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MIX it up.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

We’re excited to be taking our first trip to the Minneapolis Indie Xpo. (11/5 – 11/6, 2011)

We’ve been a fan of all things Minnie for a while. Charles Anderson. The Replacements. King Mini. And now a great comic show. Have you seen the guest list? It’s a rockin. Honestly, we have to thank Grimalkin Press for talking us into making the trip. While we “knew” of the show, we hadn’t really considered attending until this past TCAF.

Good ol’ Jim (Afrodisiac) Rugg will be making the trip with us, so ask to see his new artistic direction. It’s bic-aliscious. Looks like we’ll be sitting at tables 90-91.

Other peeps on my radar at the show? Well, Annie Koyama of course. She’s on my radar ANYWHERE. I see Dustin will be there. Always nice to flip through his originals. And be sure to check out Blammo by Noah Van Sciver. I just got a chance to read #7 last weekend and enjoyed it. Hopefully I’ll get some Brett-time, too. And it looks like Eagle Scout Mikey Dawson will be Troop 142’n it!

As a “travel show”, we’ll only have a few of certain titles. So, like always, arrive earlier for better selection! Hope you can make it out to the show!

Blue Collar / White Collar Tour

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

To celebrate the release of Blue Collar / White Collar by Sterling Hundley, we’ve arranged a tour of sorts.

Each event is unique, and may include a talk or art showing. But, be sure you can get your book signed!

10/14/2011 – Society of Illustrators, NYC

11/4/2011 – Ghostprint Gallery, RVA 6-10 pm
* (Note: I’ve been told that you can also attend 11/3 Thursday night from 7-9 pm if you are so inclined!)

11/12/2011 – Chop Suey Bookstore, RVA 2-4 pm

11/16/2011 – Velocity Comics, RVA 12-3 pm

We hope you can make it out! Remember, we’re starting to sneak into the gift-giving season! 😉