Baltimore PostCon…

Talking about friends… that’s what it’s all about…

When I was singing those lyrics around 3pm on Sunday Stuart Immonen commented on how I must be old to know those lyrics. I said, naw I’m singing the cover… and he knew exactly what I was talking about. (Although, now that I think about it, I am old enough to know that song!)

And that’s what Baltimore Comicon 2008 was more for me than anything else. Friends.

Super Robot Monster’s own Paul Conrad (shown above) made the trip up from Nashville to hang with me for the weekend, push some SRM, and just wax poetic about all the great things about comics. It was a fantastic time.

We started the weekend off by heading out to Atomic Books so that Paul could check out that funky part of the city. Later that night, we took in some of the baseball game that would eventually get rained out. Checky for some pics. After.. or while it was still raining, we found ourselves at a pub with the above mentioned Stuart. And, again, it was fantastic. Only a geek/nerd could appreciate the awesomeness of our conversation. I’ll just leave it at that.

Saturday at the show was insane. I have NEVER seen the show that busy. I heard tales that the line to get in was an hour wait. Whahuh? Some standout moments of the show:

– Seeing a 12 year old girl walking with her Dad down the aisle with her Wimpy Kid book protected from the rain with a clear plastic bag. They were going to the signing. It was magic. Kids and comics!

– Learning about a theme park that Jack Kirby designed that the CIA was somehow involved in?!? The documentary that will reveal all is called the Lord of Light and being produced by SPX PR guy Warren Benard’s sister.

– Talking with Joe from Dynamite. He dug the posters we did. Speaking of the posters, if you’re interested in the very few that I have left, go on over to the Limiteds and order some.

– One not cool thing was the weird stomach bug I felt late in the afternoon. Let’s just say that I didn’t feel like eating anything that night… which was the Harvey Awards. So, I worked the outside desk and read the Wimpy Kid book, which I thought was pretty funny.

– Meeting Eric, Charles and Michael from Abrams Books was cool. They were sort of across from us, and had a fantastic selection of books. That new Wacky Packs book is uberdesigned.

– Talking to Eric Adams from Lackluster World was good. We hadn’t seen each other in forever, and he seems to still be making the comics as well as redesigning sites.

– Some ubernice chaps I got to chat with on Sunday included Jason Horn, Nathan Fox, Erik Jones, Evan Bryce and Peter Wonsowski. Peter was especially refreshing since he essentially said that he love EVERYthing we did, and that AdHouse was an inspiration of sorts to him (at least that’s what I got from what he said). I really appreciated it, since it is a tough fight for the small press indie publisher. We hugged, and as corny as it is, shared a moment. He also gave me a really nice business card and print…

– Picking up one of those new FREE DC Flash rings was cool. (Although trying to show it to Rob Ullman on I95 might not have been the smartest thing we have ever done.)

Well, I guess that’s about it. Sorry if I didn’t mention you… I’m just winging this here report.

That said, it was a great show, great friends and great illustrations and comics. Thanks for putting on one heckuva swell shindig Mr. Nathan. Also thanks to Mr. Brad Tree for his help and thoughts, too.

Next up.. SPX is this weekend!!!

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