Chris Visions Original Art Fundraiser

For those who may or many not have heard, Chris Visions is in need of a cornea transplant.

“He’s also suffered from a degenerative eye disease called keratoconus for most of his adult life. The disease is a weakening of the cornea, which allows the eye to become misshapen, leading to distorted vision. A little bit before Christmas, we realized his disease had worsened when his eye began to feel uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. His left eye had clouded over, his pupil no longer visible, in what we came to understand as a tear in his cornea. He’s been essentially blind in his left eye for about a month, all while keeping up with a strenuous schedule of freelance jobs and his personal work.”

They recently had a fund raiser to cover the deductible for the operation, and were wildly successful.

I was fortunate enough to obtain a wonderful sketch from Chris a few years ago, and I felt it worthwhile to try and sell it, and donate the proceeds to Mr. Visions.

If you’ve always wanted an original Chris Visions piece of art, here’s your chance.

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