Dos MoCCA Haul

Still making my way through all the great comics that I came back with from MoCCA.

Thought I’d give a few shout outs. If I’m not shouting in your direction, it’s because either I haven’t read it yet, I wasn’t “wowed” by it, I don’t like you, or I suck.

Let’s Be Friends Again by Curt Franklin & Chris Haley. OK. I haven’t “actually” read this yet, but it’s on the shortlist pile. But Curt & Chris are friendly, know Joel Priddy, and I recalled meeting them at SDCC07. Oh.. and there’s that fun blog. I’m sure I’ll dig it.

• Paul by R. Barrett. This is the one I’m actually reading right now. I dig the art and characters. It has that funny/weird vibe, with that Amanda Vissell type of vibe going on. I wanted to link to him, but couldn’t get the url to work. Also, Paul looks familiar for some reason.

Tear-Stained Makeup #7 by Marcos Perez. If there’s a harder working mini-comic creator presently, I bet Marcos would at least give them a run for they’re money. TSM#7 was a wopping 41 pages. Great story telling. Had me hooked. And oh yeah, he had a new CARL mini as well.

Murder an anthology of Sean Collins comics with guest artists. A well executed mini anthology with the percentage of stories I like being on the higher side. Really chunky, too. Unh.. just realized something. I meant to buy some comics by Matt Wiegle at HeroesCon. Matt’s in Murder. See? This is why I suck.

And.. y’know what? I looked at my MoCCA box this AM and since there aren’t “that” many other minis I’d mention, I thought I’d go ahead and finish them off the shouts before actually reading them. (That way, my next mini-review blog post can be about what I got at Heroes… in about 2 months. The main reason I haven’t jumped into reading these and other comics is that I’m making my way through THE WIND-UP BIRDMAN CHRONICLES… and it’s a BIG book.)

And now back to our shouts!

Warum by Gregory Benton. Probably my favorite mini from the show. Why? It’s freakin’ Gregory Benton. Also, inside is one half of a dollar bill. While walking the show with G, I spotted the $, pointed it out, and before I could think, G had swooped down, picked it up, tore it in half and gave me half. THAT’s the way HE rolls. I love G. My half dollar will forever stay within this mini.

AAAA Action Team by Pat Lewis. The title alone is worth the price of admission. This comic has a nice feel to it too.. kinda like something a church might give you?

• Simple Routines #8&9 by JP at 1%Press. I feel like JP is one of those people who has a book deal, but hasn’t announced it yet. Y’know?

Errand Service by Will Dinski. Yowzers! Yet ANOTHER great designer-mini from our pal in MINIapolis. Will rocks.

• Knives by James Hindle at 1%Press. This looks really good. I don’t know anything about James, but glad he made this mini.

• Brunhild by Alex Cox. I love what I saw of this online, so it’s fab to get a hardcopy.

PS Comics #4 by Minty Lewis. A dog with an umbrella on the cover? SOLD! I heard Minty has a forthcoming book by the Secret Acres peeps. That’s GREAT!

Here Lies the Natural World #1 by Damian Jay. Any comics by Damian Jay are GREAT comics. Everyone should buy them.

FCHS by Vito Delsante and Rachel Freire. Wow. Can’t wait to read this. Great looking comic and nice drawerings. Weird typography on the cover, though. It’s a Chemistry Set comic, so it can be read online, if you are so inclined.

Phase 7 #013. New Alec Longstreth. Snuff said.

Papercutter #7 & Nerd Buglar by Tugboat Press. OK. These aren’t minis, but they need a shout out because I’m sure they’ll be soooo good. And Greg Means rocks.

And last but not least….

MARCH HARE by Josh Cotter. I actually forgot I had this in the box. Boy, I can’t wait to dive into this baby. It’s a collection of Josh’s sketchbook drawings, one a day for the month of March. If you want one, by golly, you can get one online at Chicago Comics, or hit Josh up at SPX this year.

OK. That’s All Folks!

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