Grape APE, anybody?

Given that I’m already talking about events in Mid-November, let us not forget our lil’ buddy of a show on the left coast…

APE! (November 1 & 2, 2008)

As luck would have it, we, personally, won’t be attending this year’s show. But that doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t go. If were there, these would be the people we’d be talking to:

Scott Morse. Booth 315 & 316. Look for NOTES & TIGER!

Enrico Casarosa. Booth 315 & 316. Look for VENICE!
(Actually, some birdies have told us the book might have hit the west coast shops this past Wednesday!)

Ronnie del Carmen. Booth 315 & 316. Look for a future Art Book!

Bumperboy. Booth 354. Oh.. and Debbie, too!

Damien Jay. Booth 210. He makes good comics!

IDW. Booth 331.  Ted probably won’t be there. He’ll be at the bar watching some sport.

Kleeman & Mike. Booth 103B. Fun stuff!

Super7. Booth 436. Even more fun stuff!

And if you visit Comic Relief ask them if they ever plan to send that check of $41.78 that’s many months past due!

Anyways, have a great show, and we hope to make it out there again soon.

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