(as instead of Ketchup!)

Joshua Cotter’s SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST gets a Best of the Year from Heeb Magazine. Congrats Josh!

Paul Pope’s DKNY line of clothing is live and has spawned a rather cool minisite. Heck. We should all enter the contest. I’m sure Jeff Mason already has. He’s a contest guru.

I’d like to plug the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. I got to meet a few members at Baltimore and they gave me a little pack that had a CD, magnet, sticker and pins inside. The CD is awesome! Thanks!

Another person I forgot to mention during my Baltimore recap was Tucker Stone. He was very interesting to talk to  and even went as far as mentioning us in his recap. I hope our paths may cross again at a future show.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have seeked us out either. 😉

And this is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a while.

Peace be with you…

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