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Cavemen in Space

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Cavemen in Space by Joey Weiser
Distributed by AdHouse Books

A caveman named Washington and his prehistoric tribe have been torn from their era and placed aboard “The Wheel,” a futuristic space laboratory.  It’s one thing to jump ahead millions of years in technology, art, literature, and fashion, but now they face a corporate alien empire!?

4C cover
248 1C pages
5″ x 7.5″ SC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-0-615-34445-4
Shipping May 2010
Diamond Order Code: MAR10 0679

AdHouse Cavemen Page

Joey Weiser Site

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Objet d’Afro

Friday, February 12th, 2010

You are invited to the online Player’s Ball of art shows, “Objet d’Afro” on Flickr.

Objet d’Afro highlights the obvious awesomeness of everyone’s favorite superhero, the Afrodisiac.

Here’s what we want – post a picture on our Flickr group of an Afrodisiac art thing…you pick the medium…you pick the everything. All mediums of art; whether it be painting, graphic art, sculpting, drawing, sketching, fake ads, short strips, or gluing an afro on a Ken doll. All categories are welcome, as are entrants from all countries….whatever…go nuts. If you don’t have a Flickr account, send us the picture…or the art thing…and we’ll post it for you.

We’ll have some awesome prizes for the king of the long shoe (art) game.

King Daddy: a piece of original art featuring Afrodisiac vs Dragonfly
Poppa-stoppa: a deluxe edition of the Afrodisiac and a signed copy of the Street Angel trade paperback
Cigarette Pimp: a signed copy of Afrodisiac

Honorable mention(s) will recieve a signed Afrodisiac print.

The contest will run from now (get going) through the end of March. Winners will be named by April 15, 2010.

[bottom line: this is an art contest based on the Afrodisiac character created by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca and published by Adhouse Books. Creative content will be displayed on Flickr – Objet d’Afro – An Afrodisiac Art Appreciation Group. Jim, Brian, and Chris (Adhouse) will moderate the forum and determine a winner. Anyone who bitches and complains can stop being a jerk right now…we’re trying to have a neat little thing, don’t ruin it for everyone else.]

Afrodisiac Southern Tour Reportage

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

With the “reportage” said all French-like!

For those who may not have been following the bizarre weather the Mid-Atlantic has been receiving, well, let’s just say that the timing worked out about as best as it could have, without the tour getting killed. Jim came down South as a major storm was headed North. I think he said Pittsburgh got 18 inches after he left! Once he arrived in town, we took care of some biz (like signing books) and got organized and then headed down to Velocity Comics!

Given the torrential downpour and freezing temperatures, we were VERY happy with the turn out at the shop. Thanks to Patrick, his employees and all his customers who came out to talk shop. Rick Spears was also signing for the event, so Jim, Patrick, Rick and myself had a nice after dinner after at Ipanema… probably my favorite spot in Richmond. Congrats to Julia for winning the “Afrodisiac vs. Xxxxxx” art contest! (Stay tuned for more details on another art event that should be announced later this week!)

We got up the next day and got an early start, since it was Saturday that was suppose to get all the snow in Richmond. I figure if we could get “out” of Richmond, we should be able to make the rest of the trip, since the lower regions weren’t getting it as bad.

One of the things I was most looking forward to this trip was the talks Jim and I would have in the car. And this did not disappoint. We talked about EVERYTHING. Also, as I told Jim, this trip sort of fulfilled a dream of mine in regards to the old tours I would read about in the 1980 comic books. Things like Matt Wagner out promoting Mage. Well, this was my Mage trip.

By the time we hit Chapel Hill, most of the precip had stopped. This was my first time to the CH, and it did NOT disappoint. Loved the Med Deli place. Also, a GREAT CD shop is right across the street from Chapel Hill Comics. The retailer was playing a way cool CD that I didn’t recognize, so I asked her what it was. “Death. A Detroit punch band re-issue.” So, I shopped around, listening to the rest of the CD while Jim headed to the head shop (wahuh?). When the CD was over, I asked if I could buy it, and she let me. I like doing that. Finding a new band via the store playing their music, and then buying it. I digress…

We actually took a nap before the signing. I’m old. I guess Jim is too.

The turn out for the Chapel Hill Comics signing was probably the best on the tour. But they kinda had that advantage of no weather issues and it being Saturday. Anyway, they did it up right with a big screen TV showing the Street Angel short film, and then great finger food offered up by local chef Ben. During the signing, I had plenty of chances to joke with Andrew Neal. We like cracking industry jokes. It was good to see the other Ben stop by and get his limited AFRO Deluxe. After the signing Neal, his wife Vanessa, Ben, Jim and I went to Pepper’s Pizza. It was a fantastic time. People in CH are some fun-having folk. Just don’t talk worm-holes around some of them. Thanks to Alicia for helping during the event, too.

The next day we got up and headed to the Queen City herself, Charlotte. We actually ended up at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find fifteen minutes before they opened, which was pretty good timing. We shopped around in the shop, (Have you seen Orc Stains?) and then realized we should grab a quick bite before the signing starts. Actually, this one was more than a signing, as Andy Mansell had been “boning” up on the AFRO and was going to pummel Jim with all types of questions. He pummeled him so much that I had to step in and take one as well! Of course, I jest. Actually, you’ll be able to see that action by heading over to the Dollar Bin site, as Adam was kind enough to make the trip and record it. Big thanks to Shawn and the other Heroes employees for coming in on her day off to wrangle us and field our questions. And thanks to Jason Latour for stopping by to shoot the poop.

After the signing we headed over to Dustin Harbin’s house to chill for a bit and then make our way out for great conversation, food, and drinks! Dustin is in the KNOW when it comes to his town.

More photos. And, again, thanks to everyone who braved the weather and made it out. YOU are loved!