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Baltimore Comic*Con Recapage

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Whew. What A Show.

And those smiles are at the END of the day on Sunday!

So, yeah, as we mentioned before, we missed the previous year at B*Con, so this year seemed all the more special in regards to us coming back.

What follows are a few random thoughts on the experience that was Baltimore Comic*Con.

The drive up was good. One slow down, but all in all, can’t complain. I make it to the convention center for load in, and as I’m waiting to drive into the show, or unload onto a pallet, I see an open door, so I got and take a look. And what is the very FIRST thing I see at the show?

My roomies having a discussion about cover design influences while digging through 50 cent boxes! A good sign for the show ahead!

Good ol’ roomies help me unload through the doors, and I’m off to the Hyatt. The next thing I see at the Hyatt is that our room is pretty close to the elevator and ice machine, which is a good thing this trip. So, it just gets better and better!

I play “host” to the city, since Jim hasn’t been to the show before, so we head up to the Geppi and then out to Hampden to Atomic Books and the Golden West.

And yes, we drank Natty Bo!

We had to still sign and package the Harvey Gift Bag prints, so we headed back to the room to make it happen. I’ll just say here and now that having Jim and Tom as roomies is probably the best a guy could ask. Intelligent conversations,wise-ass remarks, and everyone is a team player. Go team comix!

Because I decided to take in the town on Friday night, I had to head over Saturday to get the booth set before the show. That’s always an interesting challenge. Especially when you have new stuff to show. It took a while, but I finally got it to a design that made me happy.

One of the fun things I would do while Paul was away was to take the THB:CfM.2 and create patterns on his table. It REALLY was fun, and eye-catching. It also kept some con-goers from sleeping on the table. (I kid you not!)

Oh! I forgot to say that I ran into Reese Aaron Nathan Friday night. Cool, kid, but he can’t hold his liquor!

Back to the show! The introduction to AdDistro was a hit! Especially with other artists. I didn’t bring enough! So, see me at SPX if you didn’t get to purchase.

Having Mr. Phil at a show is always awesome. Lots of gossip and talk about “finds.” Like I said before, I think he’s my long lost twin.

Saturday was good. Solid, busy, insane when it got to Paul’s signing time. Well, not too insane. Just the right amount. And as ever, Paul was a trooper. I think the book of the show was that Wednesday Comics collection. Every time you turned around, someone was walking by with it.

We did the Harvey’s Saturday night. I guess this was my 6th or 7th time? I’ve been to the Pittsburgh, NY and MD ones. They all have their memories. This one will be known as copyrightgate. Or something. I didn’t really know what was going down until the next morning. Guess I was sleepy from the show? The ceremony was OK…. I mean, come on, we weren’t nominated for anything! But I did get to hang with Frank Miller & friends, so that made it cool. And the gift bag weighed a ton!

But here’s something I want to work on…

When we get to the Award for Best Presentation, can we possibly acknowledge the art director or designer? I mean, yeah, the editor does “edit” the book. But I think it’s kind of a snub at the people who work hard to make these items so excellent. So, I need to drop an email to someone to mention this.

OK, time for a photo:

My dogs were barking!

What else? Sunday was fun. A little more chill, but still busy enough to keep me interested. I did get a chance to get out from behind the table to walk the show. Bumped into Stephen Blickenstaff, whose work I really dig. Also, got to see some new art creators whose work got both Jim Rugg and myself excited. Handed out a lot of SPX flyers, so hopefully we’ll get some new faces down there in a few weeks.

As always, it was great to see all our friends at the show. It’s weird to try and remember them, but then also put them together with the forum members or screen names. We live in a split personality world!

In closing, big, BIG thanks to everyone who helps at the show. It was damn near perfect this year. Marc, Brad, Randy… I know I’m forgetting people. Jim and Tom, you both rock. I look forward to our SPX adventure. Thanks to Paul for doing our little con-surprise. I think it worked. And Greg… man, you always rock. I love you, man.

