That title reminds me of one of those great Pretenders songs. Sobbin’ or something. Anyways…

I decided to go all “retro” and post one of the first images I uploaded to flickr. Since it’s an image of Scott @ a show, I figure I should post a link to all the cool stuff he has planned for SDCC! (And that’s only part 1!)

Brian Heater @ the DCH (via J): “Chao’s book is a rollicking love letter to boundary-less pop-culture, which, by the end, has embraced everything from Night Court to Brand Nubian, with a clean visual approach that seems something of a cross between contemporary Manga and Herge, accented by some rather both layouts thanks to Chao’s keen eye for cityscapes and action scenes.”

Check Wells over at Catacomb talks with Rachel (FCHS) Freire: Q) What do you do to chill out or decompress? Favorite comfort food? After being couped up all day drawing I like to take a walk to 711 for some junk food, or pick up some Chinese take-out. Or if I’m feeling lazy I’ll stretch my legs on the couch and watch some good ol’ TV.

As the sponsor, I’m gonna link to the ISR second MoCCA recap, even though I haven’t finished listening to it yet. Is that dangerous? Hell yes. Supposedly they talk to Lamar in it.

Speaking of Lamar, I think this is funny. Probably more for the drug reference than the game reference.

The GEN takes a look at the Eisner Short Stories, including Freaks.

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