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Vote Harvey…

Monday, March 18th, 2013

…Kurtzman, that is!

(photo credit: Dustin Harbin at one of the previous Harvey Awards ceremonies.)

I’ve talked about awards here and there before. They are somewhat of a double-edged sword. Do they help? Sometimes? I mean, honestly, I can’t point to sale of a book and say “SEE! It was because it won XYZ award!” But I digress…

I am VERY proud of the work we produce. Last year we trudged along and put out some of the best work of any of our years. Some people took note and others did not. So, here’s your chance to help make your opinion heard (AdRock THE VOTE!).

If you “work” in the “industry” (and come on, who doesn’t?) You can go to the Harvey Awards website and nominate any of the work we produced last year if you feel it deserves it. I feel it does, and I have voted as such.

Deadline to vote is May 6th.

To help you remember what we produced, I’ve posted the work below, with what I consider the category it should be considered. Note that the links I’ve included will take you to the works webpage where you can review the work if you are not familiar with it.

Best Cartoonist:
Cartoonist: Ethan Rilly / Title: Pope Hats

Best Graphic Album – Original:
Title: American Barbarian / Publisher: AdHouse Books

Best Single Issue or Story:
Title: White Clay / Publisher: AdHouse Books

Special Award for Humor in Comics:
Writer/Artist: Lamar Abrams / Title: Remake 3xtra

Special Award for Excellence in Presentation:
Title: Notebook / Publisher: AdHouse Books

OK. That’s all I got. Thanks for thinking of us and the work we create. Excelsior…