I was going to hold off on posting about Baltimore until I had my little secret project photographed… but I’ll save that for next week. So, instead, why not gander at the lovely posters that Paul Conrad has created for the show?


Obviously (or not?) but I really dig these. Paul is pretty good with the communication as he’s working on a project, and he sent me the sketches and inspiration back when he was getting started. Afterall, what do super heroes do but fight? So, we got some grade A pugilists, here. These are a signed & numbered limited edition of 50. I’m not positive, but I’m guessing we won’t sell out at the show (how’s THAT for salesmanship!) so, I’m sure I’ll have some up at our limited page postcon.

What else? Swing by (booth 1503) to check out most everything we have in print, and even some that are out of print! Oh… and we are suppose to have an advance proof of the Venice Chronicles, too!

Details about the show:

Baltimore Comicon
September 27 & 28
10-6 & 10-5
Hope you can make it.

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