I’m tired, so I’m going to sign off without linkage. Hopefully y’all will understand.

THB.CfM#2 Debuts @ Baltimore Comic*Con!!!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

If you all are heading out to the Baltimore Comic*Con this weekend, please swing by the AdHouse Booth (1904?) and say “hi.” And if you’re in the mood, you can pick up one of these:

What is that you say? Why it’s this little secret:

THB: Comics from Mars #2
by Paul Pope.
Published by AdHouse Books

Continuing the epic THB tale, Comic from Mars #2 is/was a Baltimore Comic*Con Exclusive. The comic contains 6.5 stories that take you further into the world of HR Watson and all the androids, Martians and cartoon characters that populate the red planet. Still larger than life and just as sweet.

4+1C cover
32 1C pages
7″ x 10″ saddle stitched
$4.95 US funds
Shipping in August 2010
An AdHouse Books Exclusive

Click here to order a copy!

Also, we’ll be hanging with Jim AFRODISIAC Rugg at the show. So, come get your AFRO signed!

And, let us remind you we’ll have those ubersweet AdDistro items for your enjoyment!

Hope to see you there.

Lone Pine in November

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Lone Pine
by Jed McGowan.
Distributed by AdHouse Books

A distraught man retreats to the woods with a simple question on his mind: why did his last relationship end? He’s soon deep in a world of cryptic messages, shadowy figures, guns and philosophical crisis. A page-turning mystery told with exciting formal invention, Lone Pine is Jed McGowan’s debut graphic novel and a 2010 Xeric winner.

2C cover
168 2C pages
6.5 ” x 9.5 ” SC
$15.00 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-07-7
Shipping November 2010
Diamond order code: SEP10 0742

Artist’s Page.
Publisher’s Page.

Download a Preview.

The 2011 AdHouse Calendar

Friday, August 20th, 2010

To help celebrate our 9th year of being in the biz, we commissioned the talented Joseph Lambert to create a limited (99) edition serigraph calendar.

We loved how they turned out! A couple fun facts about them:

• These are comic book size, so they can be bagged and boarded for protection!

• The tear away calendar takes minimum space, so the full beauty of Joe’s art can be enjoyed.

• Printed on the fantastic French Paper.

• Comes with a added hole for ease of hanging.

• And nine years? Jeez. I feel old all of a sudden.

These babies will make their convention debut at Baltimore Comic*Con next weekend. (August 28 & 29) and then good ol’ SPX (September 11 & 12).  Not coming to the convention? Well, we have a few for sale on our site.

Baltimore Comic*Con

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

We’re on the road to Charm City… We certainly do get around…

After having a bit of a schedule conflict with last year’s Baltimore Comicon, we’re coming back with a vengeance! Or something. We’re just REALLY looking forward to it! And you should be too! Why? Well that awesome guest list for one thing!

For those who don’t click links: Baltimore Comic*Con is August 28 & 29 (in Baltimore, MD!)

Heck, if you swing by AdZone, you’ve got a chance to meet Mr. Jim AFRODISIAC Rugg and Mr. Paul PULPHOPE IS OUT OF PRINT Pope! (heh.) But don’t you worry about not being able to buy PULPHOPE. We just might have a little Pope-ish surprise for you true believers. Snuffsaid! Stay tuned to our trusty blog the Friday before the show.

Oh… and speaking of Mr. Pope, if any of you Daddy Warbucks are looking to purchase some super sweet art, I’m understanding that there will be some available. And for those who want to meet the man, he’ll be signing at his booth on Saturday from 3-5 and Sunday from 1-2.

And don’t forget the Harvey Awards! We at AdHQ are busting our rumps to get all you attendees a little something-something for the gift bag!

And last, but not least, a big, BIG congrats to Marc and Shelly on the birth of their very special guest, Reese Aaron Nathan!