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Centifolia Purchasolia

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

For those who are interested, and may not have heard yet, Stuart Immonen’s Centifolias (V1 & V2) are available for purchase now.

As I probably could have guessed, the slipcase sold out within a day.

And if THAT doesn’t fill your AdVoid, Even the Giants by Jesse Jacobs will be in your better comic shops this Wednesday 5/25/11. Make it so.

HeroesCon Cometh!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Continuing our Spring/Summer convention season we’ll be heading to the Queen City of Charlotte, NC to take in one of the friendliest shows around…

HeroesCon! (June 3-5, 2011)

Dag… I forget how many of these shows I’ve attended. I use to go when AdHouse was just a twinkle in ye’ ol’ publisher’s eye. It’s a really good mix. Friends, indy, capes, toys, comics, art, parties, food… you get the idea.

So, if you’re in driving distance of the show, you should really come check it out for a day, or even the whole shebang.

What do we have planned (besides fun?)…

Lamar (REMAKE and REMAKE SPECIAL) Abrams is making the trip down with us again. So, come get some funny goodness from him.

Eisner-nominated Jim (AFRODISIAC) Rugg is making the trip with his PitzerburgerFriends like Tom Scioli.

Mr. Designy J CHRIS (ZIG ZAG) CAMPBELL will be wowing us with all type of wappieness!

Charlotte local Dustin (SUPERIOR SHOWCASE #3) Harbin should be sitting near us, as well as pal Joe (2011 ADCALENDAR) Lambert.

In case you haven’t been before, we’ll be located in the wonderful Indy Island. A plethora of wonderful talent!

We’ll be bringing all our new stuff like EVEN THE GIANTS and the CENTIFOLIAs. We also have a few scratch-n-dents of our new stuff, so swing by early for some killer savings.

AdDistro? Yep, we’re still spreading the love of great comics and art. Come check out some of the best work being produced in Europe, Canada and the states! Again, come early for best selection!

And like other recent shows… spend around $20 and get our snazzy new AdHouse reusable bag! It’s all blue! Also… if you have an android or Iphone and are interested in picking up a Square reader, just ask. They sent me a bunch to hand out.

Update!: I usually tend to not talk up the Art Auction, since I don’t want the competition 😉 … but that’s not the right attitude to have, since the auction is a force for good. Now, as some may or may not know, we’ve been donating all types of fun stuff over the years. What are we donating this year? Well, none other than the #1 of 100 edition of the new CENTIFOLIA LIMITED SLIPCASE by Stuart Immonen. That’s #1 people! Yowzers.

Update#2: I forgot to mention the interview I did with ol’ HeroesBlog. Check it out!

Update #3: The schedule is up, and there’s one helluva panel on design at 1:30 on Saturday. Looking forward to this talk.

We hope you can make it out!

Again… TCAF is Awesome.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

But we already know that don’t we?

Some quick highlights and name drops:

This was the first time I got to hang with Ethan Rilly. Quiet, reserved, generous and complicated. I threw that complicated in there for mysterious reasons. 😉 Did you know Pope Hats 2 is on the horizon? I really liked his table display.

I love my Mr. Phil Jackson. Nuff said.

Sam NOBROW Arthur and Tom AMERICAN BARBARIAN Scioli were fun travel buds. I even walked with them when I could have taken the subway.

I regret the time I didn’t get to spend with people, but I guess that’s always the way with shows. Especially TCAF when so many nice, talented people attend. Tom, Joe, Chris… there will be next year. I only had Annie-time one night… and I still find myself wanting more. First ever Scott-time was nice, though.

It was fun trading quips with Jay Stephens. He felt like a long lost brother.

Stuart and Kathryn Immonen? CLASS act. Seriously. Any time I can spend with them must make me a better person.

This was my first time attending the Doug Wrights. Annie bought me a ticket, so I felt I had to get there. Even after getting really lost. It was worth it though. I heard this might have been the “roughest” year, but it was still enjoyable, while being somewhat hot. I thought the Seth/Boswell talk was fun.

Is it cheesy if I mention Darwyn Cooke bought me drinks? Well, cheese on, then.

Jesse Jacobs had the great idea of doing a HUGE print that related to his book EVEN THE GIANTS. It stopped people in their tracks, and usually ended with them buying the book. Next time: Desmond needs to come!

I’m still under the pile that happened while I was out, so I’ll end it there. Also, caught the confunk. Ugh. But it was worth it! I love you TCAF!

Here’s the full photo set.

Shopage: New AdDistro

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

As some of you may or may not know, TCAF is this weekend in Toronto. If you’ve been paying attention to the debut books, Koyama Press is kicking it HARD.

So, since they (And Nobrow) are part of good ol’ AdDistro, we have those debut books here for your ordering pleasure:

Koyama: Cat Rackham Loses It | Colour Me Busy | Grey Supreme | LOSE #3 | Monster PartyRoot Rot

Nobrow: Nobrow 5 | Obsolete

Malachi Ward: Expansion: Part Two

Obviously, if you’re going to TCAF, pick your books up there. Or, if you prefer to support the artists, purchase from them. Look at us as sort of a last resort. There’s a handful of stores that will have copies soon as well. You can probably guess who they are.

Since we’ll be on the road, your order won’t ship until 5/11. Also, if you want to wait and save on shipping, we’ll have those brand new Centifolia Books available for purchase soonish as well. (Maybe 5/12?) AND… Even the Giants should be available VERY soon as well!

As always, thankee.

TCAF is Awesome.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

We’ll be making a trip this weekend to the best North American Comic Festival there is… TCAF.

I seriously feel this year is INSANELY grotesque in its greatness. Just take a look at all the guests and debuts they have planned.

And then they go and create something like this.

Not to be outdone, we’ve schedule a few debuts of our own!

Even the Giants by Jesse Jacobs.

Welcome to Oddville! by Jay Stephens.

Centifolia V1 & V2 by Stuart Immonen. (Visit us early if you want a fancy slipcase!)

In regards to scheduling, Jesse should be at the table for most of the time, except I do believe he has a Root Rot event at 10am on Saturday. Jay and Stuart are going to tag-team in and out, so here’s their time at the AdHouseArea:

Saturday: Jay 9 –  12 / Stuart 12 – 3
Sunday: Jay 11 – 1 / Stuart 3 – 5

Location: A big change this year is that we’ll be located on the 2nd floor. So, please be sure to come up and visit! Tables 203 & 204! We’ll have all types of cool neighbors up there. But if you do go to last year’s  location, it looks like our pal Tom Scioli will be there. And Tom is aces in our book!

Also, with this being a “far away” trip, I haven’t packed a huge amount of each product. So, if you’re looking for that Duncan, Afro, or Babs, visit early for better selection.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. May 6 & 7, 2011. Toronto, Ontario.

Congratulations to Adam Duncan Hines

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I just wanted to post a good ol’ congratulatory message to Adam DUNCAN THE WONDER DOG Hines for his LA Festival of the Book Graphic Novel Prize Win from last Friday.

Also, I just wanted a reason to use that picture.

Adam is one of the most interesting people I’ve had a chance to meet in this “biz”. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with you in bringing Duncan to the people.

In regards to the other nominees, I salute you and your work. We DO live in a golden age of comic making.