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Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

With VA Comicon behind us (boy that was a fun show!), now’s the time to let you know that we’ll be exhibiting at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on Dec. 4, 2010.

We’ve only been to Brooklyn a couple times. It always seemed like a far away place when visiting NYC. That said, earlier this year when I had a chance to crash there, I simply loved it!

Anywayze… So, yeah, we’ll be at the show. Only sending a few of most everything. So, if there’s something you know you want, be sure to get there early. Also, if the shipping gods shine upon us, we might even have some brand spanking new Nobrow stuffage.

That said,  JOSHUA COTTER is attending, and we’ll be debuting his uber-limited Barbra in the Sky with Neil Diamonds book there. Those keen of eye will notice the book is an even better bargain than previously announced… color us Santas.

Jim Rugg should be beside us, so if you’ve been waiting for that perfect holiday gift… Paul Pope is a guest, and we’ll have some of the new THB:CfM.2s as well.

What else are we excited about for the show? The new Edie Fake book should be cool. We have some of those minis… somewhere.  I’ve always loved Leanne Shapton‘s stuff. Also, I’m looking forward to swinging by the Desert Island to check out the new Lisa Hanawalt window display. A lil’ birdie said there might be a new Michael DeForge book by our pals at Koyama Press!

So, come on out and see me!

VA Comicon Quickee

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Wanted to say a big thanks to Brett, Guy, Jason, Oliver and all the peeps at the VA Comicon for making the show quite fun!

I must admit that I didn’t think I’d do all that well at the show. We do the alternative/indy stuff, and the show is more of a traditional capes type show. But there were a fair amount of people who were into our stuff! Here’s some quick highlights!

– It was funny that it took me around half of the first day to realize my neighbor… Greg, was actually Dark One. The Animal Mystic guy. That was very cool. Really nice guy that can draw like nobody’s biz. I really wanted to get a sketch, but felt awkward, so never did. Next year!

– Michael Golden digs our stuff! He bought a big ol’ stack! Mostly from the Pixar dudes, but still, that’s way cool.

– Didn’t take too many pics, or good ones at that (was using the phone) but it was amazing to look at those Kirby originals. Drooool.

– Didn’t take enough THB’s. Oddly, they were almost all purchased from two exhibitors.

– Always great to see Shelton and his better half. Wish I had more time to talk with them, but I don’t like to take up his con time.

– The AdDistro did pretty well. Per my thinking, it was mostly other exhibitors/artists who were into it.

– Probably the biggest perk is making people aware of what we do. At least two people who didn’t know us before the show walked away with significant purchases. That is cool.

OK. Lots to do this morning, so I’ll leave it at that. Hopefully everyone else had just as much fun as I did.

Dan Zettwoch: Mini King.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I had the utmost pleasure of reading Tel-Tales #1 last night. It’s Dan Zettwoch’s newest mini that he handed me at APE.

This morning I came to the conclusion that Dan Zettwoch is, in my mind, THE Mini King. (Sorry, Vini.)

Before I get into the details of Tel-Tales #1, I guess I should step back and explain why I think this, and what I define as a “mini.”

To me, a mini is any publication that is hand assembled and printed by either copier, laser/inkjet printer, or serigraphy. You could also get into having quantity produced be a factor, but then the hairs do tend to split. Why do I consider Dan the King of them? Production values, baby. He blew my mind with Iron Clad. I can’t find any record of what it cost when it first came out, but I have to feel it was $2, or $3. That’s another good point with minis, affordability. Tel-Tales #1? $3 freakin’ dollars.

OK. Let’s get to some of the amazing things about Tel-Tales #1.

First off, he wrote it with his Dad.. who goes by Toots. (If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is.) Secondly, the cover is a 2-C silkscreen on a AT-T/Bell Systems punchcard! And… the mini is ABOUT AT-T/Bell Systems!

The backcover has a great weird micro-fiche type of image embedded with iconic imagery that recalls the Oddfellows or Masons. There’s probably details about this in the mini, but I don’t have it in front of me at this moment.

The insides tell the story of how the phone company would use certain equipment (the <*> 8Board <*>) to find problems in the lines. I found this very interesting since my father-in-law use to work for the phone company. And, low and behold, 1/2 way through the comic and we get a beautiful Zettwoch fold out!

The story continues and ends with a nice hook. But one of the other beautiful touches are the endpages that capture the architectural details of the AT-T Building.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this great comic! I really hope this line continues as I look forward to reading more by Toots and Dan!

AdDistro Update!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Just wanted to let you peeps know that we’ve restocked many of our current AdDistro items, as well as adding new product to the site! What’s new? Well how about…

Nobrow Press’ Ada…


Koyama Press’ Baba Yaga and the Wolf  and Wowee Zonk #3…


Malachi Ward’s Expansion and Scout…

And we’re currently working to bring even more neat comics to the Distro! Stay tuned, true AdBeliever!

VA Comicon 11/20 & 21

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Just your friendly reminder that I’ll be exhibiting at this year’s VA Comicon on November 20 & 21st!

I’ve attended quite a few VA Comicon’s in the past. All of them have fond memories.

This year’s show is in a different location, so be sure to check that out before heading out.

Lots of neat exclusives and great guests, vendors and publishers will be out there this year.I tried to wrangle some of my peeps, but they were all too busy.

So, instead, I will be giving away not one, but TWO free comics at the show. The first comic will be at the front door. The second comic will be at my table, and all you have to do is ask, and you’ll get one (as long as supplies last.)

Hope you can make it out! It should be FUNtastic!

Barbra in the Sky with Neil Diamonds

Monday, November 8th, 2010

In last month’s AdNewsletter we hinted at the forthcoming limited edition collection of Joshua Cotter’s Kansas City Star newspaper strips, Barbra in the Sky wit Neil Diamonds. So, for a permanent record, here is the blog post.

Barbra in the Sky 
with Neil Diamonds
by Joshua Cotter. 
Published by AdHouse Books

A VERY limited (99 copies) collection of newspaper strips that Joshua Cotter created for the Kansas City Star between the years of 2002 and 2007. Each copy is numbered and comes with a matching S&N print.

4C cover
48 4C pages
6 ” x 9″ HC
$29.95 US funds
Shipping December 2010
A Brooklyn Graphic Festival Debut

Check out the preview.

To be put on the notification list for when this goes on sale, you can drop us a line.

Please Consider Helping Joshua Cotter.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Joshua Cotter updated his Facebook status on October 25, 2010 with the frightening news that his apartment was the victim of a neighboring apartment fire. It seems their neighbor had left a candle burning.

Thankfully, Josh, his girlfriend and his cats all came out of it rather OK. As well, most of their possessions were spared. (Other than having to clean EVERYTHING, and then pack those items for storage.) They lost things like their bed and some other furniture.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have renter’s insurance. And expenses have been adding up (renting a truck, days off from work).

So, if you like Josh’s work, might I suggest a few ways to help.

First, the items he’s selling on his site weren’t damaged by the fire, and are still for sale. Josh told me that he will be updating this page in the coming days, so check back if you have any interest. You can always get him to draw you something, too.

Second, we here at AdHouse will give Josh 100% of the sales for the following items during the next three weeks (11/1 – 11/22):

Skyscrapers of the Midwest / Driven by Lemons / AdHouseStickerPack#2

So, if you can help, it would be appreciated. Josh is a good guy, and I hate to see stuff like this happen to good people. Spread the word, if you can.

Thanks, Chris