Just wanted to to mention a few things I’ve found/heard/seen in the past day or so…

James Jean is selling his new XOXO book. I also saw where he’ll be doing a signing at Nucleus on 9.20.08.

If you’re into the Scott Morse, you might want to be sure to advance order a copy of NOTES OVER YONDER and TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! As you may or may not know, the direct market system sometimes has a problem with reording product after its initial release.

I found this video interview with G the other day.

Enrico has posted some production photos of VENICE. I wish I had thought of asking the printer to take photos!

The second part of the Cross Hatch interview with Mr. Cotter is up. Also, the Optical Sloth does a nice overview of Josh’s comic work.

Brian Cronin talks about the wonder that is Joel Priddy on his fantastic COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD blog. I really like that blog.

Looks like KidRobot has announced their next Paul Pope figure! She’s a beaut!

I guess that’s it for now. We got two swell shows coming up at the end of the month. Baltimore & SPX. I might have a quick debut announcement before the show at some time. Otherwise… asĀ  you were.

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