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Richmond Zine Fest

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Hey! We’ll be exhibiting for our FIRST time at the Richmond Zine Fest!

We’ve loved zines since forever, and Richmond has had a storied history of zines!

We actually like the challenge of half of our table having to be affordable publications, so come see what type of stuff we’ll be blowing out! $3! $2! $1!

Richmond Zine Fest will be held Oct. 8, 2011, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Gay Community Center of Richmond.

SPX Thoughts…

Monday, September 12th, 2011

… Where to start?

So, busy that I took NO photos! Ugh. Sorry. I like photos of SPX, and it sucks I didn’t take any. Well, I took a few.

So why didn’t I take any? Because it was F@#$’n BUSY!

A few of us talked MANY times about what IS the magic formula that SPX has? A good city? A good steering committee? Good exhibitors? Honestly, I don’t know if we ever came up with an answer, but maybe all of that combines to make an instance of ultimate showness.

I also think I’ve come to the decision that I’m either out of shape, or getting too old to work these shows. I guess I’ll go with the out of shape thought and work on fixing that. (yeah, right.) Anyway, I’m currently sore in spots that shouldn’t be sore.

OK.. this isn’t working out as a good blog/show recap, so it’s rapid fire time:

– I enjoyed getting a brief history lesson about one of my fave comic publishers from Gary Groth.

– I told Ben Marra that I really like him and I meant it. But I don’t really know him, so I need to fix that.

– Watching Sterling Hundley bring out original after original was a mind-bomb. I found it refreshing and inspiring.

– Always great to see the crew who gave birth to the show. Thank you SO MUCH!

– It was a nice surprise to see Kevin and Dan from St. Louis. I even gave Dan some good ol’ Red Bird poofy mints.

– Dinner with Dawson, Ethan and Lamar was pretty fun. Rapid fire genius thoughts! I’m only sorry we scared Alex and thus, Tony away. Troop 142 looks VERY good!

– Tony F’n Consiglio!

– I gave Dan Nadel a surprise hug. I like Dan too. I’m surprised he hasn’t been using DJ protectors.

– I don’t even know what to say about Jim Rugg. He’s playing in a new sandbox that we’ve only seen a glimpse. I can’t wait until he let’s us in full tilt. (Is that a pinball metaphor?)

– Speaking of pinball… New Drop Target! Hellzyeah!

– Seeing my HeroesCon buddies is always a treat. Especially when they bring gifts! (Thanks Rico!)

– Many thanks to Ethan Rilly for making the long trip for only one day of the show! What a super trooper! (cue Abba).

– So yeah, I did that thing to another publisher that people do to me… Go up and ask them about a book that they didn’t publish. Sorry!

– As you might have saw, Tom and I announced AmBarb to much fanfare. It was great seeing him work the originals Sunday morn.

– Thanks to the SPX crew for all their hard work! It IS appreciated!

– Man…. I have like three HUGE piles of comics/books to read. I don’t know where to start!

– Congrats to all the Ignatz winners! Thank god it is one of the shorter ceremonies. It was HOT! Like a “story rocket”!

– Lamar is great. Loved his Ignatz presenting. Perfect Lamar!

– I had my FIRST Old Fashioned courtesy of the the generous Barry & Leon! Thanks!!!

– You can NEVER see everyone. It is just impossible. So Nick and I need to reschedule.

OK. I guess that’s it. Really, not much there, right? If you were there, you know what it’s like. If you weren’t and haven’t been, you really need to fix that.

In closing…. thanks to everyone for everything. (That covers my bases!)

Dylan Williams

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I am not a wordsmith. I have never claimed to be. So, it is doubly hard to try and put my thoughts about Dylan Williams into words.

He was what we needed. Someone with a history and knowledge of comics to help make the comics our industry needed.

I don’t know if we were “friends” but I cherish the memory of us almost going to see Star Trek before TCAF happened. I also liked his voice. Dylan had a nice voice. Only Dan Nadel would beat him in that contest.

I was a little late to help out with his fundraiser, because I wasn’t quite sure what was “right” to offer. I ended up deciding on a MoCCA poster that I helped with the typography. I thought that felt right because of us both being exhibitors at the MoCCA shows… which of course leads to all types of unwritten thoughts. (The auction ends tomorrow. I’m sure Dylan’s family still needs help, so please bid if you are interested.)

I’ll end with one of my fave pics of Dylan… why? Because he called me out on it being a fave. XOXO buddy… you will be missed.

SPX. American. Barbarian.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Can you believe it’s already SPX time again?

It is. And as such, Tom Scioli and I thought it would be cool to announce that AdHouse will be publishing American Barbarian.

American Barbarian

To celebrate, we’ll be handing out little S&N prints of AmBarb with any AdHouse or Scioli purchase. But wait. There’s more.

Here’s the cool cats who will be hanging with us during the show. They’re schedules are:

Ethan Rilly: All day Sunday

Jim Rugg: All day Saturday and Sunday (except when he’s at FantaLand).

Lamar Abrams: All day Saturday and Sunday

Sterling Hundley: All day Sunday

Sadly Jay Stephens won’t be able to make it to SPX this year due to personal reasons.

Oh… and yep, we’ll be debuting good ol’ Pope Hats #2 by Ethan Rilly. Please come by and talk to Ethan on Sunday. And I guess we’ll be debuting Blue Collar / White Collar by Sterling Hundley. Again, Sterling will be there Sunday only.

Also, if you’re interested in that uber-cool Nobrow or Koyama stuffage, be sure to get there early. Only so many to go around!

We’re very excited to have our little “island” that we’ve been a part of for the past couple years. W39 – W41.

Thanks, y’all.