Since I done uploaded some pics from good ol’ HeroesCon…

I thought I’d try and look back and throw some commentages. (I have to wonder at what point will my photos from a convention have more food shots than comics shots?)

This year was a good year. We started off by having out pal Lamar Abrams swing down and meet up with us so that the ride to and fro went a bit more easier. I like Lamar. He knows that you don’t HAVE to talk during the ride. You just talk when you have something to say.

A big highlight for me this year was hitting up Merts, the southern food place. I dig southern food, and they do it well. Heck, Lamar went back for seconds. I wish I could have fit some cake in my hole, since they looked rather marvelous. But I was full of ribs, collards and m&c. I STILL have to make it to BarbeQueKing one year…

I noticed Cliff Chang eating across from us during the meal, and later that evening we got to catch up big time at the bar. I like Cliff. He’s good people. And handsome!

Friday starts the show, and I got in early to do a little shopping at Marc Nathan’s booth. I noticed the selection was way better than the boxes he brought to the last Richmond show. Crogan was there and scooped up a book we both wanted!

Actually, I just remembered that before the show started I had breakfast with the FCHS gang. That reminds me that I owe them a revised PDF with some page changes. It was nice to sit down, talk, have some ideas, and move this project forward. I felt bad that I was having the meeting when V just got in at 4am. Sorry.

Weirdly, Friday was better for us than Saturday.

Fred Chao shows up, having driven down with Mr. Phil and Deemer. He chops every book he signs. Not like a karate chop. More like a little red doohicky chop. He even uses the stuff that is probably toxic. You should get your book chopped by him. I think he had fun at the show. He did a piece for the art auction, and one of the Dollar Bin guys ended up with it.

Keep an eye on their site as they are the home crew that covers this show the best.

Hot on their heels though is Chuck Moore over at  Comic Related. He’s already got a ton of photos up there. Keep your eyes peeled for a special AdAnnouncement Giveaway to happen soon!

Due to a tornado coming through his backyard, J Chris didn’t make it in until half way through Friday. I’m glad he made it though, since a show without J Chris just seems a little sadder. We spent most of the day giving each other stuff that we’d been squirreling away the months before. Then he gives me the cherry on top with this baby.

Other people it was good to see again: Latour, Rico, Tom and his wife,  Jeff, Greg, Alec, Joey, Drew, Joe, Chuck, Sean, Rob, Andy, Matt, Ed, Steve, Dwayne, Justin, Jamie, Adam, Shawn, Phil, Shelton, Marc, Shelly, Dean, Jason, Josh, Brad, Ben, Jason, Brett, Chuck… you get the idea. This show is about the love. Next year we’re not even bringing comics. Just love.

I wish I could have hung out with Dharbin more. But he’s a busy guy.

Saturday had the art auction, and that was fun. Having had no dinner and just a few horesdores, I was getting a little tipsy pretty fast with the buds. Lots of great pieces were to be had.

The show was a little slow at times, but that means I got to a chance to actually read some comics during the show. There was one mini that was pretty good. The new Awesome antho has a pretty strong start. (Not to say it gets weak, just that I’m only into the first few pages.)

Ooops. Forgot to mention Friday night’s premier of Mandar… Brad’s cinematic baby. Funny stuff. Sweaty room. It was neat since they projected it on the window screen, so you could actually see the show from the street. I went down to see it, and there people pointing up wondering what the heck it was.

Well, I guess I’ll close this with some of the “regulars”. Hope to do a post about some of the cool books I got a chance to pick up soon. Books like Rice Boy.

Big, BIG thanks to Shelton, Dustin, Shawn, all the volunteers, workers, friends, and fans who came out and made the show so great! Can’t wait for next year!

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