Out and About

Whenever I hear/think “out and about” I always hear/think it as if a Canadian would say it. Specifically, Julie Cooper.

Hope Julie and Dave are doing well. I’m sure they are. Anwyays…

In reference to the “Out and About”, I just wanted to post some AdHappenings that are going ons.

– Yesterday in Portland, the “5” show opened. So, if you’re around that area, go check it out.

–  Next Friday in Brooklyn will be the Mesmo Delivery party at Desert Island. Recently added Ivan Brandon will be on the scene, as I’m sure other friends of R.

–  Check out this swell interview with Enrico about his Venice Chronicles. Nice to get some of the behind the scenes thoughts.

– Now, I think it was either this week or next that Notes Over Yonder hits your LCS. Go check it out, if you can.

That’s all I got at the moment. Latertaters!

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