SPX PostCon

Another SPX comes and goes, and golly… this show is just so daggon nice.

Yeah, the one “sappy” reason is that you get to see all your comic friends that you haven’t seen in a few months. Like JCC shown above, who is Mesmerized by Mesmo Delivery… right before we grab breakfast at Ukrops the morning after the show.

As you can see on my flickr set, Josh Cotter, Jim Rugg and Dustin Harbin were my table buddies for the show. They all have bunches of people who like their stuff. So, that was nice when people would come up and tell them so.

Jim was only there Saturday, so there more than a few people who were sad they missed him on Sunday. Btw, his Afrodisiac mini was uberpopular. The people wants!

Speaking of Minis… Dustin Harbin’s new one, Dharbin#1,  was pretty much the deal of the show. For $2.25 (and yes, he wanted that quarter!) you’d get a swell piece of literature (I guess? Haven’t read mine yet) AND he’d do a sketch on the cover! Ever the artist!

Josh wowed people with his next project: Driving Miss Lemon… or something like that. I think it’s good that he’s taking this one in a different direction. Stay tuned for the exciting details!

What was I excited about? Joost Swarte. I was lucky enough to get two of my books signed by him. Books that I picked up at Big Planet over the years. I was also looking forward to at least two of the new PictureBox releases. One came with a sketch, and the other I got sketched, since CF was at the show. I really dig that book. Wish I would have taken a pic of him.

Richmond was well represented, too. Team8, OddGod/Velocity, Rob Ullman, Tom DeHaven, Pop Idiocy, Curls… I’m sure more, but it IS the morning after, and my brain isn’t running on all cylindars.

Our Saturday night dinner was a repeat from last year… since we loved it so much. (Although, we didn’t get kicked out like we did last year.) This time out Josh and I took Freddie and ARob. I think they dug it. I loved my apps! By the time we got back we tried to get into the Ignatzes, but when we opened the door we just saw backs. Maybe next year we’ll eat in the hotel restaurant…

I was given lots of minis and comics. Thanks everyone! I look forward to reading them. Met lots of new, very talented people. You know who you are!

I got one sketch.. from Dustin. It was OK I guess. Well, actually, I guess I got two, since he drew on the mini I got for free.

And yeah, it did feel busier. While I was originally a bit sour on the move to just the weekend, I gotta admit it was nice to have the Saturday get busy all of a sudden. And as a commuter, I did like the one night stay instead of the two nights.

OK. I know this is a pretty sucky report.  I apologize. I’ll do a better one next year! Yay comix!

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