joe at Flashlight Worthy says DRIVEN BY LEMONS deserves a Best of 09 nod.

• Douglas Wolk gives LEMONS an honorable mention on his Best of 09 BN list!

• Matt at Drawn give PR3 a nod on his 09 Best of list.

• Publishers Weekly gave LEMONS a Best of 09 Nod, too.

• Jeff at JHU just gave JOHNNY HIRO a Best of Nod as well.

Well, that’s all the ones I can think of at this point. What else? If you’re in the mood for a new TeeShirt, I’d suggest checking out the swell design Joshua Cotter did for The Comix Revolution.

Snowy Bear Sayz…

Monday, December 14th, 2009