After APE.

Oooh boy. I guess I should have talked about this in the other post, but to be honest… I forgot.

If you’re heading out for APE, you should really swing by the Isotope after the show on Saturday. It’s going to be kickin’ this year. Well, heck, they kick it every year, don’t they?

Besides awarding the new mini-comix king for the year, they’ll be having various swell people do their thing. Of which, probably our fave is Joshua Cotter. I mean, we love Brett, Nate, and Dame.. but Josh is our BLOOD. And here’s what the Iso is saying…

SWALLOW ME WHOLE author/artist Nate Powell will be doing a live art jam with  the comics-god-in-sneakers Josh W. Cotter of SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST fame.”

Live Art Jam… with those two? It will be INSANE! Go forth true believers.. go forth.

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