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Who puts the “sexy” in SPX? (2013)

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Dare I say any of the fine creators sitting at the SPX AdHouse tables?

(disclaimer: Only one of the three sexy gents above will be the AdHouse table for any extended amount of time. Well, after he reads this, he might reconsider. Deforgio thinks I can’t steal his soul when his eyes are closed. Moohawhawhaw.)

I was looking at last year’s blog post about the show, and I trumpeted the show’s committee for ability to curate one helluva show. Well, they took it to 11 this year. Maybe it was due to “TableGate”, or maybe it’s just because everyone is doing their job, but this show just gets better and better as the years go by.

Because I’m sure you all are curious, here is what we have planned for this show:

• Special Guest Farel Dalrymple will be with us to talk all Delusional to your faces.

• Jimmie Rugg is on hand to possibly drop a new zine in our laps and get all MagSuper.

• Lamar Abrams is coming home to ReRemake.

• Future AdHouser Katie Skelly will be hanging for a bit to Operate on Margarine.

(Also, be sure to check out Tom AmBarb Scioli & Joseph TheRideHome Weiser at their own tables!)

What else? Well, not sure, but we might have a special guest from up North hanging for a bit. Haven’t confirmed yet, but we talked at TCAF. I’ll also be debuting Blue Jean. Y’know, the girl I just met. Sorta. And speaking of debuts, the SPX website has a new feature, which gives the debuts a bit more of a spotlight.

Looks like we’re in our favorite AdIsland again: W53-55. Yay!

I hope the masses dig the secret project I helped out with in regards to the Ignatz. Something new, but non-inflatable.

Hope you can make it out! September 14 & 15 in Bethesda, MD.


And of course after I post this, I realize I probably should have waited to see if Ethan Rilly would be nominated for an Ignatz award. And yep, he’s nominated for TWO!

Congrats Ethan! Your a swell dude and you deserve it! (Those two things are and aren’t related).

I can’t wait to stick this here sticker on Pope Hats #3.