MoCCA09 Lil’ Report

As most, I’m still trying to catch up after the show, so I thought I’d get “some type of report” up before too many days go by…

Surprise #1: James Jean was in town. That’s him above, holding his new favorite book of all time REMAKE. Granted, it may not be his new favorite book of all time, but he seems to be smiling.

So, it was good to see James. He didn’t know the show was this weekend. I reminded him that oh-so-long ago, I had actually hoped we could have PR3 out by the show, and he would have been a guest. We would have slayed.

But we still kinda slayed. The onslaught of the HIRO-ACEFACE-REMAKE juggernaut was pretty fine. Kept us busy, and I’m glad we didn’t have to ship any books back. I did leave a sample box for the hotel staff, though. 😉

Speaking of ACEFACE, it’s always fun to have Mike Dawson around. Team him up with ARob, and it’s insane. Check it out.

Back to the show.

It was great seeing Hope Larson again. It had been a while (a year!) and she seemed to really dig Rachel’s FCHS stuff. In fact, I think Hope was one of the very first people I saw at the show. Big thanks to her for having a map too… I’m lame. I thought I printed one, and then didn’t!

As MANY have already stated, it was HOT. Combine that with the logistic problems of early Saturday, and a few other issues, and boy, a show can really change from one year to the next. I think I understand why, and we can converse on the matter over drinks any time you want, but for now I’ll just say… I DON’T LIKE THE HOT.

Which make me wish I had packed my HankyPanky.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat and look over AdProduct. I know of at least two people who couldn’t find us. Not sure what that says. Also, thanks to everyone who gave me stuff. I’ll try and get back to you in a timely manner.

Thanks to Jamie/GB for one of the best sandwich experiences I’ve ever had.

I picked up the Asterios Polyp from Pantheon early Saturday morning with Matt Kindt. We promised to get each other when he was signing, but I lied and went and stood in line for 20 minutes by myself. (Just a warning to all of you who I have made promises to.) I told David M. who I was via the two anecdotes I thought he might remember me by.

I also got that great new Scott Campbell Nerdcore book. As a fanboy, I asked if he wouldn’t mind sketching his love for me within, and after he did, there was an awkward moment. Sorry Scott. Other purchases I tried to remember to get, and did succeed were the new Papercutter and the new Alec Longstreth mini, which might not have been new, but I figured I didn’t have the latest. I also got the new NURSE!NURSE!s, but I hadn’t really planned on it, since I didn’t know they existed.

Now that I’m back, I see the new Morningstar was actually being sold there. I thought they had one copy to show people. I would have gotten that if I had known better, and I might have made more sense when I was talking with Kaz. Oh well. I do applaud the “surprise them at the last moment” strategy. I was going to try that with a HEAVY project at TCAF, but it didn’t work out.

Yeah, the Armory is neat. I’d LOVE it if it was cooler.

Because of our early flight up, we didn’t do much Saturday night. Went over to Tiffin Wallah for some Indian, and then called it a night. Yes, I AM old. I even asked Lamar if his feet were sore Saturday night, because mine sure were. The same pretty much for Sunday night.

What else?…

I keep seeing updates from other reports, which jogs my memory about other things. So yeah, the cost of a table goes up next year, but ALSO, they couldn’t give us exact dates, but I did notice the application said SPRING 2010. Thoughts? I guess June is technically still Spring… although it SURE DIDN’T FEEL LIKE IT. 😉

One guy dropped off stuff that my wife actually liked, which is pretty rare. He was an Activator.

I realized yesterday that I’m one of those annoying parents that talk about their kids. We missed them, btw.

My second to last copy of PR2 didn’t sell, so it’s off to Heroes with it. We did have LOTS of people peruse the dummy of PR3… including my printer rep! I’m glad she stopped by since we had never met before.

What did EVERYONE want to buy from me that I couldn’t sell? A soon to be announced project! Yes, I had a dummy book there, but the contracts haven’t been signed. Oh well…

And edited in: We had an application for 2010 filled out to submit, but with too many questions still in my head, we did NOT turn one in. I had talked to one other exhibitor about such an action, and it appears many more also took the same stance.

Well, for a lil’ report, this is probably enough. More photos here. Heroes in two weeks!

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