When Designy Isn’t Got.

For those who may not know, we have been participating in an advertising program with Comic Foundry Magazine. I’ve dug what Tim has done in the past… like his Red Carpet Eisner reporting, and I thought his magazine has an interesting niche. So, a month or two ago we sent in our third ad for the magazine:

Now, in case it might not be evident, this issue is their political issue. So, I talked to the creators, came up with what I thought was a pretty garish ad of red, white, blue & stars. To have some designy fun, and capture the confusion of the political environment, I took the headline and descreased the leading so that letterforms overlapped, but in my mind, was still legible. Last weekend at SPX, I got to meet Laura Hudson for the first time, and she offered me up a copy of the new issue. We flipped to the ad, and this is what I saw:

Ouch. Now, to give you the full story, Tim HAD emailed me saying that he thought there was some font conversion problem with the PDF. However, I replied saying that if he was talking about the wacky leading in the headline, then that was intentional. If he saw anything else, then let me know.

And yeah, you may think I’m mountaining a molehill, but we advertise VERY little, and when we do, we’d like it to be what we sent. Oh.. and there’s no space in AdHouse.

(As an update… Tim and I have conversed on the matter, and he has been VERY professional about this. I know mistakes happen. Heck, probably everything we’ve ever published has at least one error that I see. I just thought that this would make for an interesting blog post to make people aware of what can go wrong at times.)

So file this under Case Study #214: When Designy Isn’t Got.

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