A Tiger in Every Tank

Or on every shelf.

I “think” TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! hits your LCS today. At least I saw one post that said it should be out there. If not, we have placed both it and NOTES OVER YONDER in the AdShop. And as always, you could bug Mr. Morse about getting a copy too.

Speaking of NOTES, our comical reporter Spurg gave it a review last night: “This is my favorite of the Scott Morse books to date…”

Haven’t really heard how the Mesmo party went, but it looks packed! Remember that Desert Island does those cool prints, and that they have one by Rafael, if you are so inclined. Oh.. and having been nudged by Chuck Moore over at Comic Related, I looked into when Diamond got their copies of Mesmo. Based on that info, I’m guessing your LCS should have copies today or next Wednesday. If you have an LCS that wouldn’t order such a book, you can always order from us, or heck, we even saw InStockTrades was selling them on ebay.

In other news.. can you believe I still have books from HeroesCon that I haven’t read? Tis’ true. I’ll get to them eventually. That said, I did read some of my MagComics over the last few days. MagComics are those magazine sized comics. An oddity, but much loved none the less. The two I read were PUG DAVIS and SWORD.

PUG is one of those great discoveries that is right out of left field. And by that, I mean it comes along fully formed and makes you wonder “Where the heck did THIS come from?”. There’s only been a few comics that have ever done that to me, and THB was one of them. So, just to say that PUG is goooooood. While not “perfect” as my first exposure to Sugar’s work, I’m still quite impressed. Heck, you can even ready the whole thing at the link above, if you want. Art for the masses!!!

SWORD gets a mention because we love the One Percenters. Heck, I feel¬† like they’ve been around as long as we have, and they have to be half my age. Sword is their first anthology (what took you so long!) and it’s a very nice mix of talented peoples. I don’t know why, but I feel they’re all drinking from the same well. Maybe that’s a good editor, or maybe they’re all going to CCS. I don’t know. Anyway, they make great comics, and you should check this one out if/when you can.

What else?

This weekend is the big RichCon. They say it’s the largest show in Virginia. And I believe them… (for now.) Heh. Is that a bit of foreshadowing there? Could be. But anyway, I won’t be exhibiting this time out, but I do plan to stop by and say some “Hi”s and see if anyone is interested in some books. If you’re in the area, you should, too.

And how come I always remember stuff to post about after I post? Must be a Murphy’s Blog Law or something. Anyway, if you haven’t checked Alan’s War yet, you should enter the contest to win it.¬† When I get around to doing my best of 2008 write up, it will be on there. And I won’t have that many best uvs, so that should be saying SOMETHING! heh. I’m just too funny sometimes.

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